Top Wedding Decor Service Makes Your Event Flawless

Generally, everyone knows that they should decorate the dining tables for the wedding reception and that there should be flowers and candles for the ceremony, however what about all those another areas your guests will be spending time during your wedding day? Well, at Forur Event you can find plenty of wedding decoration ideas for other parts of your venue by our team of expert decorators.

So take a look at our seven of the areas or elements that often get overlooked when putting together your wedding decorations.

1 Make an attractive impression with the entrance

Basically, the entrance to your venue will be the first thing your guests see, and it will make a statement about what they can expect from the rest of your wedding. Thus, Forur events make big and bold in your entrance decorations. And, our decorators use some form of lighting, whether that is dramatic flaming torches, romantic hanging lanterns, or cute fairy lights. Also, we use potted plants or trees on either side of the entrance and add some flowers or colored posters inside the hallway to continue the great impression.

2 Jazz up the bar

Mostly, chances are your guests will spend a fair amount of time in the bar so you will want to make it as attractive as possible. However, if space is a little empty then try hiring an old fashioned jukebox, a photo booth, or any other objects that will provide interest and entertainment, and complement your theme. We make sure there is some comfortable seating in the bar for guests to relax on. Also, flower arrangements can work well in the bar, which doesn’t get in the way of the bar staff. Sometimes we provide garlands or streamers that can be kept out of the way.

3 Check out the ceiling

Next, if the ceiling of your venue isn’t very attractive, or it’s very high and you’d like to make the atmosphere cozier, there are various things we try such as draping fabric across the ceiling isn’t as hard as it sounds, or we add paper lanterns, hanging bird cages, or even hired chandeliers. Besides, Suspended flower arrangements or branch canopies can create a natural effect.

4 Bring the rooms together

In addition to our next service, if your wedding will take place over a number of rooms make sure the corridors or walkways that join these areas continue your wedding theme then we simply potted plants and wall posters may be enough, but if your guests are likely to get lost at this situation we consider making some fun signs, using your wedding style and color scheme, to make sure they know where they are headed.

5 Cherish your chairs

Moreover, Chairs might not seem like the most important aspect of your wedding venue, but they can make a real difference to your overall look. Therefore, if you’re not keen on the chairs the venue provides you may be able to find covers with decorative sashes that will match your theme. Thus, if that doesn’t work simply then we pack the chairs away and hire some that you do like. Also, Wrought iron or cute white wood are both popular styles of a wedding chair, although your guests might need something a little more comfortable if you are planning a long wedding breakfast.

6 Beautify the bathroom

Well, while your male guests are unlikely to care, the girls at your wedding will be really touched if you make a feature of the ladies bathroom. Also, we add some scented soaps in a similar fragrance to your wedding perfume, some pretty hand lotions, and some soft fluffy guest towels, as well as a couple of miniature flower arrangements.

7 Add atmospheric lighting

Lastly, many couples view their wedding venues on a sunny summer day and forget to check out what the lighting is like. And, Atmospheric lighting can make all the difference to an indoor winter or evening wedding, so if your venue only has harsh bright lights look out for lamps, candles, fairy lights, and starlit backdrops. Therefore, we light your flower arrangements with votive candles or with LED lit colored gel in glass vases which looks pretty and you feel delighted to see.

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