To Make Your Wedding Amazing, Try Different Types of Stage Decoration by Professionals.

Well, in the modernization world, no wedding feels truly complete without wedding decorations. However simple they may be and your decorations can turn a special event into the magical, once-in-a-lifetime celebration that you\’ve always dreamed of. Nowadays, wedding decorations don\’t come easy, they require a lot of thought and deliberate preparation. Therefore, before you go out there, just take a look at the following different ideas of wedding decoration by Forurevents, the ultimate wedding decorator in Chicago, offers you the amazing different types of stage decoration which makes your wedding looks amazing.

  1. Flower Background for a Day Wedding

First of all, start with creating a flower decoration theme. Well, flowers are definite stunners guaranteed to attract a lot of attention. And, flower walls are a booming trend when it comes to wedding stage decoration. Also, all we use is a variety of flowers in complementing colors and voila! You have yourself a magnificent floral wall.

Our team members stick to a variety of flowers or just use one particular kind. So, whatever we choose, remember to let them complement the rest of the elements such as the lights, your wedding mandap, and your bridal lehenga design. Plus, they can add to the grand effect of your already bright and lit wedding affair.

  1. Mixed elements, with color

Next, the wedding stage is a pedestal to support your magical journey into your own even-after. Thus, why should your wedding stage decoration be any different? Forurevents professional team mirrored floor for a dramatic walk down the aisle, floral arrangements on the side, inviting couches, square panels, high-intensity lights, a monogram and bunches of all whites which themed decoration has it all and invites everyone to be a part of it all.

  1. Botanical ideas

Sometimes floral wall does not appeal to your sense of nature or appears to be done, then take it a step further. We take up a leafy botanical wall as part of your wedding stage decoration and see how the cool green backdrop transforms all of your wedding pictures, simply with its presence. We make it simple and standalone (like the solitary couch and monogram above) or add more details to it which make your wedding outfits also stand out, especially if they are pastels.

  1. Wide Frames Balanced with Softer Elements

Moreover, we’ve seen decorators balance out big wooden frames with softer design elements like flowers and crystals. And, this setup works well for both day and night weddings. Thus, instead of opting for them as wedding stage decoration we also place them as a photo booth. And, the frames act as great photo backdrops and you can choose to pose with just one big frame.

Plus, choosing flowers that match your bridal attire can bring about a dramatic effect in your wedding pictures. We make the frames larger than life arching over your seating and watch your guests be awed by the design. Also, add a Jhoomar or chandelier for a royal effect. Besides, if your theme is traditional or royal, this will be the simplest way to put it in play.

  1. Add a Magical Touch with Fairy Lights

Further, we’ve said this before too, you can never go wrong with fairy lights. And, these lights are the perfect backdrop for all your wedding pictures, add an elegant touch to your decor, work well with all kinds of themes and keep the stage in focus throughout the ceremony. So, this wedding stage decoration is stunning and we just cannot get enough of it.

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