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Relive the Best Moments of Your Life With Immersive Indian Wedding Videography

The priceless emotions, the vibrant colors and events, the culture-rich traditions and rituals, the heart-warming celebrations, and the most exuberant party at the reception; Indian weddings are a grand story to tell. And no one quite wraps up the entire story well, like an authentic Indian wedding videographer.


At ForUrEvents, we know how crucial a role a videographer plays in an Indian wedding. That is why we bring you the most experienced and talented Indian wedding videographers in Chicago.


Equipped with the finest tech, and innovative photography strategies, our team of videographers goes above and beyond to film the most important day of your life and deliver it to you in the most immersive way possible. Through our videos, you will get to relive the special moments that brought you and your partner together, just as vividly as your experience, over and over again.


Thinking beyond the conventional chronological compilation styles of wedding videos, we focus on giving you a full-blown love story on a platter. As vibrant as they are, South Asian weddings also have rich stories to tell, along with heart-warming family moments, and traditional elements. And that is what we strive to capture through our visual story-telling skills.

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Our Services in Indian Wedding Videography

Filming an Indian wedding is one of the most wholesome and fulfilling experiences for us as a team of Indian wedding videographers. From the intricate details to the richness of emotions to the cultural nuances, we love everything about an Indian wedding. This makes us passionate and driven service providers in Indian wedding videography, offering a range of specialties.

Wedding day coverage

We provide coverage of the entire day of your wedding, starting from the green room stories to your reception party. Our team comes equipped with the best tech including lenses and lighting to film the special day, blends in with the festivities, and captures the events paying careful attention to detail. At the end of the day, we will be left with a wonderful story; a love story that transcends all else and transports you back to the experience, years after it is over.

Multiple event coverage

Indian weddings are grand celebrations spanning two or three days, filled with many cultural events such as Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, etc. We know and value each of these events as much as you do, which is why we offer multiple event coverage services. Our team plans and prepares to shoot all your pre-wedding, post-wedding, and main events seamlessly, giving you days’ worth of footage, ready to be converted into your special love story. We shoot every little detail with your ultimate wedding vision in mind.

Video editing

Our editing table is where all the magic happens. We have a highly qualified, creative, and talented team of video editors that transforms your wedding footage into a mesmerizing tale of love. We render sound, quality enhancements, and lighting techniques to create visually immersive wedding videos, all while keeping the natural and raw elements intact. We also use powerful cinematography strategies and creative visualization to create stunningly indulging experiences that will take you back to the wonderful moments in the years to come.

Wedding stories

We transform the weddings we capture into endearing love stories through never-before-seen visual storytelling techniques. Our creative team brainstorms unique ideas and concepts in videography and cinematography to elevate ordinary wedding footage into stories that invoke emotion and vivid memories. Our professionally qualified team of Indian wedding videographers in Chicago takes great pride in the fact their efforts can give Indian couples in the US a rich taste of their home, culture, and family traditions long after all is said and done.

Customized packages

Indian weddings are elaborate celebrations that are as unique as the love story of each couple. We understand that you have different dreams and different needs, unique to your tastes and preferences. Hence, we offer customized packages in wedding videography to suit your wedding story and budget. You can opt for multiple coverage, and storytelling styles according to the events and rituals that you plan to include as a part of your wedding, and we will craft the perfect package for you.

Comprehensive coverage

As beautiful as Indian weddings are, we also know that they are complex events covering a myriad of rituals, aesthetic details, and elaborate ceremonies. To destress our Indian couples and make their wedding planning much easier, we offer a comprehensive range of services in addition to Indian wedding videography, including bridal makeup and hair, catering, music and DJ, Indian wedding photography, and printing services for wedding invitations, Indian wedding decoration all under one roof. We are a one-stop shop for all your wedding needs.

We Understand The Little Complexities That Make Indian Weddings Beautiful

We are a team deeply rooted in India. For the same reason, we know and understand the values of the Indian culture more than anyone else. Unlike Western weddings, in India, we love having extravagant celebrations where we share love and happiness with everyone we know. The more the merrier. And that is precisely why you need an authentically Indian wedding videographer to capture the moments worth treasuring.

