Practical Décor Tips to Create an Unforgettable Sangeet Ceremony

Practical Décor Tips to Create an Unforgettable Sangeet Ceremony

Practical Décor Tips to Create an Unforgettable Sangeet Ceremony – The Sangeet ceremony is one of the biggest cultural events in an Indian wedding celebration, following behind the main ceremony on the wedding day. It is a super-vibrant, fun-filled, and joyous night where the couple along with their family and friends engage in song and dance, and party to their heart’s content. Needless to say, it is accompanied by an exuberantly decorated venue, scrumptious food, and heartwarming connections as well. Many couples also choose to have themes, color palettes, and dress codes for guests for their Sangeet ceremony.


With more than a minimum range of 100 guests, most Sangeet ceremonies are extravagant affairs, naturally demanding the perfect cultural ambiance. Decorating the event is hence a job best undertaken by experts in Indian wedding decoration in Chicago.


Providing a fun, vibrant, and comfortable atmosphere for guests can elevate the entire experience, both for you and your friends. This is why the décor for your Sangeet should never be an afterthought.


Partnering with a wedding decoration team specializing in Indian weddings will help you a great deal in this regard. To help you get a head start on it, here are some practical décor tips to design an unforgettable Sangeet night.


Choose to have a theme


Executing a ceremony with an overarching theme is one of the best ways to bring cohesion and symmetry to the event. Choose an elegant traditional or contemporary theme depending on your interests as a couple, and decorate the venue with colors and elements that align with it. For example, some common themes adopted by Indian couples in the West are Bollywood night, vintage Bollywood, traditional Rajasthani, modern glam night, etc. Allow the theme to guide the usage of colors, décor choices, as well as dress codes. An expert in Indian wedding decoration in Chicago can provide ample choices for themes that suit your vision.


Incorporate a show-stopping stage for performances


Sangeet nights invariably involve song and dance performances by friends and family, and sometimes hired artists as well. Hence, the stage forms the focal point of the event. To create a stunning first impression and to transport your guests to an immersive world, incorporate a show-stopping stage with stunning floral walls, LED panels, sequins, and more. Utilize new-age stage sets, display panels, drapes, and other interesting multi-dimensional décor rentals available today to create a platform that feels extraordinarily vibrant. This will not only engage the guests but also encourage the performers to give their best.


Use a combination of innovative and ambient lighting


Lighting is something that can drastically change the mood and ambiance of your Sangeet event. Incorporate a range of lighting setups to liven up the venue and set the tone for different activities. For example, use string lights and fairy lights for elegant décor, and spotlights to highlight special décor installations or for the stage. Use uplighting to amplify wall art or other décor elements like centerpieces and hanging warm lights for a warm ambiance. For extra glam, use chandeliers or lanterns to light up the ballroom. An expert in Indian wedding decoration in Chicago can help you create the perfect concoction of lighting settings for your Sangeet.


Install interactive décor elements


The Sangeet ceremony is all about partying and having a good time with family and friends. To amp up the fun quotient, engage them with interactive décor elements such as photo booths with theme-oriented props to pose with, live flower walls, live digital guestbooks to leave well wishes and messages for the couple, etc. Such installations provide a memorable experience for everyone including you, and offer excellent photo opportunities as well.


Include elegant table settings


Set your dinner tables with thoughtful and elegant décor. Induce a luxurious dining experience by using rich colors, textures, symmetric linen, lush centerpieces, and more. Depending on the theme you have chosen, place elegant Indian artifacts and décor elements as well such as brass lamps, intricate candle holders, and luxe cutlery. To amplify the setting, add personalized name cards for your guests and make them feel valued. Curating stunning tablescapes is indeed an art in which only professionally qualified experts in Indian wedding decorations in Chicago can excel.


Provide comfortable seating


While the Sangeet ceremony is all about partying and dancing the night away, guests also need comfortable places to sit, relax, recharge, and enjoy the performances. This is especially true if you have many elders attending your event. Ensure to provide ample comfortable and aesthetically pleasing seating options. Use a combination of lounge chairs made of luxurious fabrics like velour, classic chairs, and cocktail chairs or high seats if you have a bar. When selecting your furniture, ensure that the colors, textures, and designs align with your theme.


Set up interesting food and drink stations


The food and drinks are one of the biggest attractions of an Indian wedding event. It is typical for families to include an array of options to indulge the culinary senses of guests. To provide an unforgettable experience, set up several interesting food and drink stations with theme-oriented décor, signages, and serving ware. Include live food stations as well and spice up the offering with a few unusual but time-appropriate options, such as live herbal tea stations to aid digestion. Have an expert in Indian wedding decoration in Chicago set up your food counters for the utmost cohesion with your overall theme.


Add personalized touches


The Sangeet ceremony is after all an ode to the last night of bachelorhood for the couple. The event would be incomplete without a reminiscence of your story, and your personalized touches. Hence, feel free to incorporate elements like custom signages welcoming guests, custom embroidered drapery with your names in a regional language, or elements from your story, a playlist of your favorite songs to dance to, a slideshow of your journey together, etc. There are many ways to personalize your Sangeet ceremony that will add to the value of the experience. Discuss with your decorator and find unique ways to do so.


Practical Décor Tips to Create an Unforgettable Sangeet Ceremony

Wrapping up


Thoughtfully planning the décor for your Sangeet ceremony and paying attention to the little details can go a long way toward providing an unforgettable experience for your guests. From incorporating a cohesive theme to installing interactive décor elements to setting up unique food and drink stations and customizing the décor, there are many ways to jazz up your Sangeet ceremony. Partner with an efficient team of decorators specializing in Indian wedding decorations in Chicago, and follow the above-mentioned tips to host a Sangeet night that you will never forget.


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