Wedding Colors That Are More Than Just “Beautiful”

When it comes to the selection of the wedding month and date, what is the most common thing that we all see? Most people choose fall-season weddings. Well, we don’t blame them for this season as it ticks all the boxes, and makes the best time to have the wedding held for the couple and all the friends and family as well.

One of the best things that makes this season preferable for wedding planners as well as the availability of multiple flowers as well. We all know that wedding decoration are incomplete without flowers, and the fall season is all about those beautiful flowers.

Talking about flowers, when it comes to picking the colors for your wedding, it\’s crucial to keep in mind that it’s not just the hues you find in nature that you can choose from fiery reds, yellows, and oranges. In addition to magnificent neutrals and earth tones, jewel tones, deep, dramatic hues, and earth tones may all be used in fall weddings, and there are a plethora of ways in which to combine shades from each of these categories. It is important that you should get in touch with a professional Indian wedding planner Chicago who can actually pull up a whole wedding decor plan for you.


Here are some of the ideal flowers for wedding decor that are auspiciously used in weddings:

  • Marigold: 

It\’s a lot of fun to try to make a statement with your color palette. However, when you are making a major decision, it is essential to consider it in a manner that makes the most sense to the type of occasion it is. Marigold is a great option for wedding decoration because of its color and definitely the fragrance that it carries.

Apart from the flowers, you can also combine marigolds with muted tones, or perhaps add a touch of green for contrast.

  • Black: 

For a dark and classic combination, you can definitely choose black. You can set the tables together with candlesticks and napkins to create a cozier atmosphere at the reception table. Also, you can get creative with it, for example, instead of sticking with the typical true black theme, you can add some artificial gold decorative pieces, as it gives a luxurious touch to the whole look.

  • Cranberry: 

Cranberries are picked in the fall, and this color is a great mix of dark red and bright pink. Here also you can get creative by putting a ribbon on a bouquet, this gives out those warm and loving vibes.  Pair cranberry with burgundy or black for a lot of contrast, or use it as a splash of color in a neutral scheme.

  • Forest green: 

Forest green is a great color for fall, especially if you\’re having a party outside. To add more beauty to this theme, you can choose candles (try to get colors like forest green), and place some decorative pieces mostly wood color based or burgundy type.

  • Peach: 

Peach is one of the most bright and most eye-catching colour, especially for wedding decor. And it’s the perfect shade to give a cake or a set of cards a bold pop of color.

  • Cornflower: 

We understand that not everyone likes to have vibrant or bright colors for the wedding decor, some prefer light shades as well, and for them, we have a decent solution here. Who says you can’t add a lighter shade of blue to your fall color scheme? You can choose a brighter color of the shade blue like a brighter version of blue jeans. Cornflower looks great in a colored candle or on a tablecloth, and it goes well with a lot of other colors. Add touches of natural wood, sage green, or even golden yellow for a beautiful color combination.

  • Dusty Rose:

Dusty rose is one of the most useful popular colors for a wedding palette because it can be used in any season. This has become favorite color not just for wedding decor but for outfits as well.

Use dusty roses to tie everything together as a part in the decor. See how aesthetic look it will give. In addition to the same, you can also choose tissues/napkins of this colour and also keep table cloth of this colour. You can also make a combination of white and dusky rose color, this will definitely look very pretty.

  • Blue Navy: 

Navy can be the main color or it can be a small detail in other parts of the room’s decor. We love the idea of putting navy bud vases of different sizes along the tables and filling them with a mix of white and flowers in persimmon, red, and crimson colors. Navy is also a beautiful choice for a bold tablecloth because it stands out against other things on the table.

  • Apricot: 

When you think of fall colors, apricot might not be the first color that comes to mind. But when you use this typical spring color with unexpected pops of burgundy, like in these figs and chocolate cosmos, it feels right for the season. Try putting an apricot in a bouquet or on a napkin that will definitely make the decoration look more prettier.

  • Burgundy:

Burgundy can be the star of the show if there are big, bold splashes of it in the flowers and other decorations at the reception. Or, it can be used in the details along with warm colors like cranberry and peach to add both contrast and levity.

  • Pumpkin: 

This is, of course, the color that screams “fall” if you want to use colors that are inspired by the season and nature. Add a touch of pumpkin, like blankets on the chairs at your reception or flowers in your bouquet, and balance it with neutral colors like white, gray, or cream.

  • Sage Green: 

Sage is another wedding item that can be used for a sweet summer garden party, a beach wedding, or a fun fall party. But the trick is to use it in ways that make sense, not just because it goes with flowers.

Sage green goes well with browns that are simple and natural, or you can use it as your main color and pair it with whites and creams for a soft look.

  • Copper: 

Metallic is definitely in fashion. You know we had to add something metallic. Copper is beautiful any time of year, but in the fall, it adds a lot to the senses. Copper looks beautiful on a table, whether it’s used as a vase to hold beautiful flowers or as a subtle touch in your flatware. It goes well with earth tones, scarlet, and saffron colors, but also with dark blues and purples that make you feel sad.

  • Mauve: 

This colour is popularly seen in choice of fluffy flowers, natural linens, or dress fabrics that look like clouds. It looks great with lilac, pink, taupe, or grey, but the freshness of peach can make it stand out even more. The chocolate cosmos in these bouquets show how colors can also be broken up by darker tones.

  • Cream: 

If you planning to take pictures among the trees during golden hour then cream colour is going to enhance the whole outlook. When you mix shades of white, light yellow, and cream, you can get an ethereal look that goes against the grain of more intense seasonal mixes. This color can be used in neutral flower arrangements or to set the table with light linens.

  • Caramel: 

There is no other color than caramel that has a better neutral’s depth. It can bring out the best in almost any setting. You might want to switch it out for cream or ivory accents to make the room feel more grounded and natural.

  • Charcoal: 

When we smell a campfire, we immediately feel like it’s fall. The same can be said for a wedding theme with charcoal-colored accents. The best way to get this color in the theme is by having translucent glassware, which perfectly shows off its smoky mystery. Pair with soft pinks, deep crimsons, and sweet lilacs to give a table a unique look.

Colors have the tendency to change the whole game when a touch of creativity and professional knowledge and skills to make the best of them when it comes to wedding decor. It is important to consult a professional company to get the job done right.

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