Why Is Decoration An Essential Thing To Focus On While Planning a Wedding?

Why Is Decoration An Essential Thing To Focus On While Planning a Wedding?

Decor has the power to change the look of a place completely. Especially, in weddings it is about more than just meeting basic demands; it’s also about making the location look like the second most beautiful thing after the bride and where people click the most selfies with!

A wedding decoration is necessary to set the tone for the celebration, whether it is a simple or a lavish one. They draw attention to the location and the event and depicts how presentable the event is in itself.  Additionally, nice wedding decorations add to the overall beauty of the wedding photographs. You can essentially do anything for your wedding decoration depending on how much money you want to spend. Speaking of that, covering the event is very important which is why you should consider a professional wedding decorator in Chicago.

We can assist you with planning and selecting wedding decorations that represent your personality and style statement:

  • The stage:

Whether it’s the wedding ceremony or the reception, the stage is where the main focus of the visitors go. As a result, you must pay great attention to the complex decoration. A nice stage decor is very vital to wedding photographers.  You can choose from different trends like it could be a specific colour to match the couple’s apparel, or a theme or set-up to create a romantic atmosphere.

  • Drapes/curtains made of fabric:

Classy and sassy is the combination to define this style. The use of long-flowing cloth drapes to create an exquisite stage backdrop is also extremely frequent. Drapes for the stage are usually made of silk, satin, or chiffon. If you have a colour scheme in mind, make the drapes match it. Pink, ivory, crimson, and gold are the most common colours. Use two colours in combination, but make sure they complement the items in the venue. This simple yet classy idea will add so much to your decoration.

  • Floral paper:

Floral never goes out of trend be it clothing or decorations. Large, beautiful paper flowers are a cost-effective way to create attractive backdrops. You have the option of selecting from a variety of colour combinations as well as floral sizes and varieties. Artificial fabric flowers and cut-outs are also a nice alternative for a backdrop. With this style of backdrop, you may get quite creative with your decorations.

  • Theme:

Themes-based decorations are concept decorations, as the name implies. Themed wedding decorations are really trending these days. Your wedding theme might be as simple as a colour scheme or as complicated as a recreated movie set, a palace, or even a specific place. You should definitely have a word with your wedding decorator in Chicago to get this idea executed.

  • Mandap/Altar for Indian weddings:

Hindu weddings follow rituals which include mandap. Mandaps often have four pillars, whereas altars typically have two. To adorn the structure, you can use fresh flowers, colourful drapes, and so on. A classic yet elegant mandap decoration approach is to use marigold or jasmine garlands.

  • Crystal Curtains:

If you like bling, crystal curtains will add a touch of glitz to your wedding decor. In an outdoor setting, hang them from an arch, panelled with cloth drapes, or even hanging low on a tree branch. It can be used freely with flowers to create an expensive impression for aisle décor. Most people love blings and sparkles these days which is why this could be a good option.

  • Creative lights:

In fact, employing light strings to enrich your backdrop with a clean and crisp appearance is a terrific way to do it. Needless to mention, for an evening outdoor reception, you\’ll need to incorporate various light elements into your wedding decorations, such as lanterns/diya, globe lights especially for an Indian wedding.

  • Neon Signs:

Be it a club, house party, baby shower or weddings neon lights have set its benchmark. It seems as if without it there is some dullness in the atmosphere of an event!

In recent years, neon signs have become increasingly popular, and everyone has an Instagram photo in front of one, and for good reason. They\’re stylish and provide a splash of colour to any setting. After the wedding, you can use them to decorate your house or yard as mementos. Generic signs are available online, or many places can make personalized signs with your names or the wedding date.

Neon signs are excellent outdoor wedding decorating ideas since they are eye-catching and provide the ideal backdrop for your guests to shoot those oh-so-indemonstrable photos.

  • Flora:

Wedding arches made of flowers are really stunning. If you want a boho chic wedding, these are great outdoor wedding decoration ideas. Saying \”I do\” under a flower arch while wearing a personalised flower crown will make for some stunning wedding photos. It feels like a dream!

After all, without flowers, no outdoor wedding décor ideas are complete. You may also use your beautiful them to decorate chairs and tables, or build flower wreaths! Take a look at the photo below of a beautiful flower garland that was utilized at one of our outdoor weddings!

  • Fairy lights:

Without fairy lights, what would an outdoor wedding decoration ideas site be? These small devices may be hung around anything and make any space look bright and cool.

With an outdoor wedding event, make the most of your natural resources by lighting up trees, plants, and anything else in the area. As the daytime wedding transitions to the midnight reception, these look extremely amazing. Candles are a more conventional option that look fantastic and add to the romantic atmosphere.

  • Paperwork:

Paper is both inexpensive and attractive. Before the wedding, get the kids involved by asking them to make decorations. Then you\’ll have special reminders of them all around the place on the big day. The youngsters will enjoy seeing their creations displayed. Paper wedding decorations are appropriate for a family-friendly affair that is less formal than, say, an adult-only affair. Somehow these add the innocence element in the wedding.

These ideas are a combination of aesthetic, classy yet so wedding elements that will help you to think and finalize the best look for the wedding/ engagement. However, getting it done from someone who has done it multiple times can help you with  better improvisation in ideas, and help in the declaration itself. It is advised to consider a wedding decorator in Chicago to make your wedding venue no less than a film set!

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