Are Wedding Planning Books Worth Your Money – How to Get The Most Out of Them

Are Wedding Planning Books Worth Your Money – How to Get The Most Out of Them

Are Wedding Planning Books Worth Your Money – How to Get The Most Out of Them – Planning a wedding, as we know, is an incredibly exciting yet overwhelming and stressful experience. Especially when it comes to planning an Indian wedding where there are multiple more moving parts and events, the stress and confusion are even more.


This is why it is always good to seek some help; whether it is assigning duties to friends or family members, using a wedding planning organizer, or hiring a professional wedding planner, the goal is to get work done more efficiently and reduce some of the stress.


This brings us to the subject of review; a wedding accessory highly inspired by Pinterest boards – wedding planning books. Are they really helpful and worth your money? Or are they just eye candy, good enough to sit on Instagram posts and Pinterest tables?


Here we explore the answers to these questions and more, decode the value you can extract from a wedding planning book, and give you tips on how to make the most of your organizer.


What are wedding planner books?


A wedding planner book or organizer is a thoughtfully made asset that contains pages with tips to efficiently plan your wedding, prompts to stimulate and organize your thoughts, calendars, to-do lists, guest-list organizers, inspiration board makers, mood board makers, blank pages, and more. It is designed to make the process more organized, clear, objectively laid out, and in turn, easier.


Different wedding planning books differ in what they offer; which is why it is important to do your research before purchasing one. Especially when it comes to planning complicated celebrations such as Indian weddings, you need a more detailed planning guide with prompts and pages specifically made for Indian weddings – an Indian wedding planner guide.


Pros and cons of having a wedding planning book


Thanks to Pinterest and Instagram, buying a wedding planning book has become somewhat of a trend. Brides who love having aesthetic accessories and décor items in their house are inevitably “FOMO” ed into buying gorgeous printed wedding planning organizers. This is not to say that wedding planners are mere decorative books perfect to sit on vanity tables; they offer some great benefits too.


Here is a look into the pros and cons of wedding planning books.



  •       A wedding planner comes with thoughtful prompts necessary to drive your thoughts in the right direction. It ensures that you take care of the important things, which you otherwise may end up forgetting.
  •       It offers excellent tips and tricks for wedding planning challenges such as creating a budget and planning within the limitations, saving time, selecting wedding outfits, etc.
  •       It allows you to create mood boards and collages to help define your wedding vision and theme clearly.
  •       It helps you stay organized in the process, without losing sight of where you are, what you have finished so far, and what is left to do.
  •       It helps you keep all matters related to your wedding in one place.
  •       By maintaining a single record of all elements related to your wedding, it helps you get a full and complete picture of the look and feel of your wedding, ensuring that the design elements, colors, motifs, décor, etc. are cohesive and in alignment with your theme.
  •       It acts as a guide for you to streamline processes like task delegation, vendor bookings, due date setting, and many more.


  •       It is a static book with no original ideas to inspire your wedding planning process. Unlike associating with a professional wedding planner, it offers no exchange of ideas or thoughtfulness.
  •       Buying a wedding planning organizer requires ample thought and research as different books offer different features. Your ideal choice would be one that provides prompts, tips, and pages specific to your wedding style and culture. This is especially true when purchasing an Indian wedding planner book.
  •       For brides or couples not used to writing or maintaining physical journals, using a wedding planner book may not come as naturally, making the process more stressful.
  •       Since wedding planning is a challenging process that seldom comes with a one-size-fits-all solution, pre-set wedding planning books may sometimes prove to be wasteful or useless. The lack of customizability takes away from the value you can extract from your investment.

Are wedding planning books worth your money – the verdict?


Considering the pros and cons of buying a wedding planning book listed above, its worth depends on how complicated or extensive your wedding celebration is.


For simplistic and minimal Western weddings, a thoughtfully created wedding planning guide would serve to be sufficiently helpful. Whereas, for larger celebrations such as Indian weddings, a planning book may seem insufficient in terms of helping you where it is needed and reducing the stress.


While there are many exceptional and creative brands building Indian wedding planner books with exhaustive coverage of all aspects required to plan an Indian wedding, you may still need to research high and low to find one that will practically help you simplify the process.


How to get the most out of wedding planning books?


One of the biggest advantages that a planning book brings to the table is control. As a bride looking to plan the wedding of your dreams while staying within a budget or other limitations, it is important to establish a sense of control throughout the planning process. Hence, the best way to make the most of a wedding planning book is to amplify this attribute.


To streamline the process, attain the best resources and deals, and efficiently manage the moving parts, partner with a professional Indian wedding planner. They can help you with everything that a planning book cannot, including providing creative and original ideas or concepts, negotiating and coordinating with vendors, restricting resources to stay within the budget, crucial wedding day coordination, and managing contingencies.


To augment your partnership with your wedding planner, and to maintain better control over the affairs, purchase a creatively made wedding planning book as well. This will help you get a better, more updated picture of where the process is leading. Additionally, it will act as a memorable keepsake for one of the most exciting journeys you undertook in your life while actively contributing towards reducing the stress associated with planning.


The combination of hiring a professional wedding planner and using a planning book, in effect, gives you the best of both worlds.


Wrapping up


While Pinterest-inspired pretty and aesthetic wedding planning books are trending accessories for engaged brides today, it is important to put some thought into them before shelling out your hard-earned money to purchase one for yourself. Use this guide listing the pros and cons of a physical wedding planning book, to decide on whether it will be worth your money. For complicated celebrations like Indian weddings, partner with an efficient Indian wedding planner and augment your journey with a planning book for the best results. Spend your money wisely, and prepare for your big day systematically.


To make your wedding planning process an enjoyable and fulfilling experience, partner with ForUrEvents – your authentic, expert Indian wedding planner in the USA and to capture your big day memories hire a professional Indian wedding photographer with the help of your event planner.


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