Things To Consider Asking Your Wedding Invitation Designer

Things To Consider Asking Your Wedding Invitation Designer

When couples are planning their wedding one of the most obvious things that they have in their mind is the wedding invitation card. We all have been waiting for that particular thing as a dream come true. Seeing your name with your loved one on a wedding card is a big wish that everyone wants to come true. What are things that can be expected in this process? Be it any type of card you choose, one thing is for certain which is customization. Things expected in this process go from Customization, customized designs, save the dates, day invites, evening invites, details cards to RSVPs, stationery, etc. It could be obvious that there must be multiple questions coming to your mind when planning for wedding invitations. Most people do  not have much experience in this which is why to make things easier there are some major points that you could consider while planning a wedding invitation card Chicago:

Different stationers have their own ways of working which is why learning about their procedure and asking some questions regarding the same is quite important. Some people make this common mistake of selecting the designer right away.

You can ask the designer to provide digital proofs to examine designs to print, to move forward with the process for the order. Below mentioned are some of the questions that you can ask the designer:

Questions to ask:

  • We’re not sure about the design yet, do you have a portfolio or catalog we may look over for ideas? 

Some couples struggle to decide on a design for their wedding invitations, so it\’s advisable to take ideas from your designer\’s templates. However, you may start looking at wedding invitation designs on sites like Pinterest to have a better sense of what you want. Also, if you have some on your mind make sure you share the ideas with the designer.

  • Is everything included in the price stated? 

It\’s often helpful to obtain a breakdown of prices so you know what to expect. Knowing additional costs is important as it prepares you to prepare for your budget. You would definitely want to know how much your invitation will cost, as well as any add-ons you want like ribbon, wax seals, and other embellishments are normally extra charges), and if there are any design fees. Is the given price including assembly; stacked, packed, stamped, and sealed, or would you have to do it after you receive them?

  • How long does it take to make a personalized invitation? 

This is an important question to ask before you choose the designer.  You must allow enough time to complete the invitations before they must be mailed. Invitations should be sent out 8-10 weeks prior to the wedding day. This gives your guests four weeks to RSVP and you enough time to get your final headcount to the venue. The designer will tell you how long their process takes and, in most cases, give you a deadline by which you must begin. It is advised to start planning about 6-8 months ahead of time.

This allows us enough time to complete the design and production process (which takes about 6-8 weeks) and enough time to complete post-production and shipment.

  • Is it necessary for me to pay the entire amount right away? 

Rather than demanding full money which has not reached most stationers will take a deposit before beginning any design work. Before beginning any modification or unique design work, make sure to deposit

Typically, customization and bespoke design entail providing you many rounds of digital design proofs so you may request any modifications to the designs; however, this back-and-forth editing process takes time, and time is money! After the payment is due before going to print once your designs are finalized; this covers printing, assembly, and shipping charges, therefore your designs cannot go to print without this payment.

  • What is the best way to get your gorgeous invites in the mail to your guests now that you’ve completed the design process and have them? 

Your stationery may be able to offer you an estimate for the cost of mailing your invitations, but you’ll need to take one of your fully completed suites to the local post office and have it weighed to get a cost estimate. Aside from the weight of the envelope, there are various other elements that influence the price. The height and thickness of the card, as well as ribbon or wax sealing, might increase the cost.

  • Who is accountable for printing errors? 

Most designers are taking up the responsibility and will address this in their terms and conditions, so before clicking accept without reading, it is very important to make sure you understand what you’re agreeing to. It is critical that you double-check your final proofs for any errors, as repairs cannot be made once they have been authorized and sent to print, and stationers will normally charge for reprints. If, on the other hand, your stationery makes a mistake or the printing firm sends you marked or damaged prints, it’s up to your stationery and the printing company to fix it.

  • Can we get a look at the design before you print them? 

Remember, your wedding invitations are a representation of your big day, so you don’t want even the tiniest typo in them! It’s never a bad idea to double-check or triple-check everything. Request that your designer provide you revised proofs of your wedding invitations. After all, it’s your big day, and you want nothing but the best.

To sum it up, little things make a huge difference which is why we want every little detail and thing to be perfect. From finding the best Wedding decorator in Chicago to finding the best designer for wedding invitation cards, Chicago all counts. To sum up, ask as many questions as you want to before you finalize the design of the wedding card. The best thing is to prepare a set of questions. If you want the best arrangement right from a wedding to catering to DJ to invitation cards for wedding all under one roof, you can get the best services from forurevents.

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