Tips To Consider For Your Summer Wedding

Tips To Consider For Your Summer Wedding

Summer weddings have their own kind of excitement. People do have winter weddings as well but summer weddings are more preferred by people when there’s a choice to be made between two. Summer weddings have their own benefits like clear weather, longer daytime hours, etc.

Summer wedding photoshoots have that airy and sort of more consistent weather, better location options, and longer hours of daylight, all of which are ideal for Indian wedding photography Chicago.

Summer weddings are a lot of fun to capture for the same reasons; the bright colors and laid-back mood can make for some wonderful wedding pictures.

It’s not that summer is the perfect season and everyone should only choose it for their wedding, however, the benefits of having your wedding in the summer season weighs more than any other. Every setting and season, of course, presents its own set of hurdles for photographers to overcome, and summer is no exception. It might be difficult to manage the heat and intense midday sunlight, especially if you’re shooting outside. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of essential ideas and considerations for photographing a summer wedding.


Here are some of the tips that you should definitely consider as important tips for your summer wedding:

  • Being comfortable with what you wear:

When photographing a wedding, it is very important to be dressed comfortably, but you also need to be comfortable enough to move around freely and get beautiful picture clicks with your partner. It is very important that you wear a is comfortable whether its outfits or footwear. Make sure the outfits that you choose are made of fabrics that are breathable, and strechable. So that if you are posing for pictures, you don’t have to stand stiff.

Avoid wearing colors like black or dark brown, we highly recommend beige or pastel colors. Even if the day begins nice and sunny, you should bring an additional layer or two just in case the weather changes.

  • Make sure to discuss your schedule with your wedding photographer ahead of time:

There must be other events that the wedding photographer could be caught up with, vice versa you could get caught up in wedding preparations and other things as well.

  • Start early: 

Arrive as early as possible at the venue so you can give yourself and the photographer to set things like the setup and other things at the venue, and finer details like flower arrangements and table settings before the guests arrive. You’ll be able to capture everything when it’s still serene and fresh because the light will be softer.

  • Make a shot list for your family:

You may already know all of the people that need to be on the shot list in your head, but it’s always a good idea to write it down so you don’t forget. Plan this with your photographer, as they will be able to help you make it more efficient. They can advise on the optimum order and combinations to guarantee that no time is wasted.

  • Plan your schedule:

A properly planned schedule will ensure that everyone’s photo is taken and that you have all of the shots you require. It’s also a surefire technique to cut down on how much time people spend in the sun. You have more influence over how the shoot will go if you have a defined timeline. It is better for everyone if you spend less time outside in the sun.

  • Mention the selected locations you want to visit:

Aside from having a timetable to stick to, you should also figure out the location where you want your Indian wedding photography Chicago. When it comes to making your images memorable, different types of backgrounds and locations are game-changer.  When it comes to scheduling the shooting sequence, having placed in mind allows you to advise individuals on where they should go.

Choose a spot with open shade if you’re doing portraits or family shots, for example. Because family portraits are frequently taken in the middle of the day, choosing the correct location will help to avoid overexposure to glare and heat.

  • Take breaks: 

There’s a chance you\’ll be doing things back to back to complete everything on time. Keep in mind, however, that breaks are required, especially in the sweltering heat. You’ll also need time for makeup touch-ups or refreshments to look fresh and glowing in your photographs. Your visitors should do the same. Taking small pauses can also help you feel less stressed.

  • Avoid starving yourself:

It is very important to keep yourself hydrated and eat properly. If the photoshoot is planned somewhere in the outskirts where there is less availability of the restaurants, you should always leave your home prepared. Pack some sandwiches and fresh juice in some extra amount for yourself and others as well. Another helpful tip is to keep granola bars or any nutritional bars.

  • Capturing the lovely summer light: 

A summer wedding isn’t complete without a glimpse of the sunset. Check ahead of time to see what time and where the sun will set on your wedding day, and arrive at least one hour before the scheduled time. This is one of the best parts Indian wedding photography Chicago. Try to get wonderful wedding pictures that you may treasure forever by taking as many photos and films as you can during the golden hours.

The lovely golden hour, when the sun is low in the sky and creates a gentle warm glow on your subjects, is one of the finest things about summer photography. Make a note of when the sun will set so you don’t miss out on this beautiful wedding portrait opportunity.

If you think time can be managed then you should ask your wedding photographer to get on side with you and your partner to click some exclusive pictures for the night. It’s preferable to stage this moment when there’s still a sliver of light outside so that your wedding photographer can put up a flash to achieve the desired effect.

To sum up, it is very important to be prepared for anything and everything at your wedding. However, the truth is when we make right choices or take wise decisions things tend to take place in a better way. In context to the same, it is very important to choose a professional photographer for Indian wedding photography Chicago. When you are spending so much on other things, make sure that the photographer you choose is professional, and able to understand the kind of expectations you have from them.

We at forurevents have professional team members with years of experience who always provide the best results. You can check other professional services that we offer along with wedding photography.

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