You Can’t Miss Best Wedding Couple Poses

Well, from candid to poised or pre-planned your wedding day couple poses can make or break your wedding album! Here, we at Forurevents, the best Indian wedding photographer Chicago, make a selection of poses to get over the same old cliched ‘smile please’ pictures at your wedding.


Take a look at the mushy to fun & quirky, get ready to explore new ideas for your wedding album…

#1 The Royal Couple!

Firstly, nothing beats the classic royal couple portrait. Whenever you both (bride & groom) are dressed in your wedding finery, then you can’t NOT show off your royal vibe! Well, after all, you both are the king & queen of each other’s hearts, and this one’s for hanging on the walls for eternity!

#2 Romantic Overdose

Secondly, now, you seriously can’t get ‘over’ romantic on your wedding day, can you! Our capture posed & lit to perfection –go all out & floor her for these super captures!

#3 Cutely Candid!

Next, yes, it\’s your candid wedding photographer’s job to find these cute moments in between all the wedding madness going on around! Because after all, these are the moments you’ll live & love forever!

#4 Yay – we’re excited!

Moving further, no you DON’T need to tone it down, well it’s your wedding day as well as you Can’t KEEP CALM! And, forget about what others may think, and let your inner craziness flow!

#5 Can\’t-Wait to get together!

Moreover, you’ve indeed crossed mountains & seas, as well as waited forever for this day, so why not capture your feelings in some intensely candid shots!

#6 Where did you fall (Kahaan Phas Gaye) Pose!

Further, a Lil bit of tongue in cheek humor never hurts, thus add fun & humor to your wedding album with these melodramatic poses!

#7 Couple Swag!

In this pose, the couple has arrived & there’s no better way to announce! Thus, show some swag, well, but of course, every girl has to have her poison and the wedding can wait!

To sum up, there are some latest and unique poses of the couple that you can’t miss. Therefore, to make your wedding album perfect contact us today! We at Forurevents are ready to offer you the best Indian wedding shoot at Chicago within your budget.

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