The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Big Fat Traditional Indian Wedding in Chicago

The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Big Fat Traditional Indian Wedding in Chicago

Chicago, one of the most beautiful cities in Illinois nestled perfectly on the shore of Lake Michigan, naturally offers some of the best places for couples to get married. Between the breathtaking skylines, cityscapes, and refreshing green landscapes, there is a myriad of options to choose from. It also boasts stunning historic hotels, estates, and botanical gardens, all of which would make exquisite backdrops for a big fat Indian wedding.


It comes as no surprise that Indian couples often get overwhelmed and indecisive as to when and where to have their wedding. On the one hand, they want to proudly display the contemporary beauty of the windy city they call home, while on the other hand, they seek to bring the traditional grandeur of an Indian palace through their wedding pictures.


Irrespective of which option you choose, Chicago is the best city to have a big culture-rich Indian wedding. However, from choosing the venue to booking vendors and taking portraits, there is a lot to do when it comes to a big Indian celebration. This is where an authentic Indian wedding planner in Chicago can help you.


At ForUrEvents, we provide hands-on services in every aspect of an Indian wedding, starting from bridal makeup to catering to music, and invitation printing. We have in-house teams dedicated to providing the best of these services, ready to make your Indian wedding vision come true.


For a head start on your journey planning your big traditional Indian wedding in the city, here is the ultimate guide on where to start, what to do, and how to go about it.


Plan the ceremonies of your traditional wedding

The first step in your wedding planning journey is to decide on the events, ceremonies, and rituals you wish to incorporate into your celebrations. From the haldi and mehendi to the baraat, the vidaai, and post-wedding parties, there are several events that form part of a large Indian wedding. Based on your preferences as a couple, and your families’ preferences, plan the events you need for your big day, and weed out the insignificant events. You can choose to have all events or incorporate extra events as well, such as a cake-cutting ceremony or a game. Once you have a basic list of events to include, you can start planning the rest of the steps.


Partner with a holistic Indian wedding planner in Chicago

As early as possible, research and partner with an authentic and holistic Indian wedding planner in Chicago. They will inevitably have an experienced team to manage your events and the best resources to rely on, to make your wedding an unforgettable experience.


At ForUrEvents, we have specialized in-house teams in bridal makeup artistry, Indian wedding photography, planning, food and catering, music, and wedding card printing. We offer a comprehensive range of services so that we can plan a wholesome and real Indian wedding; one that hits home for our couples in Chicago.


When you partner with us, you will have access to the best and most reliable teams to take care of all aspects of your wedding under one roof. In effect, we help you reduce the stress that comes with planning a big Indian wedding.


Select the perfect venue

Once you have joined hands with an authentic Indian wedding planner, and you have conveyed your wedding vision to them, they will give you a list of the best options in the city, perfectly suited to your dream. For a traditional Indian wedding, you inevitably need ample space, accommodative capacity, and easy accessibility. At the same time, you will also need to address special concerns, like the fire rituals. You ideally need a venue that offers flexible event spaces, with a capacity to accommodate more than at least 200 guests. To have your main ceremony you can choose venues with regal architectural elements such as high ceilings, intricate details, arches, and the like. If you want to mix it with contemporary styles as well, choose a property that overlooks the city skyline.


Choose your theme and décor

After finalizing your venue, it is time to decide on the theme and décor elements. In keeping with the traditional Indian vibe, you need ample floral decorations. Choose a range or a color palette to maintain elegance, and source floral décor to adorn your venue, starting from the entryways to the mandap. You can also have other traditional décor elements that scream India, like silver or gold artifacts, drapes, and more.


Plan your culinary delights

Food is one of the most crucial aspects of a traditional Indian wedding. Every guest you invite undoubtedly expects an Indian feast, filled with delectable wonders coming from your regional state. Hence, you need the services of the most authentic Indian caterer you can find.


As a holistic Indian wedding planner in Chicago, ForUrEvents has a team of the best Indian caterers in the city, ready to plan and prepare your Indian food menu. We will work with you every step of the way, starting from preparing the menu to serving the food.


Decide on your wedding attire

Next, it is time to plan and design your wedding outfit. Look through the latest Indian wedding magazines, or your favorite designer’s store catalogs to find your dream outfit. If you have time, travel to the store and have your outfit designed from scratch. If you are short of time, there are many Indian wedding outfit stores in and around the city, where you can easily customize and recreate the outfit you had in mind, at probably a more affordable price. Our wedding planning team will guide you in your outfit designing process too, offering suggestions and recommendations for the best vendors in Chicago.


Choose an authentic Indian wedding photographer

What good is a traditional Indian wedding without traditional wedding photography?


Look for an authentic and understanding Indian wedding photographer who is well-versed in the art of capturing an Indian wedding. There are inevitably going to be several rituals and ceremonies for a traditional-style wedding, which need to be filmed in the most natural and raw way possible. This can only be achieved by an experienced Indian photographer who knows and understands the values and traditions of an Indian wedding.


ForUrEvents boasts a dedicated team of wedding photographers too. We are one of the only few Indian wedding planners in Chicago offering a holistic range of services, including photography and videography.


Music and entertainment

No Indian wedding is complete without music and entertainment. Depending on your wedding itinerary, plan the entertainment activities on your big day. Schedule a time and space at your venue, and discuss performances with your family and friends beforehand, so that they can get to practicing.


For music, consider the traditional vibe you are going for, and research to find the best nostalgic songs, either Bollywood or from your regional state. There are many popular wedding favorites that you can choose if you wish to maintain an old-school vibe. On the other hand, if you wish to think out of the box, you can also consider more modern and contemporary numbers.


Manage the logistics and guest experiences

Guest experiences are paramount when it comes to Indian weddings in Chicago. As mentioned before, the first step to ensuring a hassle-free wedding experience for your guests is to choose a venue that is easily accessible. Make sure that it is within city limits, with transportation facilities in close proximity. Plan and book tickets for your loved ones coming all the way from India well ahead. Double-check their accommodations and ensure the best services for their stay here. Lastly, arrange thoughtful party favors or gifts to distribute amongst your guests when they leave. It will seal the experience and leave them feeling happy and valued.


Wrapping up

From planning the ceremonies to be included, to handling the logistics and accessibility concerns of your wedding guests, a traditional Indian wedding demands the most patient and systematic planning, with the keenest eye for perfection. Needless to say, it comes with a fair share of complexities and stress.


However, by partnering with an experienced Indian wedding planner in Chicago, you will be able to reduce stress to a great extent and provide a wonderful experience for your guests, all while enjoying the process. Join hands with the best in the city to plan your once-in-a-lifetime dream wedding.


Contact ForUrEvents and start your journey today. For updates visit our Facebook page.

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