Latest Menu for Indian Wedding for 2021: Best Wedding Caterers

No Indian marriages can happen without food.  At Indian weddings, food is an essential part of the event. Well, without the food no marriage is done and about 80% of your guests won’t attend it. Plus, that 20% will be your close family members. Therefore, it is significant that the food you organize for your wedding is tasty as well as sumptuous.

Though the food is not delicious, and then trust your guests would make complaints all their lives. Also, if the food is finger-licking, guests won’t stop boasting about you. Thus, the latest Indian wedding food menu list must be incorporated into your wedding. We at Forurevents provide you the best Indian wedding catering services in Chicago. In this blog we will deliver you the best Indian wedding food menu so that your wedding catering services will be amazed:

So, if you are also scheduling for your wedding, as well as have not yet particular the food items for your wedding day, then this is the post for you. The following we are sharing with you the trending Indian wedding food menu list, just select the ones that fit your requirements:

1. Beverages

The very first and must thing at an Indian wedding is the beverages that help your guests remain cool. The following are some beverages list from them you can select as per your needs:

a) Iced Tea

b) Cold Coffee

c) Lassi

d) Sarbat

e) Thandai

f) Nimbu Paani

g) Watermelon Juice

h) Mixed Fruit Juice

i)Orange Juice

j) Cold drink


These are the best items to be included in your Indian wedding menu which makes for a good starter in a wedding. Take a look at the following and select as per your choice:

a) Pani Poori

b) Aloo Tikki

c) Dahi Bhalla

d) Mumbai raged patties

e) Mini Samosa

f) Cocktail Kachori

g) Dhokla

h) Bhel Puri

i) Dahi Vada

j) Sprouts Chaat

k) Kuzhi Paniyaram

l) Sweet Potato Chaat

m) Masala Vadai


o) Veg Sandwich

p) Fruit Chaat

q) Litthi Chokha (From Bihar)

r) Daal Baati (From Rajasthan)


Next, yes, food at a wedding is something that seems less even if it is more. So, you require having some starters as well. Well, your guests, our guests.


Indian wedding without a soup will look somewhat incomplete, so select two or three soup in your wedding menu from the below list:

a) Cream of Tomato Soup

b) Mixed Vegetable Clear Soup

c) Hot n Sour Soup

d) Herbal Soup

e) Pepper Mushroom Soup

f) Makai Shorba or Sweet Corn Soup

g) Lemon & Coriander Soup

h) Tomato Rasam

i) Bottle Gourd and Onion Soup

j) Mulligatawny Soup

k) Palak Shorba or Spinach Soup

l) Drumstick Soup


Moreover, accompaniments make snacking easier. The following are some of them

a) Mint Chutney

b) Coriander Chutney

c) Papad

d) Imli Chutney

e) Pickle


Further, Curries simply add to the flavor of your meal.  Have some of the best gravies in your wedding food menu which are mentioned as below:

a) Malai Kofta

b) Paneer Lababdar

c) Makai Khumb Masala

d) Sarson Ka Saag

e) Mushroom Matar

f) Amritsari Paneer Tikka

g) Mixed Vegetables Makhani

h) Navrattan Curry

i) Goan Vegetable Curry

j) Khumb Do Pyaza


Well, talking about Indian daals then these are not only tasty but also very healthy. So, it is a must thing in the Indian wedding menu you can select from the list:

a) Daal Tadka

b) Daal Makhani

c) Panchratna Daal

d) Rajma

e) Chana Daal

f) Choley

g) Urad Daal


Moving next, there is no fun in having food without the right chapatti/roti on an Indian platter. Select from the list:

a) Puri

b) Green Puri (made of green spinach or another leafy veggie)

c) Naan

d) Butter Naan

e) Missi Roti

f) Tawa Roti or Chapati

g) Phulka

h) Bajra Rotella

i) Laccha Paratha

j) Paratha

k) Parotta

l) Kulcha


The most important thing is that your guests would love to savor some desserts after their meal. Take a look at the following list of the most popular Indians to consider adding to your wedding menu.

a) Gulab Jamun

b) Jalebi

c) Dry Fruits Kheer

d) Rasgulla

e) Payasam

f) Ladoo

g) Shrikhand

h) Mango Payasam

i) Gajar Ka Halwa

j) Rasmalai

k) Apple Halwa

l) Pazha Pradhan

m) Cadbury Roll

n) Icecream

o) Faluda Kulfi

To sum up, if you are getting married in Indian style then you must take care of your food menu on your special day. Above, we mentioned the best Indian wedding food list from which you can select as per your requirements. For more information, you can call us any time.

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