For Indian Wedding Catering Services One Solution for all Ceremonies.

Well, Indian weddings are an extravagant affair. And, from all the different ceremonies which are as tiring as the wedding itself, catering to the Indian wedding scene will be a challenge. And, there will be hundreds of close friends & relatives. Also if you are thinking of inviting your neighbors as well as colleagues from work, then the number will increase substantially. To cater to an Indian wedding, Forurevents considered as the best for the Indian wedding catering services:

Moreover, there are many aspects of the Indian wedding, plus the food also varies according to the different ceremonies. Thus, for your Indian catering services, we offer food that includes-

  1. For Haldi Ceremony

Firstly, this ceremony signifies the purity of the bond of the couple. Generally, this ceremony is carried out in the day, post-lunch so you would require some light snacks like-

a) Pakora

Well, these are Potato or onion fritters. And, they are soaked in a batter made of chickpea flour & are deep-fried in heated oil. Also, these pakoras are served with some tamarind chutney or mint & coriander chutney. Plus, they make the best snacks for your post-lunch.

b) Chai (tea)

Also, Indian tea is served piping hot. And, Chai & Pakora are best friends. Well, they are always served together. However, there is a variety in the chai also. And, you have different varieties of chai available for taste.

  1. Mehandi Ceremony

Secondly, in this ceremony, henna is applied to the hands and leg of the bride. And, it is said if the color of the henna develops a deep color on the palms of the bride, then the love of the couple will be very strong. Generally, this ceremony is carried out at nighttime. Also, it is usually done among the females of the family. Plus, some snacks that should be included are

a) Cold Drinks

Firstly, Cold drinks are a must to serve in this event. Well, after a full day of running around, you would want your guests to cool down with a hint of drinks.

b) Dhokla

However, this Gujrati dish is well-loved by all Indians. And, this is s rather light dish & is perfect for a post-dinner situation. Also, your guest will not feel too full after a heavy dinner.

c) Chai

Well, it is always the perfect time for chai for Indians. And, this bittersweet beverage runs in their veins.

  1. Mahila Sangeet

Moreover, this is one major function of the bride. In this, all the brides’ friends and relatives dance & have fun together. And, in this fest, one needs to serve dishes that can be prepared fast & are rather popular.

a) Dosa

Well, this south Indian dish is famous. This is made up of the rice & urad dal batter is spread & cooked till crispy brown. Also, it is served with some potato masala. Plus, with coconut chutney & sambar, this dish is the perfect dish to serve.

c) Pani Puri

Next, known by many names, this is one popular street food that one must taste. And, easy to serve as well as make, this is one good option for you to have.

d) Aloo Tikki

Further, this is another popular street food that is easy to make and serve. And, well-liked by all, you should include thin in your menu.

  1. Main Wedding Reception

Further, after all, the ceremonies are over, and the garlands are exchanged between the bride and groom, it is time for the Wedding Reception. And, the Indian wedding reception is a grand affair. Also, with a variety of dishes served.

a) Rice

Firstly, this Indian staple is available in so many different varieties that you cannot count. And, you have the Jeera Rice, Mattar Rice, Fried rice, Veg Pulao amongst many more.

b) Vegetarian

Well, in this, you have the Shahi Paneer, Dal Makhani, Mixed Vegetable, Palak Paneer, Chole, Rajma & many others that you can include.

c) Non-Vegetarian

Next, on in this, you can include Butter chicken, Kadai Chicken, mutton Keema, Murg Kheema, Fish Curry, Chicken Biryani and many more.

Thus, if you are planning to hire Indian Wedding catering services in Chicago, then call Forurevents and have the best catering services within your budget.

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