What Your Indian Wedding Planner Really Does For You

Indian wedding planner

They say planning a wedding is a true test of patience and teamwork for engaged couples. However, it can also be the most nerve-wracking experience, causing distress and confusion.


Especially when it comes to Indian weddings, you need extra patience and mindfulness. As we all know, the number of events, people, and rituals to organize and manage, is much more. This is why it makes sense to hire a great Indian wedding planner.


To see why you absolutely need to hire an Indian wedding planner, read our blog here.


But what is it like once you’ve hired one? What are the things they do for us?


If you have these questions in mind, read on, and see the world of difference they make.


What exactly is an Indian wedding planner?


Let’s start with the most basic question; An Indian wedding planner is a person or a company that takes care of organizing your Indian wedding from top to bottom. They guide you and assist you throughout all aspects of your wedding, helping you make decisions and managing your guest list. Right from deciding the venue for your event, to finalizing the food menu for your reception, wedding planners help you with everything you need to make the experience stress-free for you.


What they really do


Many couples are not entirely clear as to what their planner can do for them. Some people think all they do is help coordinate the day’s events.


Wedding venues also often say they have an in-house wedding planner for couples.


Here’s the truth.


A person who assists your events for the day is a “wedding coordinator”, NOT a wedding planner. And a planner that your venue offers is most likely a coordinator. They may be available to manage the flow of events.


Here is an overview of what a true Indian wedding planner really does for you.


Define your wedding vision clearly


Most couples have a dream wedding in mind, from the day they decide to get married. However, the smaller details of the wedding may be vague, or more often, they may not know how to achieve their dream wedding. It can get overwhelming, thinking about the entire event.


A wedding planner can help bring your vision to reality in a systematic and organized way. Once you communicate your vision to your planner, however less detailed it may be, they can help put together the rest of the pieces of the puzzle and design your wedding exactly the way you wanted or most often, several times better.


ForUrEvents has an exceptional creative team that is experienced and passionate about designing weddings. We can help you clearly define and visualize your wedding, curate every little detail, and bring it to fruition, all with little to no stress at your end.


Set an accommodating yet reasonable wedding budget


Once your needs and requirements are analyzed and your vision is clear, your Indian wedding planner can help set an optimal budget for your event; one that is both accommodating and reasonable. Being experienced in their fields, they can also get you some of the best deals, in terms of catering, makeup, décor, music, etc. This gives you better chances of not overshooting your budget as you go ahead and start organizing the events. They will take into consideration your spending limits as well as your wedding vision, find an optimum middle ground, and set a realistic budget for your wedding.


Help select your dream venue


Wedding planners have a network of the best of everything, including the best wedding venues in the city. With your dream wedding vision in mind, they can suggest amazing venues, help you narrow down and finally choose the perfect one. They will also coordinate with the venue managers and deal with the booking process as well.


Set your dates, including pre-wedding shoot dates


Indian wedding planners are pros at scheduling and organizing events and rituals for weddings. They have done this many times over, and hence know very well how to go about planning each one. They will give you an overview of the events associated with the wedding, including pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals, such as the engagement shoot. Considering your and your partner’s work schedules, astrological aspects, and family conveniences, they can help select the best dates for your wedding, pre-wedding shoot, reception, etc.


Provide or connect you with the best vendors for all aspects


As mentioned before, wedding planners have the best resources for everything you need. They can either connect you with the best vendors or provide them if they have in-house resources. They will take care of everything, starting from bridal make-up to food to décor and even invitations.


ForUrEvents is one of the few authentic Indian wedding planners in Chicago with an all-encompassing team of service resources. We have our own caterers, photographers, makeup artists, and decorators, equipped and ready to make your dreams come true. In fact, we are well known for our food and beverage team, which specializes in Indian cuisine. We have experts in Indian food, covering cultural specials across states such as Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, and more.


Come up with unique ideas for décor and other elements


Needless to say, planners have the most creative and out-of-the-box ideas for your wedding. They can take your vision and amplify it by incorporating never-before-seen elements in décor, photography, cultural set-up, and the like. As they stay on top of seasonal and cultural trends at all times, they can also tell you what’s hot and what’s not in terms of outfits, makeup, etc. Moreover, they can arrange to implement the most unique ideas at your wedding, unlike when you plan alone, where you wouldn’t know what to source or from where.


Serve as your coordinator for all vendors and on-location tasks


One of the most crucial services offered by a wedding planner is coordination with vendors. Whether they provide in-house teams or whether they source third-party vendors, they will do the coordination and management work necessary to ensure that all elements reach your venue at the right date and time. They can also take care of on-location tasks such as accepting delivery of furniture rentals, décor management, etc.


Handle challenges neatly and provide support


No matter how much you plan and how accurately you lay out the details, some things may still go wrong at your wedding. Especially at an Indian wedding, as there are multiple events and cultural rituals to cover, the chances for hiccups along the way are higher. With an Indian wedding planner though, you will not have to worry about anything. With years of experience to their credit, they will be able to anticipate some of the challenges and be prepared to tackle them. They will take care of hiccups as they arise, and find solutions, and you may probably not even need to know about them.


Take care of invitations


Sending out invitations is an important task in the list of wedding duties. Even in the digital age, some Indian families insist on getting printed invitations that they can deliver to their near and dear ones by hand. A reliable wedding planner can develop stunning printed as well as digital invitations for your wedding, ready to be sent out. They will consult with you for color, font, and texture choices and create amazing pieces in as many copies as you’d like. They can also post the invites for you if you need them to.


ForUrEvents has a special invitations team for our Indian clients, as we know how important they are at Indian weddings. We have more than 400 vendors to develop customized cards with unique prints, patterns, personalized motifs, and monograms, all to make your wedding event special and memorable.


Manage wedding-day logistics and set-up


Handling wedding-day matters is perhaps one of the biggest and most stressful tasks in a wedding. Being the bride and the groom, you inevitably need help to manage the events of the day and make sure that the rituals and ceremonies are conducted as planned, and that your guests are happy and catered to.  This is where an Indian wedding planner will become your saving grace. Having organized the events from top to bottom, your planner will be well-prepared and equipped to coordinate the events of the day, lead various teams, and ensure that things go as planned. All you need to do is show up, look your best, pose for pictures, and have the time of your life with your friends and family.




If you wish to truly enjoy your wedding experience and have memories to cherish forever, you need to free your mind from the hassles of organizing your events. A true Indian wedding planner will be your friend and confidant in this regard, helping you every step of the way, and ensuring that you get to be in the wedding of your dreams.


With authentic Indian roots, ForUrEvents is your one-stop Indian wedding planner with the finest resources to give you the ultimate Indian wedding experience. We take care of everything you need, starting from your makeup to your food to your DJ, and execute Indian ceremonies the way they are meant to be.


If you have a conventional “big fat Indian wedding” in mind, think no more. Contact our team today!

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