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Indian weddings are one of the most colorful, vibrant, emotion-rich, and eventful celebrations in the world. Filled with joy, laughter, excitement, and hundreds of priceless emotional moments, capturing each one on camera in its original, raw form, is indeed an art.

We at ForUrEvents, specialize in that very craft.


As a holistic wedding service company, we have a dedicated team of Indian wedding photographers in Chicago, comprising the most experienced, talented, and enthusiastic artists. Being true Indians at our roots, we identify and understand valuable moments and ritualistic ceremonies better than anyone else. For the same reason, we capture Indian weddings in their truest most authentic element.


Moreover, our creative heads are always on top of the latest trends, techniques, and ideas in Indian wedding photography, which makes us trailblazers in the innovative filming of moments.

All these images are showing our preferred vendor/decorator work.

Our Indian Wedding Photography Services

ForUrEvents provides a full range of services in Indian wedding photography in Chicago. We cover weddings, pre and post-wedding events, engagement shoots, and more. Our services are designed to offer maximum flexibility and value for money, which is why we also provide fully customized packages to suit your needs and budget.

Wedding day coverage

Starting from the sunrise, our team captures every important moment that unfolds on your wedding day, including the bride and the groom getting ready, the emotional exchanges between family members, the religious rituals and ceremonies, the grand moment of tying the knot, the reception party and everything else in between. We know how important and priceless each moment is, and we ensure to capture every detail to perfection so that you can preserve them as magical memories for a lifetime.

Candid photography

We have a team of experts in candid photography, that captures spontaneous moments, emotions, and vibrant interactions between you and your family members on the day of your wedding. We also cover candid moments during pre-wedding and post-wedding ceremonies. We have dedicated equipment and team members ready to film these special moments. These real, and raw emotions render a wholesome and rich quality to your wedding photos, making them authentic and worthy of being relived over and over again.

Pre-wedding shoots

Pre-wedding or engagement photoshoots are an integral part of Indian wedding photography, as they help couples get comfortable with the camera and crew before the wedding day. We assign special teams to organize unique and creative pre-wedding shoots across different locations. Through pre-wedding shoots, we help craft your beautiful love story in a relaxed and intimate setting, allowing you to be your true self in your pictures. Couples often use pre-wedding photos to share their “save the dates” with family and friends.

Traditional photography

Only the most authentically Indian wedding photographers in Chicago can identify and capture the culturally significant moments from your wedding. We at ForUrEvents specialize in that. Our team prepares the right equipment, lighting, and resources to film the rituals and ceremonies from the best angles at the right times so that you get to look back on the cultural richness of your tale. We frame these pictures in timeless and classic styles to give you a classy take on traditional photography.

Wedding album design

Wedding albums are the keepsake treasure that you can take away from your wedding day and save for a lifetime. We believe they have the potential to invoke a rush of vivid happy memories for you, years after your wedding. Hence, we offer creative wedding album design services, to help you craft your story in stunning print. Our creative team helps you select the most stunning pictures from your wedding day, and puts together an album that beautifully tells your love story.

Wedding portraits

Wedding portraits are one of the most anticipated elements of a wedding, that couples often look up to. We have an exceptional team of portrait specialists who work with you to create beautiful portrait pictures of you and your partner, in ways that you have never seen before. We systematically plan the frames, arrange the equipment, and set the shoot in exquisite locations as per your choice, to bring out the essence of your love through your professionally captured portraits.

Our Approach to Indian Wedding Photography

At ForUrEvents, we strive to capture the magic and beauty of your wedding through creative and aesthetically pleasing photography techniques. Our team goes the extra mile to make each wedding story as beautiful and endearing as the love between you and your partner.

With years of experience to their credit, each of our Indian wedding photographers is well-versed in the art of documenting priceless moments from Indian weddings. We also understand the vibrancy and cultural significance of the multiple events involved, which is why we make it a point to film each crucial one.

We believe that an Indian wedding is not just a celebration of the love between the couple. Thanks to our rich Indian values, weddings are also about the connection, bond, and love between the family members. It is about laughter, joy, happiness, togetherness, and unexplained beautiful emotions.

Hence, we adopt a unique and artistic approach to film these moments in their most raw, real, and unfiltered form. Our trained professionals come equipped with the tools necessary to capture every special moment in candid, and natural ways. They are also trained to blend in with the crowd and capture every beautiful moment without interrupting the flow of the events or the natural expression of emotions.

In addition, we take time to study and understand your needs, preferences, and values as a couple, to ensure that we capture the moments and details from your wedding that mean the most to you. From the pre-wedding ceremonies to the grand finale, we are committed to documenting every special moment of your wedding day in the most special way.

Our Indian Wedding Photography Packages

We are a team that strongly believes in family values and the richness of our Indian culture that upholds them. For the same reason, we believe that every couple deserves the wedding pictures they dream of. To facilitate this, we provide a range of different packages in Indian wedding photography to suit your unique needs and preferences.


Our packages are carefully crafted to provide comprehensive coverage of your Indian wedding, capturing all the special moments, rituals, and emotions timelessly and artistically. Here are some of our popular packages:


Full-day wedding coverage

Our full-day wedding package includes coverage for the entire day of your wedding, starting from the wedding preparations and the getting ready of the bride and the groom, to the post-wedding celebrations. Our team will capture all the key moments, rituals, and ceremonies with careful attention to detail. The package also includes wedding portraits, family stills and portraits, candid moments, and other stunning shots.

