What is the Meaning of Flowers in Wedding & Their Significance

Have you ever noticed that flowers By their very nature, flowers have many things that make them look nice. Size, shape, color, and smell all work together to make something beautiful and unique. Because of this, they are often a part of many of the times when people get together, no matter the reason.

For example, at a wedding, the flowers are often thought to be one of the most important ways to keep the color scheme. Often, the choice of the flower gives a strong hint about the overall theme. At other events, like funerals, a lot of time is spent choosing flowers because they add a pleasant touch to an otherwise sad occasion.

Flowers can be found everywhere at a wedding, from bouquets and boutonnieres to flower petals down the aisle during the ceremony and even artistic flower arrangements as table centerpieces. Flowers are an important part of any wedding because they add more color, texture, and feeling to your special day. With their beauty, color, elegance, and style, flowers are an important part of setting the tone or mood for your wedding. Flowers at a wedding are both a way to say something and an important part of the design.

Celebrations can make floral arrangements for your special day, from the simplest to the most complicated. These arrangements will help make your special day truly memorable.

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Flowers have been a big part of Indian weddings and other happy events for hundreds of years. In addition to being mentioned in many myths, some flowers became associated with good luck, a happy occasion or celebration, and were also thought to be lucky. South Indians, in particular, like to make flower arrangements that stand out, and they always make sure to use only fresh flowers on special occasions. We look at three types of flowers that are the most important part of most Indian weddings:

Flowers always make people healthier, happier, and more helpful. They are sunshine, food, and medicine for the soul. With these timeless words in mind, it’s not surprising that flowers are a big part of every Indian ceremony. From weddings to funerals, these beautiful flowers are a treasured part of the decorations and rituals.

In a desi wedding, flowers are often used. The bride and groom give each other the thick flower wreaths. The flowers are put on the mandap to make it look nice. No matter the religion or community, flowers are a big part of every Indian wedding.


These tiny, fragrant flowers are called “Mallipoo” affectionately. They are thought to be good luck, and wearing them is a sign of future success and wealth. Since they are cheap and easy to get, brides often braid them into their hair for the wedding. Even though marigolds are the most common flower, the white jasmine flower comes in a close second. Jasmines are used a lot, especially in south Indian weddings. Jasmine flowers are known for their sweet smell and give off an air of freshness. These wedding flowers also stand for love and closeness between the bride and groom. The white color of the flower means style and goodness. Like jasmine, white lilies are often used in Indian weddings. Like jasmine, they have a deep, otherworldly center. Lilies are a sign of love, happiness, and dependability, all of which are very important in a marriage.


White is one of the most popular colors for wedding posies, and these flowers look like stars. They are often called “Rajanigandha” and they are in high demand during wedding season. Plus: these pretty flower additions mean happiness and pleasure.

Marigolds in Indian wedding

In different cultures, flowers mean different things. Some are very popular in some cultures, but scary in others. Genda, also called marigolds, are the most common flowers used in Hindu weddings. This has been true since ancient times. They aren’t used at Christian weddings because they are thought to be the cause of bad luck and trouble. Marigolds, both orange and yellow, are now the flowers that people usually choose for the top spots at Indian weddings. Marigolds are used to honor the god Vishnu and his better half, the goddess Lakshmi, who are seen as the perfect couple.


These ruffled blooms are exactly the kind of flowers that are used to decorate Indian weddings because they can be used in many ways, are colorful, and are cheap. Also, these beautiful buds have a lot of meaning for future grooms and brides. They represent hope and joy for the rest of their lives.


Add a burst of color to your wedding decorations for a lively touch. Delphiniums or Larkspur are the right flowers for the event. These violet flowers are unique and delicate, giving any place a charming air. Even though they were first used at Western weddings, Indians now use them more often. Delphiniums are a sign of a kind and open heart, almost like a floral welcome with open arms.


These small, delicate flowers are often used as decorations because they are cheap and last longer than most blooms. They smell nice without being too strong, which makes them great for Indian wedding flower garlands and other decorative uses.

Lilies: Lilies to make the bride more beautiful

Orchids are another flower that is becoming more and more important at Indian weddings. They are rarely found in a lot of different colors. Having to do with beauty, knowledge, quality, and luxury. Orchids show that the couple loves each other deeply and will always help each other. Tulips are also being used more and more as part of an Indian wedding. People think that using tulips at a wedding is a sign of love for the couple getting married. Even before you say you’re a man and a wife, the use of tulips shows how much you care about each other.

Gerbera Daisies:

Want to add something bright and happy to your wedding decorations? You might want to get some Gerbera daisies. There are many different colors of these flowers, which makes them great for a more casual ceremony. They can give your setting a rustic look. Above all, these bright flowers are a great way to show that you love and trust someone in a pure way.

Indian weddings have beautiful orchids.

Roses are one of the most well-known flowers. They symbolize love and have an undisputed place in Indian weddings. Whether it\’s red, pink, or white, each shade has a very important meaning. While pink roses mean happiness, white roses mean beauty and class. In any case, a red rose is a sign of passionate love. It’s hard to imagine a wedding without the beauty and scent of endless roses.

Indian weddings are known for being flexible, and the flowers are a big part of that. They add elegance and beauty to a happy occasion. Still, not all flowers are thought to be good choices for the event. Some wedding flowers are more popular than others because of what they stand for.

Where Do Indian Weddings Use Flowers?

Good question. The answer is all around! In Punjabi weddings, the sheet made of flowers is held by the bride’s brothers as the bride walks toward the mandap. In a ceremony called Sagri, on the other hand, Sindhi brides wear jewelry and decorations made out of flowers. Christian brides have been carrying bouquets down the aisle since the beginning of time. South Indian brides have always put flowers in their hair and given their new husbands garlands.

Over time, wedding decorations have grown and more flowers from around the world have been added to desi indian wedding decorators chicago. From Orchids to Roses, these foreign flowers have been added to long-standing traditions and are now a big part of an Indian wedding.

Even though beautiful flowers are an important part of the experience, traditions and symbols give them more meaning. So, give your love story the background it deserves with flowers that have their own stories to tell.

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