Top Essential Things You Should Do for Your Big Day

First of all congratulations! Your wedding day is your childhood dream is going to fulfill soon. Due to the special day of your life, there are special details & key moments that we focus on during our big day. Thus, in this blog, we will let you know some important things that you should do for your big day. So, if you want to enjoy your special day without any worry, you should do some essential things before your day. Thus, let’s have a look:

1. Make a plan

Before one week of your wedding, you should make a schedule to do things on the wedding day as per priority wise so that no one can be missed on that day. Do plan along with timing so that there will be no shortage of time.

2. Manage all things in advance

Before one month of your wedding, you should hire or manage everything in advance such as your outfits, jewelry, wedding photographer, makeup artist, wedding planner, wedding cater, and all.

3. Go for professional

When you are deciding on your photographer or others, you should only go for professionals. The reason behind this is that, if you are living in Chicago and going to be married in Indian style then you should opt for the professional Indian wedding photographer in Chicago, like Forurevents, who capture all the ultimate poses and don’t miss any tradition and rituals of Indian wedding as they are experienced at Indian wedding shoots. Similarly, for the wedding catering as well as wedding planners. Always hire the professional one to have the best services.

4. Don’t disregard to remind the Photographer What Pictures You Want

Keep remembering that most photographers have multiple weddings to keep track of. Well, they may mix up your big day with someone else’s as well as forget a specific photo you were wanting. So, a careful reminder to the photographer about what pictures you want can take care of that. Plus, to make sure they’re prepared come wedding day, give them a checklist in advance.

5. Overnight Bag

Next, you will have so many important things to worry about on your wedding day. And, it’ll be easy to forget something easy like a phone charger or overnight clothes. Therefore, taking thirty minutes a few days before your wedding day to pack an overnight bag can relieve the potential stress of forgetting a toothbrush or, heaven forbid, deodorant, the day of the reception.

To sum up, if you are going to get married soon, then you should take care of some important things that are mentioned above. These will assist you to have a wonderful day without any stress. If you want all these services at affordable prices feel free to contact us!

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