Unique Themes And Color Palettes For Indian Weddings in The Windy City

Unique Themes & Color Palettes For Indian Weddings in The Windy City

The Spring and Summer seasons are just around the corner, and that means it’s almost wedding time. The city of Chicago in full bloom is every couple’s dream for a wedding. From the sparkling waters of Lake Michigan to the contemporary cityscapes lining the horizons, Chicago presents an array of mesmerizing backdrops perfect to host wedding celebrations.


Indian weddings are typically infused with a lot of color and vibrancy. However, modern couples, inspired by Bollywood celebrity weddings, prefer to follow unique themes and minimal color palettes, as opposed to conventional multi-colored themes.


Irrespective of the palette, the one thing that every Indian couple invariably needs is magazine-quality pictures from their wedding day. With the help of a thoughtful and understanding Indian wedding planner in Chicago, you can effortlessly achieve the same.


For a head start on your Spring/Summer wedding, here are some unique themes and color palettes to consider in the windy city.


Whimsical garden


A whimsical garden theme is all about the flowers and the butterflies; an elegant combination of pastel hues, whites, and greens. Being Spring, there is a high chance that you will be able to source flowers in all the gorgeous colors, think pastel pinks, sorbet yellows, mint greens, creamy whites, lavenders, and more. Create beautiful floral decorated mandaps, hanging floral gardens, elegant fairy lights, and golden vases filled with lush pastel-colored floral arrangements for accents. A beautiful whimsical garden set against the backdrop of the modern Chicago skyline will be a sight to behold.


Regal Touch


To mimic the grandiose setup of a palace wedding in India, consider venues with intricate architectural details in the city first, and decorate with a regal theme infusing royal blue or navy blue with gold. The stunning contrast of the shades not only creates a sophisticated harmony but also offers a regal opulence. Use gold embellishments on navy furnishings and drapery, tablescapes with gold cutlery and navy linens, rustic gold artistic sculptures, and similar decorations for the ultimate royal Indian wedding.




Having a wedding in a city like Chicago is a dream in itself for many Indian couples. To add to the beauty of the vision, consider a theme inspired by the stunning skyline. Use deep blues, silver accents, and grey elements to form a contemporary chic ambiance perfectly reflecting the timeless beauty of the city. To amplify the modern edge to your theme, add décor elements, furniture, and more in geometric shapes and skyline silhouettes, with mirrors and sparkling frames for the quintessential metropolitan glamor. Partner with a creative and experienced Indian wedding planner in Chicago for more unique ideas on how to incorporate a skyline theme for your wedding.


Ivory and Crimson


Crimson and ivory colors have been synonymous with Indian weddings for years. The timeless hues have always found space in celebrity weddings as well, both in combinations as well as individually. Many modern brides over the past two years got married in gorgeous ivory color themes and combinations, inspiring more to find creative versions of their own. For a unique contrast theme, use crimson and ivory together throughout the venue and outfit choices. The classic palette not only pairs beautifully with traditional Indian wedding attire but also creates a nostalgic ambiance reminiscent of a conventional celebration. Use rich floral arrangements and incorporate understated yet prominent gold accents to enhance the appeal.




To incorporate the best of both worlds of Indian and Western for your wedding, consider a fusion frenzy theme. Use an array of beautiful complementing colors and silhouettes inspired by both traditional and contemporary elements. Colors like reds, golds, and oranges bring traditional Indian vibes, whereas, coral shades, teal, turquoise, and the like represent modernity. A combination of these shades will allow you to incorporate a stunning fusion theme perfect for a multicultural city like Chicago.


Art Deco


Chicago’s architecture is primarily inspired by Art Deco. Incorporate shapes and colors from the city’s infrastructural elements to create an art-deco-themed Indian wedding. Think geometric shapes with clean and defined edges, metallic accents, and bold colors like emerald green and gold. The unique combination of these elements will enhance the visual appeal of the venue, while also offering a modern and edgy touch with shapes and silhouettes that stand out.


Tranquil lake


Chicago is known for its stunning lakeside views. Take advantage of the lakeside venues and incorporate a tranquil ambiance into your wedding with soft blue hues, white flowers, and sandy-toned accents. Use strategic greens as well as to add some contrast. For décor, use nautical elements along with beach-inspired artwork to bring a coastal charm. And for core elements, use hues of blue. Partnering with an efficient Indian wedding planner in Chicago will help you access a wide range of elements required to create unique and elegant themes like lakes and forests.


Cultural mix


Indian weddings are famous for their cultural richness and vibrance. If you wish to keep things close to your home and heart, create modernized versions of a traditional theme by incorporating a riot of colors, textures, and draping fabrics. To make your theme stand out, use sensible combinations of colors for various elements, as opposed to mixing colors blindly. Alternatively, you can use rainbow-inspired color combinations to form a theme that doesn’t appear too cluttered. This theme idea is particularly suitable for weddings where there is a mix of cultures, such as South Indian and North Indian, as the wedding décor can effortlessly incorporate elements from both cultures to generate stunning and unique whole themes.


Wrapping up


As exciting as it is to plan an Indian wedding in the windy city, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the number of possible options and themes, making it difficult to choose from. Use this list of unique themes and color palettes as inspiration to plan your wedding this Spring. With a harmonious mix of modern as well as traditional ideas, there is something for everyone.


Partner with an experienced Indian wedding planner in Chicago to fulfill these themes and more. We at ForUrEvents are a veteran team of authentic Indians, skilled in the craft of putting endearing weddings together. With dedicated teams for all aspects, starting from bridal makeup to catering to photography, music, and invitation card printing, we are a resourceful and reliable team for you. For more updates check our Facebook page.

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