“No Burns In The Sun”- Tips For Summer Wedding Photoshoot

“No Burns In The Sun”- Tips For Summer Wedding Photoshoot

Wedding preparation plays a significant role in your big day especially when the weather is not so pleasant. As much as the summer weddings are energetic, the environment is really hot. When compared to winter weddings, where there is no hassle to change clothes and sweat, the summer wedding comes with some challenges that the couple should be prepared for.

This thing should definitely be considered if it’s an Indian wedding. The reason is, that the outfit in Indian weddings is quite heavy which could be a concern if certain precautions aren’t taken. Being in the wedding field for years, our professional Indian Wedding Photographer in Chicago has mentioned some points which he sees the couple facing during summer wedding photoshoot. These problems can be avoided if taken into consideration beforehand.


Below mentioned are some helpful tips for your summer wedding photoshoot:


Places that you can choose for the photoshoot:

  • Forest

It is usually cooler in green places as compared to the dry ones. shooting in a forest is beneficial when it comes to pictures with a great background. Imagine the bright green leaves waving in the wind and your lovely bride appearing like a fairy in the forest as the sun streamed into the jungle, throwing dappled shadows on the ground. In addition to the same, like in many common cases, if the couple is shy to pose around people, this option works great for them!

  • Swimming pool

The swimming pool is so far one of the most common and top choices for people getting married in the summer season. Summertime’s coolest location is the pool, which is also the most enjoyable and carefree venue to host a wedding party. Splashing water on each other is so beautiful and energizing, and you might have the closest touch with cool water while having the best time in leisure and comfort.

  • Seaside

For the sake of scenic photos!  Pictures like the newlyweds enjoy running around barefoot in the sand and water. However, if you decide to shoot your wedding pictures by the water, you should do so in the late afternoon. In addition to the temperature being more pleasant, you may also obtain romantic settings like the crimson sunset over the sea.

  • Don’t miss the sunset:

Make a note of the precise time the sun will set on the day of your wedding. Shoot some time away from the celebrations so that you and your husband can take pictures in the beautiful late-day light. You might remember the Aurora filter trend that went viral on Instagram, pictures like that are best clicked at such an hour. You can definitely share this idea of getting aesthetic pictures with your Indian Wedding Photographer in Chicago. 

Additional tips:

  • Be ready with a backup plan:

There may be occasions when the heat index is far too high for family groups to be outside. In those circumstances, you must locate a location inside the venue that is still lovely. Of course, the alter is the greatest choice if you’re in a church. However, in the case of an Indian wedding where the rituals are done in an open space as well, be sure to discuss the same. Choose a position where there will be little interference from visitors but still allow plenty of natural light in.

  • Stay hydrated:

Dehydration of any level can make you feel lightheaded and you may even faint, which you definitely wouldn’t want to happen on your wedding day. You have to be at the top of your game when it comes to documenting someone’s wedding day. You are never permitted to miss an opportunity because you neglected to take care of yourself.

  • The type of outfits you choose:

An all-black pants suit is the last thing you should be wearing when the temperature outside is over 90 degrees. For the summer months, you need to choose something that is airy and lightweight. As for men, a button-up shirt, khakis, and a tie may work quite well. Try not to wear a jacket because doing so might raise his body temperature and you may start to feel uncomfortable.

  • Ask someone from the members of the family to be there for you:

You need the bride and groom to stay at ease, joyful, and beautiful on days when there isn’t even a breeze. The photographs will have a tough time if they have sweat dripping into their eyes or if their hair is entirely matted to their head. As for the bride, it is important that there is someone to help her with makeup touchups and dress adjustments throughout the wedding.

So, to keep everything from getting too heated, having someone to assist you will keep the dress off the ground in between shots. Personally, you and your partner will both benefit greatly from keeping a towel on hand to keep foreheads dry.

  • Makeup tips for bride:

The skin produces more oil during the summer, which is a great enemy of cosmetics. You must therefore properly regulate your oil before applying makeup. You can also prepare a hydrating mask in advance to smooth the makeup. You might select a liquid foundation with less oil when applying makeup. Additionally, softly brush a layer using a powder brush.

Light makeup is Okay if you decide to have outdoor wedding photos taken. Since the summer location sequences are so vibrant and lovely, heavy makeup is inappropriate for the on-site filming. In addition, summer heat makes it simpler to remove heavy makeup. Makeup artists have revealed that to keep long-lasting makeup, you should pick waterproof cosmetics.

  • Other general tips:
  • Sleep. Don’t set the air conditioner’s temperature too low and get enough sleep the night before. Otherwise, the variation in outdoor temperature is too great, making it easy for the photographer to get tired while taking pictures.
  • Hairstyle. If you plan to have outdoor wedding photos taken, especially beach wedding photos, it is ideal to keep your hair simple and natural. Otherwise, the well-maintained hairstyles can easily be blown away by the sea air, necessitating timely touchups.
  • Skin defense. Apply sunscreen before shooting and frequently reapply it while shooting if you\’re taking wedding photos outside. If not, after a day of wearing a light wedding dress, the skin will become sunburned.
  • Band-aid

A few band-aids are also necessary for the summer because the garment is relatively thin and you could get grazed when shot by thorny weeds or branches. Especially, if you consider the very first tip to shoot in the forest.

Taking these points into consideration throughout these humid months is very important. They’ll ensure your safety and well-being as well as the happiness of your partners throughout the entire photo shoot. High heat can often ruin an otherwise wonderful wedding. Keep cool and avoid letting the heat hinder your level of happiness and joy.

Rest everything is in the hands of the wedding photographer. Technically, it is!

It is very important to choose a great Indian Wedding Photographer in Chicago who has professional skills and knowledge and knows about the city as well. For beautiful locations though! We at forurevents are professional wedding photographers with years of experience. You will definitely love our work! Feel free to get in touch with us!

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