Guide For Color Choice For Your Colorful Day

Guide For Color Choice For Your Colorful Day

Wedding colors are considered to signify different chapters of your love story on the plain white canvas, where beautiful chapters of your life are painted, Colors play a very significant role in setting the theme and vibe of the wedding. Today’s generation has taken a step closer to aesthetic color themes to create a unified event that will be remembered and cherished by everyone. Selecting the ideal color scheme for your dream wedding can influence the mood of the entire event. One of the important things to consider is that color selection is highly influenced by the seasons, and vivid colors can bring even more magic to your big day.


This blog will share the essential information to be considered as suggested by a professional Indian Wedding Planner Chicago for choosing color themes based on different seasons. These professional ideas are the timeless blend of contemporary and classic which shall remain appealing to people and will prevail in trends for years to come. Before you finalize a color it is important to make sure you choose your colors carefully because they will affect every aspect of your décor, including the place cards, invitations, and floral arrangements as well as the table linens.




Spring is seen as one of those pleasant times of the year, a weather loved by everyone.  Just like that, vibrant pastels and gentle tones will let you embrace the season’s lively and fresh vibe. You can choose aesthetic colors like blush pink, mint green, and yellow as your color scheme to create a charming and romantic atmosphere. If you have chosen a venue that has an indoor setting then you can also choose to opt for floral arrangements with peonies, tulips, and cherry blossoms to bring the splendor of spring indoors. Make sure that you talk to your Indian Wedding Planner in Chicago to make the best arrangements regarding the same. 


Warm orchid and tangerine orange create a vibrant color scheme that creates a chic and antique vibe and is ideal for bohemian, spring, or summer wedding themes. If you are thinking about a modern yet old school vibes wedding theme, then you can choose colors like peach, butter pecan, off-white, and blue-green blend together in a way that is practical and simple to use in both a modern city setting and a garden getaway. Since it’s a spring wedding, it will be great to include wood, appealing textures, curved lines, and subdued flowers. If you’re searching for an earthy yet warm wedding color scheme, this one will actually make a difference. 




The summer season is more about bright and happy colors. Use vivid colors that capture the spirit of the season to celebrate the warmth of the summer. Choose a tropical color scheme with tones of lime, turquoise, and coral. These vibrant colors are ideal for garden or seaside weddings. To capture the spirit of summer, add vivid flowers like orchids, dahlias, and sunflowers to your décor. Moreover, colors like Cobalt blue, lilac, plum purple, sage green, and white make up this vintage-inspired summer wedding color palette for a warm aesthetic look. The richness of plum purple and the organic touch of sage green balance with the striking mix of cobalt blue and lilac, which creates feelings of timeless elegance and nostalgia. These colours when paired with the traditional white backdrop, produce a dreamy, romantic atmosphere that is ideal for couples looking to add a little vintage charm to their special day. The combination of lime green, blush, hot pink, turquoise, and white creates a vibrant and enthralling ambiance. These colors work together to create a joyful, fun, and tropical atmosphere that sets the tone for an unforgettable and colorful event. 




As the famous saying goes, “Autumn carries more gold in its hand than all seasons.”  This season is one of the most favorite seasons The color scheme for fall weddings changes with the changing of the leaves. Use a color scheme of rustic orange, mustard yellow, and deep burgundy to embrace the season’s earthy and rich tones. These warm hues create an appealing and comfortable ambiance. For a true autumnal vibe, try adding natural components to your decor, such as dried leaves, pumpkins, and acorns, for additional things consider talking it with Indian Wedding Planner Chicago.


This classic champagne, white, and black fall wedding color are timeless and elegant colors combined to create a sophisticated atmosphere that is evocative of crisp autumn evenings and black-tie events. Black offers a sense of depth and contrast, white offers a crisp and fresh backdrop, and champagne gives a hint of luxury. For couples looking for a fall wedding that radiates timeless beauty and subtle grace, this minimalist yet lavish mix is ideal.




For the winter season, you can go for colors like deep plum, royal blue, and emerald green. For a glitzy winter paradise, add metallic accents to your decor, such as silver or gold. To create a warm and inviting ambiance, think about adding candles, berries, and evergreen trees. Imagine the warmth of cashmere capturing the spirit of intimate gatherings, the richness of ruby red mirroring festive décor, and the fun tones of yellow-orange, light peach, and clover green bringing the lively charm of the holidays to your party. 


Explore the sophistication of a winter wedding with a color scheme that defies logic. The rich colors like matte gold, off-white, dark, earthy green, and deep stone blue with these colors set the tone for an elegant and timeless celebration that transcends time. For couples who desire an exquisite design yet prefer earthy tones, this palette is ideal.


Other Factors To Consider While Choosing the Color: 


It is important to think about the venue before you finalize the color. It is important that you seek advice from experts. Consult with Indian Wedding Planner Chicago professional coordinators of weddings, and florists to guarantee a cohesive color combination. 


Use stationery, accessories, and little home décor pieces to infuse your color scheme with unique touches.


In conclusion, choosing the appropriate color scheme for your wedding can improve the whole experience because it reflects your love story. Whether you’re saying “I do” in the charming warmth of winter or the blossoming beauty of spring, these vivid color schemes will help you design a wedding that is all your own. Accept the changing of the seasons, let your imagination go wild, and decorate your wedding with colors that represent your joy and love. For more updates check our Instagram account.

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