Bridal Trousseau Essentials For a Dreamy Destination Indian Wedding

Bridal Trousseau Essentials For a Dreamy Destination Indian Wedding

Conventionally, the Indian bridal trousseau was a sparkling package that included only embellished saris, lehengas, and suit sets. Over the years, it has evolved to include much more than just the clothes for the special day; it is now a wholesome package meant to offer the bride an exquisite and out-of-the-world experience on her first day or the first few days, making her feel like the princess that she is.


As with the bridal outfits, all of the paraphernalia associated with adornment have evolved according to the tastes of the quintessential Indian bride, who is now more modern, flexible, and open to family preferences but not confined by them. This means that everything from the bridal outfits to the accessories to the makeup to the skincare, and the romantic “suhaag raat” specials, is curated by the bride and her groom, with little or no interference by anyone else. This makes it all the more special and meaningful.


As an experienced Indian wedding planner in Chicago, we have had the privilege of putting together the bridal trousseau for many lucky brides in the city over the years.


Having worked closely with them, we have mastered the craft of packing a wholesome deal that will give the princess in you, the treatment that you deserve on your first few days.


Here are 8 essentials to pack for your bridal trousseau, especially if you are off to have your dream destination wedding.


An exquisite bridal trunk set


A bridal trunk set is an element of an age-old tradition that has had its fair share of contemporary revivals with each passing year. Now, it has become something of an asset of envy, embracing the most extravagant possible embellishments, including artwork, colors, jewels, tassels, embroideries, and motifs. There are many options available in the bridal market, starting from minimally decorated elegant ones to maximal hand-painted masterpieces. Including a beautiful trunk set of your choice will not only make your trousseau exquisite but will also serve as a memorable keepsake.


A multi-use hair styling set


The first few days after your wedding demand your best self, as you will undoubtedly have many places to visit and spend time in, especially if you have a destination wedding. There is simply no room for bad hair days. Hence, carry a versatile and multi-use hair styling set. It also helps if you have a single tool for more than one style. Ideally, you need a blow drier, a straightener, a curling iron, and a crimper; the blow drier to dry your hair after a shower, the straightener to tame fly-aways or to straighten, the curling iron to make gorgeous waves or curls, and the crimper to add texture and volume in case you are going for an updo.


A garment steamer


We know how complicated, delicate, and demanding of care, Indian festive wear is. Bridal outfits in particular are filled with expensive embellishments, embroidery, and intricate artwork like zardozi and Kundan. There are few options to maintain them neatly, as a basic iron or chemical washing, etc. stand the risk of destroying your precious and costly outfits. A high-quality garment steamer is your best friend in this regard. It smoothens out the creases without ruining any of the embellishments and makes it easier for you to carry your exquisite festive wear outfits. It also does the job in a matter of seconds, a boon for quick dressing up. As a hands-on Indian wedding planner in Chicago, we cannot stress the importance of this gem.


A rich and luxurious shower cream or oil


There is no bride on the face of the Earth who doesn’t want soft and smooth skin that smells delicious. A rich and luxurious shower cream or an in-shower oil will do that for you. Assuming that you have groomed and prepped your gorgeous skin ahead of your wedding, a luxe shower cream will maintain the smoothness and leave you smelling like a million bucks. Tempt and tease your groom while also making your guests wonder what land you are coming from with wonderful options from brands like Loccitane, Sol de Janeiro, Patrick Ta, and the like.


Scented candles


Aroma undoubtedly plays a crucial role in making you feel good during your first few days. High-quality scented candles are one of the best ways to set the mood, relax after all the wedding stress, and be at ease with your partner. Look for fragrances that include soothing notes like Lavender, rosemary, and chamomile, along with some delicious notes like French blossoms, orange, or vanilla, according to your taste, so that you have a mix of aromas for different moods. Jo Malone Candles and the Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy range have some amazing picks.




Shapewear is a must-have item that will give you an immense amount of confidence to carry off any outfit you wish. Carry different types of shapewear pieces and think beyond tummy tuckers to handle multiple types of necklines, cutouts, and silhouettes. If you plan on wearing delicate saris, carry high-quality sari shapewear. If you plan on wearing cocktail dresses or bodycon dresses, consider carrying a full-body shaping suit as well, ideally in a nude shade.


A priceless heirloom


A bridal heirloom is something that will add to the exquisiteness of your bridal trousseau. It can be anything from an expensive and traditional piece of jewelry that has been handed down through generations, to a small pin, a sari brooch, or a hair accessory. It will make you feel more whole and prouder of being a part of a loving family, and it also gives you a chance to hand it down to the next generation. If not, it can be a beautiful keepsake to cherish for many years. As a veteran Indian wedding planner in Chicago, we have seen many teary-eyed brides feeling overwhelmed with happiness and love, from possessing a priceless family heirloom.


A customized bridal bath set


What better way to make yourself feel special than with a customized bath set with your name on it? There are many brands in the market offering custom sets with an embroidered luxurious fuzzy robe, a matching towel, a cute sleeping mask, a pair of fuzzy slippers, and a fuzzy headband to put your hair away from your face. It is indeed an asset that will have you feeling like the princess you are, for many days after your wedding. It will also transport you back to your destination, long after you are home.


Wrapping up


Packing your bridal trousseau is one of the most exciting things you will be doing as a bride in the course of planning your wedding. Putting some thought into curating your trousseau and packing some of the most meaningful items to make your first few days special, will help you greatly, especially if you are planning a destination wedding. Many things in the trousseau will serve as priceless keepsakes with the power to bring you back to your wedding experience, every time you look at them, or smell them.


Count on ForUrEvents for thoughtful trousseau packing services, as well as tips to make it a special one. We are one of the few Indian wedding planners in Chicago offering a wide range of services, especially for Indian weddings, including trousseau packing, bridal makeup, wedding photography, catering, music, invitation card printing, and more. When you partner with us, you will have access to the best resources in the city under one roof.


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