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Indian wedding planner Chicago – Crafting The Wedding Of Your Dreams

POV: She says “Yes”

Oh, the overwhelming excitement and happiness that unfolds!

The to-be bride and groom are on a rollercoaster of emotions since that day, trying to plan and execute the wedding of their dreams. Every step and every vendor they select matters and plays a big role in how the wedding turns out. Now when it’s an Indian wedding, the beautiful madness is shared with the families and friends of the bride and groom. The happiness is doubled but so are the chances of confusion. We get it. Planning an Indian Wedding in Chicago is quite a task. From selecting the wedding cake to selecting the juthis, to rolling out the guest list, and decorating the venue, we know how crucial each of the elements is. That’s why we offer all-encompassing and holistic Indian wedding planning services in Chicago.

What does this mean for you?

You get to sit back and enjoy the wedding of your dreams come to vision with a single contact point.

Our Services Are Designed With Your Happiness In Mind - your one-stop Indian wedding planner in Chicago

Every bride and groom wants to look their best on the day of their wedding. With photographers and videographers following your every move, the last thing you want is tired and puffy eyes that no amount of makeup can cover. We offer comprehensive wedding planning services under one roof with your happiness in mind. Our services are designed to let you relax and be well-rested on the days leading up to your wedding so that you look and feel your best on the most important day of your life.

Not to sound corny, but we really are your one-stop Indian wedding planner in Chicago

About Us

We are legendary agency in organizing and planning wedding events since 2016 by serving our services in various parts of countries around the globe. We believe in making every event memorable and full of zeal by making one’s wedding day a dream come true. Our team of professionals in their particular area of expertise helps you and takes care of every little detail by ensuring to take your stress on their shoulders and work in coordination with you at every step.

We Take Away The Stress In Chicago Indian Wedding Planning

Indian weddings are vibrant and extensive affairs stretching over two or three days. As beautiful as each event is at your wedding, we also know how stressful and taxing it can be trying to manage multiple vendors, and making sure everything comes together on the day of the wedding.

But it’s YOUR DAY.

You deserve to be relaxed and happy on the days preceding your wedding, not be pulling your hair out. We’re here to let you do just that – relax!

We are one of the few Indian wedding planners in Chicago that offers holistic planning services. Right from booking your venue to printing out your save-the-dates and invites, we provide everything you need under one roof. We serve as your single contact point from the day you start planning your big day until you are married. No vendors, no middlemen, no multiple phone calls.

We have stellar in-house options for wedding photography and videography, venue, décor, food, hair and makeup, DJs for pre and post-wedding parties, and custom invitation printing. In short, we help you plan and execute your dream wedding from scratch!

Why Choose Us To Be Your Indian Wedding Planner Chicago

Planning an Indian wedding from scratch is, needless to say, an overwhelming experience. There are a hundred little details that need special attention, on top of the coordination required with multiple vendors. In spite of doing your best to plan the wedding of your dreams, there is bound to be chaos and confusion, especially when you have to deal with the logistics separately. To save you from that hassle and to make things at least 5X easier for you, we provide everything you need to plan your wedding, under one roof. Logically, you will be coordinating with one planner, in place of ten vendors thereby eliminating a world of miscommunication and errors. In addition to that, we are one of the few Indian wedding planners in Chicago that offers catering services with logistics included. Our food and beverage services are considered one of the most reliable in all of Chicago, because not only do we offer authentic and tasty Indian food for your guests, but we offer to carry them to your venue and clean up afterward. In terms of pricing, we provide personalized wedding planning services to all brides and grooms, as we believe there is no one-size-fits-all solution for the overwhelming experience that is planning an Indian wedding. We believe in offering tailored assistance to everyone so that the outcome is exactly what you envisioned. You shouldn’t have to compromise on your dream wedding for lack of resources. To top it all off, the ForUrEvents team has over 7 years of experience in planning weddings in Chicago. We have been able to put a smile on many a bride’s face and had couples having the time of their lives planning their wedding. Our gallery tells hundreds of success stories and happily-ever-after tales of Indian brides and grooms.

Feel free to give us a quick call and see how easy it can be to plan an Indian wedding in Chicago.


