We Serve The Dreamiest Indian Wedding Decorations in Chicago

Your Magical Celebrity-Inspired Wedding is Here!

Ever looked at your favorite celebrity couple’s wedding pictures, and thought, “I wish I could have a wedding like that”?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!


We are ForUrEvents, a holistic Indian wedding planner and comprehensive service provider that helps Indian couples in Chicago, realize the wedding of their dreams.


We help you with everything you need for your wedding, starting from bridal makeup to food, to authentic Indian wedding photography, and as it goes without saying, we provide Indian wedding decoration in Chicago too.


We are a team of passionate planning professionals with Indian roots, which gives us the best leverage to serve you the dreamiest Indian wedding you’ve ever envisioned. Our expert team designs and crafts stunningly beautiful wedding venues, with the most thoughtfully curated décor and paraphernalia.


We design and create every element of your décor with ample thought and attention to detail. To ensure that you experience the wedding of your dreams in its truest form, we work closely with you, right from the initial consultation to the final execution, all the while keeping in mind your vision, wedding interests, preferences, and budget. And that is precisely why we offer fully customized packages for wedding decor.

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Our Wedding Decor Takes You to Another World

At ForUrEvents, we strive to create exceptionally beautiful and special weddings. For the same reason, we have no space for mediocre decorations that don’t invoke feelings.


Our weddings are crafted with love and passion for the Indian culture, as well as for all the rituals and ceremonies that accompany it.

Here’s what’s special about our Indian wedding decorations in Chicago.

Creative Ideas

We have a highly enthusiastic creative team brimming with out-of-the-box ideas on the design and execution of wedding décor. With years of experience in creating stunning weddings, each of our experts is also qualified and well-versed in the science of material selection, color selection, and crafting of unique designs. From your simple floral arrangements to the centerpieces to the backdrop of your mandap, we create everything you need with meticulous attention to detail. No matter what your wedding vision is, we have the resources to transform it into reality.


Every couple has dreams, and we are here to make them come true. We believe that all Indian couples deserve a wedding they truly love and cherish for years. For the same reason, our wedding decoration services are highly customized and suitable for any need and budget. We take the time to understand your tastes and preferences and determine the most cost-effective ways to implement the wedding. This way, we do all the heavy lifting, while you get to sit back and enjoy your wedding venue taking shape.

Personal touch

One of the things we are most particular about when designing Indian wedding decor in Chicago is to include a personal touch of the couple. Average wedding decorations are not our thing. We always like to set the bar high and make it special for our couples. For this, we develop a deep understanding of the couple’s story, their personalities, their vision, interests, and other things. We then design the decorative elements making sure that the character and story of the couple, come through in the aesthetics.

Eco-friendly elements

We are one of the few Indian wedding decorators in Chicago that incorporates sustainable décor elements and eco-friendly alternatives in our projects. As much as possible, we work with recycled or upcycled items, and natural materials, and follow practices that are environmentally sustainable. We are conscious of the impact we make on the planet, and with each wedding, we try to improve the way we give back. Our creative team never fails to impress with stunning ideas incorporating sustainable décor elements, which makes our weddings both beautiful and eco-friendly.

Themed decor

Our creative team comprises experts in the art of putting together unique concepts and ideas for weddings. Together, we brainstorm and devise out-of-the-box themes and concepts to make your wedding a special one. Whether you wish for a bohemian-themed wedding or a Bollywood-inspired one, we have the people and the resources to make it happen for you. We will help you visualize your big day, break down the elements, and source the right elements to give you the most authentic version of the wedding you had in mind.

High-quality materials

We source only the highest quality elements for your wedding. From the freshest flowers to the most comfortable furniture in trending designs, to the best vintage pieces, everything we choose for your wedding passes our quality check. This is to make sure that the décor, not only feels and appears beautiful, but is also safe and reliable. Our reinforcements and support elements are durable and sturdy, and our charged elements are securely placed. We also don’t mix fire with flammables. In every way, we like to ensure a smooth wedding.

What You’ll Get With ForUrEvents

At ForUrEvents, we are dedicated to the art of creating beautiful, heart-warming weddings that give you the same experience in Chicago, as it would back home. For this, we go above and beyond to make sure that every element of décor is done to perfection. We also like to reduce stress and make the process as hassle-free as possible.


