Captures Your Indian Wedding Rituals & Memorable Moments in a Perfect Way.

Well, if you are living in Chicago and you want to plan a wedding in an Indian way, a traditional Indian ceremony in Chicago, or organize a modern wedding with traditional Indian elements, you should have many things in mind. However, one thing many people forget when planning a wedding is how a photo of an Indian wedding can change because of these different marriage traditions. Therefore, you should choose the best & professional Indian wedding photographer in Chicago, which capture the Indian wedding rituals & memorable moment in a perfect way:


Important Indian Wedding Rituals and Memorable Moments to Capture:

Well, a wedding is a great day and a very important moment. In Indian weddings, some are rituals during the marriage. And, some are moments of excitement & excitement between the bride and groom as well as their families. Thus, there are so many precious moments that even the best wedding photographer can’t remember. Following is a list to help you capture the best moments:


  1. Firstly, the anticipation before the entrance of the groom & the bride, the running about can be captured in video shots.
  2. Secondly, the photos of the bride being prepared are a must capture. Well, they are easy because they are actually portrayed shots in already good lighting.
  3. Next, do not miss the exciting moments between the bride & her mother and sisters. Also, the make-up room is where this is. Thus, this is a place you need to be.
  4. And, the entrance of the groom should be taken from top to bottom in the video. Well, the photographer should approach the groom on his way of entering. Plus, the bride’s entrance is very important.
  5. Remember; do not miss the naughty & subtle aspects of the brides before the groom’s eyes for the first time on their wedding day.
  6. Importantly, the Aashirvaad ceremony or related rituals should be captured. And, in this case, a classic mistake is to focus only on the face of the bride or groom, or the elderly, who are sanctifying her. So, both the faces must be on the frame.
  7. Also, another scene to catch is the Sindoor scene. And, the groom should be aware of this & wait a few seconds to let the photographer capture the moment. Also, the bride should only slightly bend her face so that her eyes are in the picture and not just her head.
  8. Moving next, the bride having a secret sharing moment with her sister or best friend is a moment to capture candidly.
  9. Another one, the bride’s hand in the groom’s hand displaying her Mehendi (and the grooms if he has a bit of it too) is an essential take.
  10. A necessary one, the close family and relatives feasting on the chicken leg is a funny wedding photo to take. Also, have the funny guys and gals of the group pose for these shots.
  11. Additionally, Bride & groom should take pictures with all children. Well, it will be an attractive image. And, this is best taken outdoors for natural light.
  12. Also, take a picture of the bride and groom in a single frame with all of her friends. So, make sure that everyone is patient to continue moving & posing until everybody’s faces are in focus.

To sum up, above are some important poses that should be captured by every Indian wedding photographer. So, take a look and follow these ideas.

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