10 Stunning Decor Trends For a Fall Indian Wedding

10 Stunning Decor Trends For a Fall Indian Wedding

At the brink of summer, in anticipation of the next season just around the corner, we are now on to transitional fashion, beauty, and décor choices. After having an exceptional summer wedding season, needless to say, the hopes are high for ambient dreamy Fall weddings too.

While many people preferred the more vibrant and colorful wedding themes of the summer season, there are just as many fans of the toned-down blended theme of the fall season.

Indian weddings are generally known for their ultra-vibrant themes and decor elements. However, we have some striking transitional changes in desi weddings too. And as a team of dedicated Indian wedding decorators in Chicago, we cannot wait to see our first Fall wedding come alive.

Here is a rundown of 10 of the most stunning décor trends we expect to see this Fall in Indian weddings in Chicago.

Outdoor celebrations and parties

Since perhaps the end of the pandemic, we have been seeing a rise in the popularity of outdoor weddings, and people seem to enjoy it even now. Something about the freedom of being out and socializing in close proximity to Kith and kin is appealing to everyone.

For the same reason, the Fall of 2023 sees more outdoor Indian wedding celebrations and parties, highlighting the natural beauty of the foliage-filled venues, the colors of the sky, and more. The favorable Fall weather months in Chicago are bound to call for perfectly relaxing celebrations, especially for Indian weddings with more than at least 100 people. What’s more, fashionistas would prefer cozier fall-inspired wedding guest outfits that would add to the magnificence of an outdoor Indian wedding.

At ForUrEvents, we are all geared up with our best outdoor-grade décor ideas and elements. From planning the details to arranging the perfect Indian wedding lunches and dinners, we have our team ready to give you the Fall wedding of your dreams.

Channeled maximalism

Indian weddings have always been maximalist. This season, we can expect to see more channeled maximalism. That is to say, our wedding décor would have more common elements, such as a color palette, a common type of flowers, a common theme on the food menu, etc. We love going extravagant with everything for sure, but in keeping with America’s favorite weather, the Indian community also loves a good fall vibe at their weddings. For example, we already know flowers are a no-brainer inclusion at every Indian wedding. However, this season borrowing from the Western culture, people have started loving dried flowers, resin art, and more. Dinner tables will likely have every accessory we Indians love but streamlined with a commonality.

Earthy and terracotta color palettes

Coming to the color palette, fall décor is synonymous with earthy color tones. Think beiges, greiges, browns, sage greens, burnt oranges, and other neutrals. Indian wedding decorations are also likely to follow this trend this year. Everything from the linens to the signboards to the cutlery to even the flowers is likely going to be earthy-toned and gorgeous this season. Some couples even have their wedding attire customized in the form of lovely bronze lehengas, saris, sherwanis, and juthis.

As a veteran Indian wedding decorator in Chicago, we are ready to paint the town terracotta with a fresh stock of earthy-toned elements including flowers and even makeup palettes.

Strategic lighting

Lighting is no longer an afterthought at Indian weddings. In this “Instagrammable” age, everything needs to be perfectly lit to give off movie-worthy shots. That is why, instead of good lighting, we are going for intentional and strategic lighting this season, tailored to the needs and purposes of each space at the wedding venue. This is also done with the goal of incorporating the naturally beautiful hues of the fall season into the ambiance and the pictures. For outdoor weddings especially, the lighting is meant to complement the lovely shades of the sun and the foliage. Put together with the channeled décor elements and colors of the wedding, your day is going to be straight out of a destination wedding magazine.

Inspired guestbooks

Guestbooks are the latest addition to the Indian wedding scene, once again inspired by the Western culture, especially rampant in a place like Chicago. This is one of the most thoughtful and wonderful ways to capture the big day’s affairs and take a piece of it home, straight to the living room or bedroom. Of late, people have been getting ultra-creative with the guestbooks at weddings, with each one designed in accordance with the theme. At Indian weddings too, we will likely see more inspired guestbooks, in lovely fall colors, and rustic themes with an endearing authentic Indian touch. The nearest and dearest ones of the couple will find the perfect way to wish them a happy married life and give them something to cherish with these guestbooks.

Elegant metallics

Metallics are yet again something that has always been a huge part of Indian weddings, more specifically golds. The fall season is no reason to stop. In fact, we are more likely to see more metallics including rose gold, silver, and bronze. It is the perfect amalgamation of an authentic Indian element with a Western-inspired element. The furniture, the décor, the dinnerware, the lighting hardware, and everything else in between can be infused with gorgeous metallics. Combined with the ambient lighting and the fall color palette, your Indian wedding will look as dreamy as you always imagined it to be.

We know just how important metallics are for our Indian couples, which is why we at ForUrEvents are ready with the perfect bronze, gold, and rose gold wedding paraphernalia to grace your big day. You can count on us as the most trend-ready Indian wedding decorator in Chicago.

Drapes and streamers

Drapes and streamers are some of the most elegant and dreamy wedding décor elements, that make Indian weddings beautiful the world over. While we have been obsessed with everything satin and shiny for the past few months, we slowly seem to be transitioning into matte and linen textures in, you guessed it, earthy colors. We will likely see elegant backdrops and dinner party venues decorated with textured drapes in multiple complementary colors, perfectly creating the soft statement look that we Indians love. Think beige, terracotta, orange, brown, and understated pink drapes for the best ambiance.

Over-the-top reception cakes

Cakes have been a part of Indian wedding receptions for a while now. This season, we are going all out with it. Over-the-top and extra cakes are the trend this season. Couples are going for tiered cakes with theme-based toppers, and additional dessert-table treats. And these treats cover everything from mini-cakes to macaroons to cupcakes and cookies. Suffice it to say, that Indian wedding reception parties are starting to become as big and happening as the wedding itself.

Architecture-inspired elements

One of the biggest and perhaps the most wholesome Indian wedding trends this fall is the use of architectural and interior design elements. The seating for weddings has always been minimal and “functional” with a little bit of décor added to keep with the theme. However, now people prefer having actual residential furniture including sofas, chairs, bars, and the like at weddings and wedding parties. We will likely be seeing more interesting wooden and metal textures, with hints of velvet or leather fabrics according to the theme of the wedding. Wedding venues will have more space and better designs, to accommodate fresh architectural pieces as well.

Having been a full-service Indian wedding decorator in Chicago for the past few years, we know for a fact that this trend is here to stay, and for good reason.

Statement signboards

Last but not least, and continuing from the spring/summer months, we are still using statement signboards at Indian weddings. Cute messages, mini-stories of how the couple met, blessings, guestbook signs, information about the programs, and announcements; signboards can have anything these days. And they could be of any type too, starting from neon signs to basic printed ones. They are going to be statement-making elements, very much a part of the wedding décor, and we are all for it.

Final thoughts

As one of the most experienced Indian wedding decorators in Chicago, we have always loved seeing the seasonal changes in weddings. We keep abreast of all the trends, each season and prepare ourselves for the upcoming demands.

This season too, we are decked up with the best of fall-inspired décor ideas and elements. Our favorite ones are listed here. Let us know which one of these trends you are looking forward to.

We cannot wait to plan our first Indian fall wedding. Call our team today! Let’s get started!

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