Here’s an overview of what you will get when you partner with ForUrEvents


  •       Unique, creative, and authentically Indian wedding decorations in Chicago
  •       A holistic theme idea for your wedding
  •       Theme-appropriate elements to enhance the look and feel of the décor
  •       Eco-friendly decorations, and in turn, a sustainable wedding
  •       Personalized elements to make the wedding magical and magazine-worthy
  •       A dedicated project manager as a primary point of contact for you
  •       A dedicated creative team to make your wedding special
  •       High-quality materials sourced from the best suppliers to ensure the utmost durability and safety
  •       An authentic Indian team of creatives for you to discuss your dream wedding, and bring it to fruition

With the help of the ForUrEvents team, your Indian wedding venue will be transformed into a whole other world; one where you and your partner will get married exactly the way you wished.

Why ForUrEvents is Your Most Reliable Partner For Indian Wedding Decoration in Chicago

ForUrEvents is an experienced supplier of Indian wedding décor in Chicago. With our deep Indian roots, we have the knowledge and the expertise to craft authentic Indian wedding experiences for you, that are not only beautiful, and wholesome, but also environmentally friendly. Having been in the wedding space in Chicago for more than a decade, we are also more than equipped with the necessary resources to curate décor ideas and elements that speak to you.


Here are a few more reasons why we are your most reliable Indian wedding decorator in Chicago.

Customized packages

We provide fully customized décor packages to suit the tastes, preferences, and budgets of our couples. We develop a wholesome understanding of the character traits, and cultural values of our couple before we devise unique décor concepts and themes. We then proceed to curate the resources and implement the ideas, only after consulting with the couple, making sure that every aspect of the Indian wedding décor is exactly what they had in mind, perhaps better.


We strive to make each wedding special and one to cherish. Hence, we always incorporate ultra-personal elements that give our couple, and the guests a memorable experience. This also endearingly leaves a personal touch of the couple, which makes for priceless wedding pictures, not possessed by many. Additionally, gaining a deep understanding of the couple also helps us craft wedding décor ideas that perfectly suit them, thereby giving them the most value for money.

A comprehensive range of services

We are one of the few Indian wedding decorators in Chicago that offers a full range of services in addition to décor. We are holistic wedding planners as well, with teams to support everything you need from bridal makeup to catering, to music, to even printing of invitations. We are a one-stop shop for all your wedding needs, which means you get to enjoy seamless booking of all resources for your wedding.

Creativity and innovation

We are a fully equipped team with the most creative and qualified minds in wedding décor. Each member of our team brings innovative ideas and unique concepts to the table, which translates into the most original and out-of-the-world wedding décor ideas. With a striking personal touch, we provide authentically Indian yet, uniquely individual wedding experiences, with our creative gray matter. Your wedding will not only be special to you but also look straight out of a wedding magazine.

Cultural sensitivity

As mentioned before, we are innately Indian at our roots. This puts us in the best position to craft Indian wedding décor ideas that take you back home. We understand the cultural nuances and the significance of Indian rituals and ceremonies more than anyone else. Hence, we also incorporate traditional elements into creative décor ideas and create an amalgamation of culturally rich, yet contemporarily creative wedding decorations that stand out in the crowd.

Hassle-free experience

Last but not least, through our specialized décor and planning services, we strive to provide a hassle-free wedding planning experience to our couples. We take care of all aspects of a wedding, including the décor, thereby reducing the weight of the most stressful parts of wedding planning and execution. All you have to do is communicate your wedding vision with us, and our team will systematically bring it to life.


Apart from these, we have had the privilege of working with many Indian couples in Chicago over the past few years, and thus, we now have a strong portfolio of successful Indian weddings to our credit as well.


It’s recommended to book Indian wedding decorators as early as possible to ensure their availability for your wedding date. The popular wedding season in Chicago typically falls between May and October, and decorators can get booked quickly. Booking at least 6-12 months in advance is ideal for securing their services and allowing sufficient time for design consultations, planning, and preparation.

Yes, our team is well-versed in designing decor that caters to specific cultural or religious requirements. Whether it’s a traditional Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, or Christian wedding, our experienced decorators will have the knowledge and expertise to incorporate the necessary elements and customs into the decor to ensure it aligns with your cultural or religious traditions.

Yes, we typically provide on-site setup and coordination services to ensure that the decor is installed and arranged as per the agreed-upon design plan. In addition, our team works closely with the venue, vendors, and other stakeholders to ensure seamless coordination and execution of the decor setup, so you can focus on enjoying your special day without any worries.

Yes, our Indian wedding decorators can create custom decor designs based on your preferences and requirements. They can work with you to understand your vision, color schemes, theme, and other design elements to create a unique and personalized decor plan that reflects your style and personality.

Yes, we are a holistic wedding service company offering Indian wedding planning as well as Indian wedding decoration in Chicago. We also provide a range of other complementary services including bridal makeup, catering, music and DJ, photography, videography, and wedding invitation printing. We are a one-stop wedding station for all your wedding needs.

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