Multi-day wedding package

Our multi-day wedding packages are suitable for grand and extravagant Indian weddings that span multiple days and cover multiple events. We cover every event that you plan, starting from the pre-wedding Mehendi, Haldi, and Sangeet ceremonies, to the main wedding events and rituals, to the post-wedding reception. Our team systematically plans and prepares to offer extensive coverage, and ensures not a single crucial moment is missed.

Destination wedding package

If you are planning a destination wedding in Chicago or beyond, our destination wedding package offers comprehensive coverage for your special day. Our experienced team is professionally trained to handle wedding photography at various locations with ease. We offer ample support and flexibility to make sure that your destination wedding is stress-free and hassle-free. Our team will travel with you to the desired location, and document your wedding experience seamlessly.

Customized package

Every wedding is unique and special. Every couple dreams differently. Hence, we also understand that you may have very specific needs and preferences. To cater to your unique needs, we offer fully customized wedding packages as well, completely tailored to events planned by you. We offer all photography services, including additional services such as pre-wedding shoots, engagement shoots, post-wedding events, and more.

The Role of Candid Photography in Indian Weddings

Indian wedding photography greatly embraces candid pictures for many reasons. In fact, candids have become an integral part of all types of photography, because of the originality and genuine emotions they bring through.


Here are some reasons why we at ForUrEvents make sure to include candid photos.

  •       Candid photography captures emotional moments perfectly
  •       They preserve the raw feeling and experience for a lifetime, letting you relive the moment years down the line
  •       Indian weddings are filled with cultural traditions and rituals that form a crucial part of the marriage. Candid photos help freeze each ritual in time, without the people involved having to pose or wait. Each moment is thus captured without any interruptions in the natural flow of events.
  •       Candid moments are unfiltered and natural. This means the captured moments of joy, laughter, sadness, or happiness, cannot be recreated in the same way. Photographing them, thus makes for the most special and precious memories that you can keep for eternity
  •       Candid photos add an exceptional storytelling element to your wedding album.  They capture the most genuine emotions and interactions from your wedding and provide a unique visual narrative, that will transport you back to your wedding day, years later
  •       They give you the realest versions of your family and friends, through their interactions, giving you priceless unfiltered moments to treasure

Clearly, candid photos give you an unmatched, and valuable perspective of your wedding day that beats everything else. This is why the ForUrEvents team is well-trained and prepared to capture the real interactions throughout your wedding.


Our experts can blend into the background, be unobtrusive, and capture moments effortlessly. For this, we prepare the best equipment with fast shutter speed settings and lens resolutions. We also make it a point to build a solid rapport with your family and friends so that they feel comfortable with the camera and crew. We pay attention to every little movement and detail in the crowd to ensure we don’t miss a meaningful glance or touch. And this is what makes us experts in Indian wedding photography.

Why ForUrEvents is Your Most Reliable Indian Wedding Photographer in Chicago

We are a passionate team of Indian wedding photographers in Chicago, with a penchant for creating beautiful visual stories through pictures. We understand the importance of the most important day of your life, along with the rituals and ceremonies that form part of it, which is why we film every moment with the utmost dedication, professionalism, and passion.

Artistic excellence

We firmly believe that wedding photography is an art that demands careful deliberation and attention to detail, more so with Indian weddings. We have an amazing team of Indian wedding photographers with a keen eye for detail and an exceptional aesthetic sense. With their experience in the field, they craft some of the most beautiful heart-warming Indian love stories and translate them into stunning, visually appealing artwork.

Cultural understanding

Being deeply rooted in Indian culture, we understand the nuances of a traditional Indian wedding more than anyone else. We are experts in identifying and capturing the important rituals and ceremonies from your wedding. Our team films the events artistically, and brings through the essence of the rich Indian culture authentically, through your pictures. We take great pride in being innately Indian at our core.

Personalized approach

We adopt a highly personalized approach in all our projects in Indian wedding photography. We take the time to attain a fair understanding of the needs, interests, preferences, and values that you resonate with as a couple so that we can offer you the most tailored services. By fine-tuning our photography strategies to your preferences, we get to capture your big day, exactly how you envisioned it.

High-end results

We use state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques to capture high-quality images that are sharp, vibrant, and filled with emotion. We also offer professional editing and retouching services to ensure that your final images are flawless, original, and ready to be cherished for a lifetime. We are very particular about offering the highest level of services, and we always go the extra mile and ensure the same.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Our photographers have years more than ten years of experience in capturing Indian weddings and are well-versed in the cultural aspects, rituals, and traditions of the big day. As a result, they are skilled in capturing the unique moments and emotions that make Indian weddings special, perfectly.

Yes, we offer fully customized packages to suit your needs and preferences in Indian wedding photography in Chicago. We understand that every wedding is unique, and every couple has unique dreams. We tailor our services to your preferences and budget so that you get to enjoy the wedding of your dreams while still maintaining your budget.

The timeline for delivering the final edited images depends on the scope and complexity of the project. However, we strive to deliver the final images within a reasonable timeframe while ensuring that the quality and artistic integrity of the images is maintained.

Absolutely! We encourage our clients to share their preferences, visions, and any specific shots or poses they would like to have captured during their wedding day. We work closely with you to ensure that your unique requests are accommodated, and your vision is brought to life in our photographs.

As a thoughtful Indian wedding photographer in Chicago, we offer fully customized packages to our clients. Hence, our charges for each project varies according to the scope of the project, the number of events to be covered, etc.

We do have a few popularly requested packages, according to the number of events and type of Indian wedding. Please check our packages on top. For other inquiries and further customization, feel free to give our team a quick call. We’ll discuss your big day, and give you a free estimate.

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