Wedding Color Themes With Meanings

There are two types of fairytales, one that we see on T.v and other that we imagine from childhood. Especially girls, who do have a typical fairytale of having a princess type dreamy wedding. And why not? Every girl is a princess and every guy is a prince, so why not make a wedding fairytale to celebrate the union of the prince and princess!

Now you have to consider two things, the color theme and a professional Indian Wedding Photographer in Chicago to capture the whole fairytale wedding.

Here are some of the color themes for your wedding:

  • The color of love: Red

No jokes, but red is globally considered a color of love! Isn’t it obvious that most of the themes on Valentine’s day are based on red color? The red color is beautiful and gives a whole love and passionate vibes. This is not a color that will leave you indifferent, whether it’s passion or love. As per the research, the color red causes the heart to beat faster, thus it will be a perfect choice for your wedding to be associated with powerful sensations and emotions. However, you don’t have to choose the typical red if you don’t want it, there are other variations in the same base color like crimson, cherry red, and burgundy.

  • The color of affection: Pink

There are fewer or rare people who would reject the pink color for a wedding. As a descendant of powerful and passionate red, the gentle and romantic color pink is associated with young, pure love, compassion, and delicacy. If you incorporate the colors into your attire and décor, your ceremony and images will seem vibrant and adorable. There are different variations in pink color as well which you can definitely consider like, dusty pink and ivory, and light pink. Indeed, dusty pink is one of the most trendy colors these days.

  • The color of joy and warmth: Orange

Orange color is a pop color that naturally gives us joy and vibrant happy vibes! If you want a vibrant and bright Indian wedding theme then you should definitely choose an orange color. Even if you ask a professional  Indian Wedding Photographer in Chicago for suggestions, the advice would be the same. Naturally, the pictures around and in this color theme turn out to be bright, fresh with enthusiastic vibes. It will help to make your wedding event more vibrant and full of life.

There are different tones of orange color that you can consider which are Tangerine and yellow, apricot and sage, orange and cranberry, and yellow are all good combinations. If you want a boho wedding, burnt orange, dusty pink, and brown are fantastic colors to use for your ceremony.

  • The color of grace and magic: Purple 

Romantic energies, light hearted vibes are usually associated with purple color. Subtle purple hues will add a sense of mystery and magic to your wedding. Undoubtedly,  Purple is one of the most popular wedding color schemes these days. This color can be used for weddings in every season and comes in a range of beautiful tones. One of the best things is that this theme can turn out beautiful and perfect in almost all seasons. Winter ceremonies benefit from darker colors, whereas summer events benefit from bright purple. Plum and gold, lilac and sage, lavender, and yellow are the best color combos.

  • The color of serenity: Blue

How is it that whenever we see blue color or shades of blue our mind automatically makes us feel and think about peace and calmness?  It is also seen to be a color of trust, which is linked to the well-known practice of the bride wearing something blue to her wedding, which symbolizes constancy and trustworthiness in partnerships. Blue can be a good option especially, if the wedding is held in summer. Ask your  Indian Wedding Photographer in Chicago to click some good portraits pictures of you to capture the beautiful summer wedding theme!

  • The color of happiness and sunshine: Yellow

Yellow, like orange tones, is associated with pleasure and enthusiasm. Yellow is usually associated with happiness and warmth, and which occasion can turn up the level of happiness other than a wedding? Although yellow is a summer color, it may be used for a wedding ceremony at any time of year. Winter and autumn events will benefit from gold accents, while spring and summer events will benefit from canary yellow.

  • The color of nature and luck: Green 

Green usually signifies nature and luck. You must have noticed the four-leaf clovers, which signify luck is of green color. Some people equate green with wealth and success, while others see it as a symbol of nature and the great outdoors. Deep green tones, depending on your preferences, might lend a rich touch to your wedding, while nature lovers should go with a light and brilliant green palette. Choose from emerald and gold, sage green and light pink, olive, and ivory color schemes.

Here are some helpful suggestions: 

  • You can go for multicolored themes as well. Don’t limit yourself to a two-color scheme; instead, add four or five tones that complement the coherent and vibrant picture your wedding will create.
  • To make the main colors pop, use table linen as a backdrop and table runners and napkins as accents.
  • It is important that you do add silver or gold color to the themes, this little technique can actually change the whole look in a very elegant way.
  • Also, you can ask your caterers if the cutlery could be in gold or silver color, this would add that royal touch with what you are serving to your guests and leave a lasting impression.
  • Don’t forget to add flowers in context to the theme selected

To sum up, it is very important that you consider multiple factors like the time of the day, venue, season, and what the color represents before you finalize the color theme. In addition to the same, you should select colors that appeal to you and your spouse. Always spend time planning and making the best decision to make your wedding day a memorable and enjoyable experience for both the couple and their guests. Also, consider having a one-to-one conversation with your Indian Wedding Photographer in Chicago regarding the theme, he/she may help you with more suggestions and ideas regarding the same.

Get set to live your day and years to come full of colors!

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