Tips to Plan a Luxury Indian Wedding in Chicago in Less Than 90 Days

Tips to Plan a Luxury Indian Wedding in Chicago in Less Than 90 Days

Planning a wedding, especially an Indian wedding, is no simple deal. With the rituals, traditions, and family preferences to consider, it can be one of the most complex affairs you have ever handled as a couple. From booking the venue to deciding on the food menu to picking out your party favors, there are a myriad of things to do and arrange before you tie the knot.


Adding to the complexities is your dream of having a big fat Indian wedding in the US. This not only means that you need to get the most authentic Indian vendors for your ceremonies but also that you need to fly your Indian guests out from the country all the way to Chicago.

Imagine getting everything done and ready in three months.


As overwhelmingly difficult as that sounds, it is possible. For all couples running on a very limited time to get married, all you need is an authentic, understanding, and supportive Indian wedding planner in Chicago. With their help, you can sort everything you need in less than 90 days.


Here are some actionable tips for you to plan a luxury Indian wedding in Chicago in less than three months.


Determine your top priorities first


With a tight timeline set, the first thing you need is a list of priorities. To have a dream wedding in a short time, there are some constraints or trade-offs that you need to make peace with, and some important things that you cannot compromise on. Before you begin the actual process, decide on the things that you need to put the most effort into, and the things you are ready to make adjustments with.

For a head start, here are some things you may need to consider.

  •       Staying within a budget
  •       Bringing your family from India
  •       Adhering to religious rituals to the dot
  •       Having the ceremony before the weather conditions change
  •       Keeping your guests entertained
  •       Having the wedding at a special venue you’ve always wanted
  •       Getting married before a certain date
  •       Accessibility and logistics for your guests
  •       Ensuring the utmost comfort and peace for parents
  •       Having your pets be a part of your wedding

These are some things you can write down and think about. Once you have your biggest priorities sorted, you can plan the rest of your wedding and put more effort into fulfilling them, like booking tickets for your family.


Set your dates


The second most important thing to do when you are planning under a time limit is to get the dates as soon as possible. Talk to your parents and talk to your family priests or astrologers if you believe in that, to determine the best dates. Once you have the dates you will be able to give a clear direction to the remaining planning process. Starting from booking the venue to booking your vendors and booking tickets for your family and friends, a fixed date will get things rolling.


Get in touch with a holistic and authentic Indian wedding planner in Chicago as early as possible


Soon after you have your dates, find an authentic and understanding Indian wedding planner in Chicago. They will have the best resources and the most systematic organizers who will prepare a practical plan with a roadmap to achieve the wedding of your dreams.


ForUrEvents is one such holistic Indian wedding planner with roots in India. Being authentically Indian at heart, we know and understand the complexities and nuances of an Indian wedding more than anyone else. Our holistic planning services include everything you need from designing invitations to preparing the food to booking the DJ for your reception; we have in-house teams with experienced professionals and subject matter experts to help you with every aspect of your wedding.


Partnering with a holistic planner like ForUrEvents will help better manage vendors and ensure that everything you need comes together collaboratively without a mountain of effort and stress. Hence, get in touch with our team as early as possible and our hands-on team will help you every step of the way.


Select a venue


Next, it is time to book your venue. With less than three months in, there is a good chance that the best venues in the city are already booked, such as Marriott and Hilton properties. Hence, think out of the box and improvise your vision to include better locations in and around the city. Consider smaller names in wedding venues, and explore options outside of the city or in the outskirts; consider beautiful outdoor locations as well if the weather conditions allow it. However, do keep in mind the accessibility and transportation facilities to accommodate your guests.


Choose your wedding outfits


Now it is time to pick out your wedding outfits. Getting designer bridal outfits may not be possible in less than 90 days, as designers take at least 6 months for custom fits. But an experienced Indian wedding planner in Chicago can hook you up with amazing alternative online or offline bridal shops around the country, that can do an equally amazing job at crafting your dream outfits.


Send out your save-the-dates


A month into your planning process, you can send out your save-the-dates. Being on short notice, you will need to get your dates across to your near and dear ones ahead so that they can block them, and plan their engagements around your wedding. You can easily design attractive save-the-date emails with creative tools like Canva; craft them yourself or have a designer create one for you.


Lock your bookings


With less than two months left for your wedding, you need to lock your vendor bookings, venues, and other aspects now. This is where your partnership with a holistic Indian wedding planner will be the most helpful. Conveying your needs early on and having the team scout for the best resources will ensure that you get the best vendors in time for your wedding. With a team like ForUrEvents, you will be guaranteed of the best, as we have all the vendors you need in-house, including your bridal makeup artist, photographer, videographer, caterer, invitation printer, and DJ.


Send your official invitations


Finally, it is time to send out your official wedding invitations with one month left for your wedding. At ForUrEvents, we have a dedicated invitation designing team that will work with you to create invites fully customized to your preferences, and print them out as well. As much as possible, ensure that your guests respond to your RSVP requests so that you can prepare for the day better.


Final thoughts


Planning a luxury Indian wedding in less than three months is indeed a complex task; however, it is not impossible. All you need is a clear idea of how you want your wedding to be and a level head, along with ample patience and discipline. With the help of a holistic and authentic Indian wedding planner in Chicago, you can sort out your priorities and plan the wedding of your dreams systematically in less than 90 days. It will be nothing short of the dreamy celebration you had in mind.


Contact the ForUrEvents team today to start planning your wedding. Partner with us for affordable all-encompassing packages that will make your wedding planning process much simpler. For more updates visit our Instagram account.

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