Menu of Delicious Food for Indian Wedding

Well, the Indian Wedding is incomplete without serving tasty and delicious food to the honorable guests. So, it will not be incorrect to say that most of us eagerly wait for the moment when we will have delicious food, whose aroma has filled the venue. Thus, to host a grand wedding, you need to take care of the quality of food as well as services that you are offering to the guests. So, if you are living in Chicago and thinking about hiring Indian wedding catering services in Chicago and haven’t selected the dishes to be served at your wedding then take a look at check out the menu that we have prepared for your wedding.


Forurevents Indian wedding food Menu:

  1. North Indian Chat

a) Pani Poori

b) Mumbai ragda patties

c) Mini Samosa

d) Dahi Puri

e) Cocktail Kachori

f) Dhokla

g) Khakra roll

h) Kuzhi Paniyaram

i) Masala Vadai

j) Bajji

 2. Fruit Juices

 3. Soup

a) Drumstick

b) Pepper Mushroom

c) Herbal

  1. Starters

a) Veg Kebab

b) Cheppankizhangu Chops

c) Oats Kozhukattai

d) Idly Manchurian

e) Thenga, manga, Pattani sundal

f) Unniappam

g) Paneer Tikka

h) Chilly Parotta

i) Kanchipuram Idly (Tamilnadu)

j) Adai Aviyal

k) Coin parota

l) Sabudhana Kichadi(Gujarathi)

m) Ragi Idiyappam

n) Oats Kozhukattai

o) Thalipeeth (Maharastra)

p) Aloo Paratha

q) Methi Paratha

r) Pudhina Puri

s) Pesaratu with Uppuma (Andhra Special)

t) Nellore Dosa varieties

u) Semiya Biriyani

v) Palak Paneer Pulav

w) Corn Capsicum Pulav

x) Garlic Mushroom Fried Rice

y) Szechuan Noodles

z)Vangi bath, Bisi belle bath, Rasam Sadham, Bagala bath


  1. Side dishes

a) Gravy

b) Veg Makkanwala

c) Navratna Kurma

d) Stuffed Bhindi

e) Babycorn Capsicum

f) Veg Jalfraize

g) Berakai Cashew Masala

Chennai chops

a) Guthi vankaya koora

  1. Daal

a)Tadka Daal

b)Daal Makhani

c) Pancharatna Daal

d) Rajma

e) Chutney

f) Vadam

g) Pickle

7. Salads

a) Apple Cucumber Salad

b) Sprouted Mung Salad

c) Sprouted Channa Salad

d) Cheese & Pineapple Salad

e) Imported fruit salads

8. Other dishes & veggies

You can select any panner (Cheese) vegetable or mushroom.

  1. Sweets & desserts

a) Apple Halwa

b) Mango Payasam

c) Pazha Pradhanam

d) Badam Cassata

e) Anarkali Roll

f) Cadbury Roll

Ice cream

a) Sandwich

b) Fried

c) Faluda

d) Pot Kulfi

e) Roller Kulfi

f) Real Orange

Moreover, the success of an Indian wedding rests in the hands of the caterer that serves the wedding feast! However, any mistake was done in food catering then you will definitely unpleasant after-taste and will remain imprinted in the minds & tongues of all the attendees till an equal or bigger disaster occurs!

Thus, to have the great Indian food, we at Forurevents offers you the best and finger-licking catering services, so that you and your guest will fall in love with our food. To have an appointment call us today!

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