Must Try The Floral Decorations Theme For Wedding

Must Try The Floral Decorations Theme For Wedding

This world is full of diversity, especially when it comes to cultures. Talking about cultures, Indian weddings are globally known for their diverse culture and the way Indian weddings are organized. The celebration is on some other level! When it’s about a wedding, there are many significant things that are to be considered in the preparations, one of which is most important ones is decorations. The decoration is the main essence that lights up the ambiance in the venue and the vibes as well.

We believe this question would be better answered by an event organizer who specializes in wedding decor so we asked a wedding decorator in Chicago, who said based on their years of experience in wedding decor and event planning said with time flowers decor has become one of the top preferences of people for wedding decor. No wonder, aesthetic themes are taking all over trends. Flowers are indeed one of the best options for wedding decor, there is nothing better than keeping things natural and subtle.

In addition to the same, we all know how important flowers are in Indian weddings. The bride and groom exchange floral garlands as part of the main Indian wedding ritual also known as jaimala or varmala. These are intricately weaved from blooming flowers, typically marigolds, jasmine, and roses, though the exact flowers used can change depending on the season.

For those who don’t know, Indian marriage ceremonies take place under a mandap, a four-pillared canopy. Additionally, this building is elaborately decked with vibrant fresh flowers in hues of red, yellow, and orange.

Red flowers are used the most, Red is regarded as a holy color and is typically worn by Indian brides as a representation of bravery, protection, and purity. Flowers are frequently used to decorate shamianas, the decorated tents used during wedding parties.

These days, flower decorations are widely used and have become fashionable. Every Indian wedding would be incomplete without floral decorations, from flower swings to flower-filled stages. Winter weddings are very popular these days since you may wear whatever you want throughout the winter and those bulky costumes won’t make you sweat like a gym freak. We must remember that the decorations for the winter are very different from those for the summer. Flowers come in a variety of supplies. Additionally, summer decorations offer a different atmosphere than winter ones. You may utilize some of the gorgeous-looking flowers that appear at the start of winter for decorations, and how!

Types of flowers that can be used in Indian wedding decor:


  • Marigold:

There are uncountable times, that these flowers have been used in the Indian family. One of the most popular flowers used in Indian weddings is the marigold. It has a traditional appearance and a pleasant scent. Marigold has a beautiful appearance and makes a strong statement about a wedding. It can be used to decorate for Mehendi (henna) and haldi. Marigolds by themselves can also be used to decorate the entire wedding. The correct flowers may say a thousand words, so picking them carefully is crucial. Avoid letting the gloomy winter weather diminish your wedding decorations in any way. For any other event, choose these flowers carefully to make the setting appealing and lovely.

  • Tulips:

Tulips are well-built flowers that come in a variety of hues. These flowers can be used in your wedding flower arrangements and can give the entire event a type of contemporary and sophisticated appearance. Tulips can be arranged and decorated to your taste and will give the events a more urbane appearance. Create a subtle and add up the classy vibes in the ambiance of the wedding venue by adding tulips to the wedding.

  • Camelia:

The flower arrangements at your wedding will look more elegant with the addition of these adorable-looking and delicate blossoms. They live a long time and do not immediately deteriorate. If the wedding reception is going to go a while, these flowers can be your go-to choice. These blooms\’ thick, waxy leaves can even be used as decorations because of how sturdy they are. As a result, florists favor these blooms.

  • Carnation:

Carnations come in a wide range of hues, including red, pink, yellow, orange, and white as well as purple and other colors. They are also available in bicolor. The Mandap or the center of each table is the perfect place for the decorations to hang. They emit a lovely fragrance that instantly awakens your sense of smell.

  • Daffodils:

It is a fantastic idea to include daffodil flower decorations for your Haldi or Mehendi ceremony because the yellow color of the flowers will fit well with the celebration\’s theme. Another great alternative to update the overall wedding look and feel is to add daffodils to the swing where the bride and groom sit.

  • Wax flower:

The flower embellishments are given a plusher, richer appearance by the use of wax blossoms. Indian wedding decoration Chicago will definitely help you to find these unique flowers and do the best wedding decor for you.

  • If you’re looking to create an aesthetic look for the venue then you are going to love the variety of flowers that these flower types offer.
  • The color options vary from lavender, white and pink.
  • These have a citrus-type fragrance that adds freshness to the surrounding.
  • You can consider these the best choice for indoor wedding decor as well.
  • Sweet peas:

All of your flower arrangements will look beautiful filled with sweet pea blooms. These flowers look beautiful inserted amongst other flowers because of their spherical shape and lovely scent. These blossoms make it easier to mix and match the decorations. They are available in a variety of colors.

  • Jasmine

Indian wedding flower arrangements frequently feature fragrant jasmine blooms. These are also used by makeup artists to style the bride’s hair. After the bride\’s hair has been styled, jasmine flower threads are tied around their heads, and in some customs, the husband wears a veil with jasmine blooms hanging from it(you will see this in many Hindu marriage traditions). Even jasmine has only a few meanings attached to it; the flowers are a lucky charm. It bestows riches and success on those who wear it in the future. Jasmines are known for their powerful perfume, which is frequently utilized as a room fragrance. Most likely, in some manner, the decor will include these delicate blossoms.

It is very important to discuss these little things with your wedding decorator beforehand because this will help the decorator to arrange things as per the demand of the client and also reach their expectation.

The best suggestion that you should surely take is that you should hire a photographer for the most important day in your life. We at forurevents are known for our professional, transparent and genuine work and that’s what we look forward to doing in all projects. A

Wedding decorator in Chicago will actually help you to get the job done right.

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