How to Plan an Indian Destination Wedding: Tips From The Pros

How to Plan an Indian Destination Wedding: Tips From The Pros

Planning a destination wedding is not for the faint-hearted, more so when it is an Indian wedding. As exciting, fun, and unique as it is, getting married in a far-off locale away from home, can also be stressful if you do not do it the right way.


As a professional Indian wedding planner in Chicago, allow us to tell you one thing right off the bat; do not consider it as just a wedding. Consider it as a two-for-one event; a wedding and a vacation or honeymoon. This implies that you need the planning and prep work for both events, clubbed into a single flow.


Done right, needless to say, the day can become a memory of a lifetime; one that is unique and special just for you.


If you have a destination Indian wedding in your mind, here are some expert tips from the pros, to help you get a head start on your journey.


Start planning 10 months to a year ahead


A year may sound a bit stretched, but believe us, you need that time. This means you will be engaged for at least 10 months or a year, but the wedding you have will more than makeup for that waiting time. As mentioned earlier, you have everything to plan and sort out, starting from your guest list to your food, in a whole other country or state, not to mention the paperwork and the formalities. You are definitely going to need 10 to 12 months to organize a grand dreamy Indian wedding at a place away from home.


Pick a location and venue thoughtfully


One of the first things to plan and decide is your wedding location and venue. Pick a city in a country that is close to your heart in some way, such as the place you met your fiance in, or the place you went on a trip to. You can also choose a dream destination that you’ve always wanted to get married in.


Once you’ve decided on your location, you have to narrow down your venue. It is often a difficult decision to make, as it can get overwhelming for a couple, considering the multiple beautiful locations in the city. In Chicago for example, there are ample grand venues to choose from for an Indian wedding. A great Indian wedding planner in Chicago can help make the decision much easier for you.


You can filter your options based on its accessibility, proximity to the airport or other public transport facilities, availability of space, etc. Always remember that you need to make it as easy for your friends and family to get to the venue as possible.


Set a budget considering currency conversion rates and international taxes


When it is time to set a budget for your destination Indian wedding, don’t forget to keep it realistic and accommodating. Most people forget to factor in the currency conversion rates and international taxes. Research thoroughly and find almost accurate cost estimates for all the resources you need, add margins for the taxes, conversion rates, and contingencies. As much as possible use local resources to avoid unnecessary transportation costs. In the same way, try to research more and find smart ways to cut down undue expenses, so that you don’t have to compromise other things in the wedding of your dreams.


Hire a resourceful Indian wedding planner in Chicago


Wedding planners are underrated in Indian weddings. A lot of couples, especially ones on a budget, think wedding planners are too extravagant.


However, for a destination wedding, you undoubtedly need the services of the most resourceful Indian wedding planner out there. There are many things that you don’t have a strong footing in when you host an event in a country that you are not familiar with. A great wedding planner can do all that heavy lifting for you.


For example, ForUrEvents is a comprehensive and resource-rich Indian wedding planner in Chicago. We have in-house professional teams for everything you need for your wedding, starting from bridal makeup and hairstyling to authentic Indian catering. We also support all types of Indian weddings, including Punjabi, Gujarati, South Indian, Bengali, etc. We are deep-rooted Indians at our core, and we know how important it is for couples to bring the authenticity of their homeland through their wedding.


Hence, we offer the perfect one-stop shop to plan your destination wedding in Chicago. Rest assured, you will not have to go looking for separate vendors on your own in Chicago when you plan your wedding with us.


Check out our blog here to know how exactly we can help you, and how hassle-free your wedding can be.


Visit your site in advance


It is always a great idea to visit your wedding venue a few months in advance. This will give you a better idea of how to plan your wedding events, your décor, and the like. There is quite a bit of planning to do at the venue too, including the theme, the rituals, the decorations, the flow of events, etc. Take your wedding planner with you and have them spell out creative ideas for you. Experienced Indian wedding planners in Chicago, like ForUrEvents, can guide you through the planning process.

In case a second trip is not possible, consider arriving at least one or two weeks earlier than your dates so that you have ample time to set things in order.


Confirm all your bookings including venue and vendors at least two months out


With two months left for your wedding, you need to finish booking your vendors and your venue. Using a full-service Indian wedding planner will help you a great deal in this regard. If you are going for separate vendors for some of your events, two months out would be the time for you to finalize the numbers, confirm your bookings, and avoid any changes or cancellations. This means you will have to send out your RSVPs earlier and get a consolidated number of guests too.


Create a detailed wedding itinerary


We all know Indian weddings can be elaborate and eventful. We have days’ worth of celebrations, events, and rituals to host. Hence, you need to make a plan for the flow of events and prepare a detailed wedding itinerary, not just for your benefit but for your guests as well. This will allow you to prepare ahead for each event and make sure there are no surprises. Remember that you cannot run home to cover for any unexpected events.

For your guests, this will help them plan their visit, ensuring that they stay for the important events, as attending a destination wedding can be a costly affair for them as well.


Sort out all the documentation work at least 3 months out


It goes without saying that there is quite a bit of documentation and paperwork required to visit a different country. Research and find out the documents you need right when you decide your wedding venue. Complete your paperwork and keep your documents all set and ready three months before your wedding date. This includes renewing your passport if you need to, getting your visa, getting your vaccination documents, your travel tickets, etc. Completing the documentation three months ahead will give you a sense of relief and security, knowing that the wedding of your dreams is happening for sure, with no barriers left to cover.


Give yourself plenty of time to relax and get ready peacefully


Last but not least, make your wedding plan accommodating plenty of time for you to relax and get ready. This includes time to get your beauty treatments in, including your facials, pedicures, manicures, etc. You also need to consider enough time for you to get ready on your wedding day. Hence, consider arriving a few days early, relieve yourself from the stress, and get ready for the most important day of your life.




A destination wedding is a dream that requires a lot of meticulous planning and organizing to fulfill. With the right resources and systematic deliberation, it can definitely be hassle-free. Use this as a mini-guide when you start planning your dream wedding. And count on a comprehensive Indian wedding planner to manifest the dream.


For a grand wedding in Chicago, contact the ForUrEvents team. We are the most reliable and trusted Indian wedding planner in Chicago.

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