Why ForUrEvents Is Your Best Bet In Food And Beverage Planning In Chicago

We all know that food is perhaps the messiest affair at a wedding. For starters, it needs hours and hours of work in preparation, the logistics have to be perfect in terms of time as well as efficiency so as not to let any food item go to waste, and at the end of the day, it has to leave the guests full and spellbound with taste. Having to look for authentic Indian caterers in Chicago and then having to coordinate with a separate logistics team to ensure that the cooked food is transported safely to the venue is extremely stressful and it increases the risk of things going wrong. That is why it is always best to hand food and beverage-related services for weddings to planners that have in-house cooks and logistic teams. At ForUrEvents, we have menu planners and chefs to get the food ready in time and we also have perfectly designed logistic options waiting to get the food to the venue. We also have cleaning professionals to help clean up the place once the event is over. Apart from that, our dynamic catering team constantly tries to spread the best authentic Indian food at every wedding table, regularly evolving with new innovations in the market, and trying to improve the flavors, textures, and overall experiences with each order. We also always try to use locally sourced produce for our food including fresh vegetables and cured meat. In fact, we strive to learn and apply age-old methods of preserving and curing meat from around the world in order to provide the highest quality natural food at weddings, as opposed to chemical-induced foods being served today. We all know that authentic Indian food is incomplete without spices. Understanding the value of our special ingredients we also source our spices directly from India so that we get to give your guests the best taste of home. In every way, the ForUrEvents food and beverage team ties us together as one of the best Indian wedding planners in Chicago, as we provide a well-rounded array of services in catering from cooking to logistics to cleaning up. From quick bites at Sangeet ceremonies to innovative drinks at cocktail parties to scrumptious five-course meals at weddings, we have everything you need, customized to your requirements.

Get on a quick call with our team today to see what your options are. And check our Instagram for more updates.


1. How Do I Pick My Perfect Indian Wedding Planner Chicago?

Planning a wedding is exciting and extremely stressful at the same time. There are many things at stake including money, family preferences, and compatibility issues, not to mention a whirlwind of emotions. Your wedding planner should be nothing short of perfect, in terms of being compatible with you and your family, being affordable, and also being reliable.

Most wedding planners offer multiple vendors for the different elements of your wedding such as venue, caterers, and makeup artists. In this case, you will have to deal with unexpected coordination issues, considering you have multiple contact points for a single element.

At ForUrEvents, we have in-house sources for all your wedding needs, right from your makeup artist to your DJ and wedding invites. With us, you will have just a single contact point throughout your wedding, no matter how big and lavish a celebration you dream of. We take care of everything you need for your wedding to be as fun, exciting, and dreamy as you want it to be.
This eliminates a great deal of stress and miscommunication.

We also have customizable pricing options for everyone.

2. What Aspects Are Included In Your Indian Wedding Planning Services In Chicago?

We are a holistic Indian wedding planner in Chicago. We provide our planning services as well as execution resources in almost all elements of an Indian wedding.

Our services include but are not limited to:

o   Venue

o   Makeup and hair

o   Food and beverage

o   Décor

o   DJs for parties

o   Wedding invitation card printing

o   Photography and videography

3. Where Do You Provide Your Services?

We are based in Chicago, IL and we provide our services all over the US.

4. What Types Of Indian Weddings Do You Have Experience In?

We have offered our comprehensive planning services for almost all Indian styles of weddings including Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Gujarati, and South Indian. Apart from that, we have also worked on a few other South Asian styles of weddings.

5. How Often Can I Expect To Hear From You If I Hire Your Services?

At ForUrEvents, we provide one-on-one guidance and planning services to our clients. You will have a universal client manager, who will be your primary contact point for all wedding elements. After the initial consultation, our team will get in touch with you about certain meetings and approval check-in dates with specific service managers such as your wedding venue, photography, and makeup managers. For each aspect, the service managers will arrange for one on one meetings and phone calls to plan your requirements. Moving forward, you will also receive regular updates and progress reports on your wedding, as we close in on your D-day.

6. Do You Charge For An Initial Consultation?

Our very first consultation, or as we like to call it, the discovery call is free. We are happy to talk to you about the different options you have and the kind of services you can receive.

7. Will I Have My Wedding Planner At My Wedding?

You will have a lead event coordinator present with you at the venue, throughout your wedding event. You can confidently forget about the hassles of managing the wedding and engage in the festivities leaving everything to us.
In addition, you will also be acquainted with each of your service providers such as your venue manager, your makeup artist, your photographer, etc. so that you are comfortable and happy with our services.

8. What Are Some Basics I Should Know Prior To Contacting You For My Wedding?

You can contact our team on day one of getting engaged. Our planning experts can sit with you and pan out full-blown wedding themes, outfit styles, the food menu, and everything else in between for your wedding.

However, if you already have an idea of the kind of wedding you wish to have, whether it is an intimate affair, or an extravagant one, whether you want a destination wedding or a sunset wedding, etc. it would be easier to plan the rest of the details of your dream wedding.

9. Can I Also Use Some Other Vendors For My Wedding?

Our wedding planning services are customizable. You can choose not to work with our vendors for any wedding aspect if you have a preference already in place. We will be responsible for the services we cover.

10. What Are Your Prices As An Indian Wedding Planner In Chicago?

We offer highly customized planning services. As a holistic Indian wedding planner in Chicago, we know how complicated an affair it can be and how a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work with all brides and grooms. We celebrate the uniqueness of our clients and provide unique and fitting services to each couple.

Get on a quick call with our team to get an approximate estimation of what your unique package will cost.