How to Plan a Beautiful Winter Indian Wedding in Chicago

How to Plan a Beautiful Winter Indian Wedding in Chicago

Chicago winter weddings are extraordinary for many reasons. For starters, the sheer beauty and elegance of a wedding on a cold winter day, in the midst of the mystical snowfall, is simply unmatched. The pictures from your wedding day will look magical!


Secondly, as the winters are considered off-season, you have a good chance of bagging all your wedding resources including the venue, at the best prices. The dates will also likely be available with no tight clashes.


What’s more, you have your winter holidays to enjoy your honeymoon or post-wedding bliss.


Winter definitely sounds like the best time to get married, doesn’t it?


Well, as long as you plan ahead and accommodate your guests comfortably, with proper protection to ensure that no one is miserably cold, there is no reason you cannot have a magical winter wedding!


That is exactly what we are here for!


ForUrEvents comprises passionate and highly resourceful Indian wedding enthusiasts, who will make your winter wedding as easy and hassle-free for you as possible. We know and understand an Indian wedding like no one else, which makes us experts in providing the best resources for all your wedding needs. We have the best in-house bridal make-up artists, caterers, decorators, invitation designers, and authentic Indian wedding photographers in Chicago.


Here is a quick guide to go about planning your Indian winter wedding.


Start planning early


Needless to say, an Indian winter wedding, needs ample prep work. Start planning early and take a few months to book and confirm your wedding resources. Once the colder months set in, it can get difficult to travel around and book your vendors. Hence, scout for the best venue and other resources for flowers, food, etc. early and confirm your bookings a month before the onset of winter. Save yourself from literal and figurative “cold feet”.


Choose a winter-friendly venue


Your venue sets the foundation for your winter wedding. Hence, choose your venue wisely with ample indoor spaces. You need to accommodate all your guests indoors. There are many winter-friendly venues in and around Chicago, with beautiful fireplaces and décor, perfectly suitable for Indian weddings. Choose one with the best accessibility, space, and of course, aesthetic features. Keep in mind that a lot of your family and wedding event photos will have the venue as the backdrop. Your partner planner or Indian wedding photographer in Chicago will be able to assist you with venue selection.


Choose a holistic wedding planner and Indian wedding photographer in Chicago


Do not sleep on the decision of choosing your wedding planner. For a winter wedding, your planner will perhaps play the most important role in ensuring the smooth conduct of the rituals. Hence, go for a holistic Indian wedding planner; one that provides a range of services and vendors, as opposed to just carrying out on-location assistance. This will help you coordinate more efficiently with fewer people to worry about.


ForUrEvents offers all wedding services in-house, starting from bridal makeup to authentic Indian catering, to photography and even printing of invitations. We are a one-stop shop for Indian couples, who need comprehensive and top-quality assistance for their wedding. We have the best of everything you need to make your winter wedding a magical event including a skilled team of Indian wedding photographers.


Plan your events indoors


Plan all your wedding, pre-wedding, and post-wedding rituals indoors. When you choose your venue, have a vision of where you can have your events and conduct them accordingly. Light up fireplaces, decorate with the best of winter décor, and have a blast with your family indoors, while you watch the falling snow through the window.


Make the outdoor events short and sweet


If you have unavoidable outdoor events, ensure that they are short and sweet. For example, a baraat ceremony, if you need, can be conducted in the courtyard or lawn of your venue. Wear comfortable clothing and complete the event in the shortest time possible. The most skilled Indian wedding photographers in Chicago can get you some picture-perfect shots no matter how short your event is.


Prepare and implement your portrait photoshoot outdoors


For a winter wedding, it is a no-brainer to include the magnificence of the snowfall in the pictures. Prepare ahead for it so that you don’t end up getting affected by the cold in any way. Meet with your photographer a few times well ahead, visit your venue, and plan your shots ahead so that you can have a systematic and prepared photoshoot outdoors. The most experienced Indian wedding photographer in Chicago will know how to pick the perfect winter locations and frames and make you look your best.


Make the most of winter wedding fashion


Indian wedding outfits are vibrant and colorful. This time around, design your outfits in tune with winter fashion. Have some protective matching outerwear designed to go with your wedding outfit, so that you can flaunt it around, while still keeping yourself warm. Try to include some moody pastels from a winter palette if you are in keeping with the trends. But there are no rules. After all, it is your wedding day, and you can have fun with your outfits.


Set up ambient lighting


Being winters, there is most likely going to be a lack of natural light. But don’t let that dampen your wedding spirits. Set up ambient lighting throughout your venue to make sure the place is well-lit and bright enough for the wedding. Deviate from mediocre lighting and provide thoughtful lights to form a balance between the available natural light, the lights in the hall, the light from the fireplace, and the artificial lights. For special photoshoots, your photographer will set up special lighting.


Accommodate intimate family at your venue as much as possible


Finally, don’t forget the comfort of your friends and family. For your closest ones, try to provide accommodation at the wedding venue to help them avoid the hassles of traveling in the snow. They are probably the people who participate in the wedding and need to be on time for all events for the wedding to go smoothly. For others, try to choose an easily accessible venue at the start so that no one has a problem getting there.


Plan your winter wedding with ForUrEvents


Winter weddings do not have to be a troublesome affair to run away from. With proper planning, execution, and the most thoughtful assistance, a winter Indian wedding can be one straight out of a wedding magazine.


Keep the above pointers in mind if you are planning to get married this winter. Start venue scouting right away, and get in touch with our team for the rest of the planning. We can get it all sorted and set for you by December! For more updates visit our Facebook page.

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