Greenery Wedding Decor Ideas You Must Try

There are so many important things that you definitely have to choose and look after yourself in a wedding. For example, the wedding dress, and your wedding décor and theme, are one of the topmost important things on your wedding checklist that you have to see.

From floral arrangements, photo frames, neon signs, etc.

There are many trending themes that you will see these days, but many people like to stay quite close to nature and love greenery. In addition to the same, our wedding decorator in Chicago suggests the same as these decors turn out to be really beautiful!

It’s a great thing although people are motivated to be more eco-friendly and love nature. One thing is to be noted that these greenery or garden-themed weddings usually are held in the outdoors. Below are some of the best greenery wedding decor ideas that you can definitely consider:

  • Dream-Theme:

The big and overbright lights are avoided in this theme. To create that dreamy and soothing environment, instead of harsh overhead lights, there will be fairy lights, lanterns (nowadays floating ones are in trend) and sparkling candles would be perfect for this theme.

You might also combine elements such as wildflowers with exquisite floral arrangements or crawling green ivy with blossoming flower canopies. Create a beautiful garden wedding theme with the help of your professional wedding decorator in Chicago to make the aisle feel like a dream and why not? It is indeed dream come true to tie the knot in this beautiful relation.

  • Rose Garden:

There is no doubt that roses have traditionally been associated with love, romance, and weddings. What better way to celebrate your big day than by including them in your theme?

You can add flowers to each place setting and use a rose-themed color palette, or you can go all out by serving rose-shaped tarts and adding rose buds into your wedding gown’s lace.

Also, our services are not limited to just decor but invitation cards as well which is why for your occasion, the invitation will be based on these timeless flowers.

  • Vintage Card Wedding theme: 

It is very common for people to love retro themes in today’s time. Creating a vintage style for your greenery-themed wedding is a great way to include natural elements while maintaining an elegant environment. Consider using pressed flowers in your invitations or table arrangements.

  • Garden wedding theme:

Garden weddings are inherently romantic and beautiful, but you can make yours feel more polished rather than way too normal. Floral garlands hung from the ceiling or chandeliers draped in greenery give that classy and elegant look.

Serve exquisite finger snacks and floral-themed beverages to your visitors. For example, keeping flower petals on the serving plates and even around the food counters as well.

  • Rustic wedding theme:

Rustic wedding themes are popular for a reason, they make you feel at ease. Traditional rustic themes like wooden accents and natural fabrics are combined with the richness of nature in the form of wildflowers, floral decor, and farm-to-table dishes in rustic garden-themed weddings. You should definitely talk to your wedding decorator beforehand so that he/she can get time to arrange things as well.

  • Cottagecore theme:

Cottagecore is a very simple and a celebration of subtle and romantic beauty yet it looks very simple.  Consider a variety of cutlery and crockery, hand-made crafts, and cute basket-based wildflower arrangements for this theme.

This outdoor wedding theme may accommodate whatever you find lovely, from brass candelabras to freshly baked delicacies.

  • Floral garden: 

This is not just about roses but other bold blooms that will take your garden-themed wedding to the next level. Consider going beyond the essentials and transforming your event into  floral paradise.

Including flowers in your hairstyle and choosing flowery print dresses for your bridesmaids will give a touch of elegance to your outfit. Instead of place settings, use personalized flower pots around the tables, this idea will actually work out pretty well!  And, most importantly, put flower baskets in every room! There is no such thing as having too many.

  • Eco-friendly theme:

Garden weddings are a top choice for an environmentally friendly wedding. Outdoor events can save energy by utilizing natural light rather than power, as well as resources on items such as décorafter all, who needs elaborate decorations when Mother Nature is doing all the work? This theme is a completely eco-friendly theme that includes all eco-friendly materials.

Begin with biodegradable invites, seasonal blooms for your bouquet, and questions about where local caterers get their supplies. You may make a garden wedding theme the more ecologically responsible choice from the large picture to the minute details.

Our little Surpise:

  • Indoor garden theme:

Yes, it is possible to celebrate with this theme indoors as well! You can turn a standard indoor venue into the garden paradise of your dreams with a little thought and innovation.

Make sure that in this theme you include as many floral and natural things as possible.  Consider using greenery against white walls, floral arrangements suspended from the ceiling above the dance floor, or a plant wall as a photo backdrop.

Your garden wedding, like Mother Nature herself, offers limitless possibilities. Take inspiration from the natural world to arrange a wedding that your guests will never forget.

Wedding themes influence wedding highlights and how can yur forget the pictures! It is very important that you discuss the same with your partner or your family as well. Also, choose the best wedding decorators that you could think of. Make sure to choose a professional company like forurevents . other than just decor, right from art, catering, photography, videography, DJ, invitations, and other services as well.

Choosing the decorator is the ultimate choice that will influence many other factors of the marriage. Therefore, with our years of experience, we have crafted the best options that is definitely going to make the venue and pictures look outstanding!

We hope you like your ideas, let us know which one is your favorite!

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