7 Reasons to Hire a True-Blue Indian Wedding Planner

7 Reasons to Hire a True-Blue Indian Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is no walk in the park. It is an overwhelming and emotion-filled roller coaster ride filled with excitement, anxiety, and stress. Especially when it comes to Indian weddings, there are a hundred things to take care of starting from deciding the outfit to printing out the place cards for the dinner reception.

While it may be thrilling initially when you start setting your wedding dates, it can soon become very stressful, and subsequently even ruin your happiness. After all, it is your big day, and by all means, you deserve to be happy.

That is why you need the guidance of an experienced and reliable Indian wedding planner in Chicago.


Gone are the days when wedding planners were meant for ultra-rich couples. It is now a necessity and a sensible means of conducting an Indian wedding.


If you’re on the fence, here are 7 great reasons why you need to hire an expert Indian wedding planner.


They have a systematic way of handling the wedding seamlessly


The best Indian wedding planners in Chicago bring a ton of experience and expertise to the table. They’ve done this before many times, and they already have a systematic way of handling each aspect of the wedding. This means, they already know where to start, when to start, whom to contact, what to source, and most importantly how to communicate effectively with everyone, in order to get this wedding done the way you envision it.


As opposed to trying to figure out everything all by yourself, and coordinating with multiple vendors, having a wedding planner do all the heavy lifting, will leave you more time to focus on being your best self on your wedding day.


They know the best ways to conduct the ceremonies


Needless to say, there are multiple religiously and spiritually significant ceremonies and rituals in an Indian wedding, which you most likely have never been on the hosting end of. It can be very overwhelming trying to plan and execute all the ceremonies in their best ways according to the venue and timings. Plus, there is a good chance you may forget or overlook certain elements related to the ceremonies. An expert Indian wedding planner will have a perfect idea of how to go about organizing each one. They will be able to give you options as to how to organize and conduct them in the best way. For example, what kind of arrangements are to be made for the Haldi, what type of furniture is to be incorporated on the Mandap, what does the minister at your wedding need, etc.?


They already know and are prepared for the challenges that may arise


Experienced Indian wedding planners in Chicago, already know what the process entails, and thus will be able to anticipate possible challenges. They can see the bigger picture and guide you through the process, including the issues that are likely to arise. They will help you adapt to the situation and save the day. Whereas, when you plan your wedding yourself, you may not be able to handle it when some things go wrong, leading to undue panic and chaos.


For instance, you may not be prepared to handle a drunk relative, a shortage of flowers, a broken set of cutleries, things that did not arrive on time, etc. Your wedding planner on the other hand will anticipate some of these issues and be prepared with solutions, such as a friendly service agent, an extra order of flowers, an extra cutlery set, etc.


You get to save time and money


Let’s face it, just because you got engaged, you don’t get to just sit around and plan your wedding. You still have to manage work, household, and family affairs. However, wedding planning cannot take a back seat either. On weekdays you will most likely be consumed by work, and weekends are reserved for errands. Whatever little time you get in between these life elements, is all you have to plan your precious wedding day.


An Indian wedding planner knows and understands this. They will help you efficiently use your time in the best way. They will do all the heavy research, give you several options, and guide you through decision-making while making sure the solution best fits your needs and requirements. As soon as you finalize your choices, they will also book the necessary items and waste no time in ticking off the things you need.


They can also get you the best deals for venues, rental items, food, and other resources, thereby helping you save a great deal of money and time.


You get full access to the most creative ideas


One of the biggest advantages of hiring an Indian wedding planner is their stock of innovative and creative ideas. You may have a vision of how you want your big day to be, but wedding planners have the creative resources to amplify your vision and give you something to cherish forever. They can make your day 10 times better than you envisioned it, by including new concepts in décor, new ways to conduct ceremonies, innovative ideas in games, photography, etc. For example, they can introduce a new way to conduct the Baraat ceremony, a new system for your guests to take pictures with you, or a creative concept with which you get to take home a piece of the day, similar to a guestbook.


You don’t have to worry about on-the-day coordination


The day of the wedding is when you will need the most amount of hands-on help. It is a time when everything has to come together seamlessly in order for the ceremonies to progress as planned. However, this is where many things can also go wrong. You need to be in constant contact with your vendors and your guests at the same time, which is quite a challenge being the bride and the groom. A little slack in communication can lead to multiple issues.


This is where a reliable Indian wedding planner in Chicago can immensely help you. You can leave all the hassles of coordination, communication, setting up, configuration, and everything else in between over to your planner, and focus on enjoying your big day. Rest assured, your wedding will sail smoothly, with fun, laughter, and love from friends and family.


They always have the best resources


Finally, being experts in the industry, your wedding planner will have a reliable database of the best venues, the best chefs, the best makeup artists, decorators, and everything you need for your wedding. They will also have a great network of third-party vendors, such as extra cars or other extra accessories. You can count on them to bring you the best of everything, unlike when you organize alone where you will have to take some risks.


At ForUrEvents, we have exceptional in-house teams for every aspect of your wedding, including food, makeup, and décor. In fact, we are one of the most well-equipped Indian wedding planners in Chicago, with independent resources and expertise in multiple areas. We are literally a one-stop shop for all your wedding needs, including planning.




It is unheard of for a couple to have a stress-free wedding, more so in the case of Indian weddings. No matter how much you plan, there are always going to be some things that go wrong. However, an amazing wedding planner can better handle those things, and make it possible for you to stay stress-free. They can take full responsibility for the events of the day and relieve you from any tension. This means, you get to enjoy your big day, the way you always wanted to.


ForUrEvents is your one-stop shop for a stress-free authentic Indian wedding! We take care of everything from makeup to food to décor. You can count on us to make your day memorable.


Give our team a call today and see your wedding day unfold as magically as you always wished. For updates check our Facebook page.

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