Multiple events

From the Mehendi and Haldi ceremonies to the baraat, the pheras and the varamala ceremonies, and every other fun ritual in between, Indian weddings have a myriad of culturally significant events that a Western videographer may find hard to follow. The richness of the Indian culture has to be imbibed from the roots, which is why it takes an inherently Indian videographer to capture all the important events without fail. And we at ForUrEvents are all about that!

No such thing as too many people

It is typical and unique to the Indian culture that we throw grand celebrations with more than 300 or 500 guests. No other culture in the world does that or gets that. From the kid next door from ten years ago to the common friend you share with your distant cousin, to your mom’s hair stylist, every single guest is important at an Indian wedding, and we at ForUrEvents understand that. As unrelatable as it may sound for the Western culture, this is just how Indian weddings are, and we love it.

Vibrant colors and details

The colors and vibrant intricate details at an Indian wedding are a few things that cannot be missed. Indians are not afraid of playing with colors, and their weddings are proof of the fact. From the flowers to the details on the bride’s lehenga, there are a lot of intricacies that need attention, which only a true Indian videographer will be able to capture in their real essence. A wedding video has to be a true reflection of the wedding day, and it cannot be one, if the colors you so carefully chose for your wedding, do not show up well.

Timing is everything

With so many events and rituals lined up, an Indian wedding is seldom in adherence to a defined timeline. Hence it is up to the photographers and videographers to anticipate precious moments to film and shoot them at the right times. Only the most experienced Indian wedding videographers can identify the best shots and frames, the crucial moments, and unmissable emotions. We at ForUrEvents plan, prepare, and execute wedding shoots with great precision and state-of-the-art equipment so that we are always ready to catch the priceless moments as they happen.

The roller coaster of emotions

The emotions running high and low at Indian weddings are perhaps the most endearing of all aspects. From happiness to joy to the overwhelming sweet sadness of the families, seeing their dear ones enter into a new phase of their lives is priceless. Our team is experienced and compassionate enough to feel the emotions and bring them through in the video footage as accurately as they can so that the bride and the groom can look back on the memories and experience the feelings all over again.

Why We Are Your Most Reliable Indian Wedding Videographer in Chicago

ForUrEvents is a veteran Indian wedding service provider with more than a decade of experience in the industry. We know Indian weddings in and out, and we have captured many beautiful wedding stories on reels over the years. As one of the most fully equipped Indian wedding videographers in Chicago, we have amazing resources to transform your big day into a priceless treasure chest of memories.

Cinematographic excellence

With years of professional experience in wedding photography and videography, our team has mastered the craft, along with stunning techniques in cinematography to enhance the immersive quality of wedding videos. Partnering with us will let you enjoy your wedding experience vividly, almost like a Bollywood movie, many years down the line.

Cultural sense

As mentioned earlier, we are a team of photographers deeply rooted in India. We get Indian weddings, along with the hundreds of cultural rituals and traditions associated with them, like no one else. Hence, we always have the leverage to shoot your wedding with the utmost precision, quality, and attention to detail.

State-of-the-art tech

We are one of the few Indian wedding photographers in Chicago with a full stack of state-of-the-art tech, ready to shoot days’ worth of celebrations. From high-quality 4K lenses, micro and macro lenses, lighting, and drones, we have everything we’ll need to create magical video experiences out of Indian wedding stories.

Personalized approach

We are perfectionists when it comes to crafting our service values. To give you the most value for money, we adopt a highly personalized approach when planning our shooting process. We arrange meetings and get to know you as a couple, including your tastes and preferences, to give you a tailored experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

We adopt a highly personalized artistic documentation style in Indian wedding videography. We focus on filming the realest, most raw moments from your wedding, from the best angles, and turn it into an immersive visual experience. For that our team comes equipped with the best equipment, cinematographic strategies, lighting, and talent, to capture natural moments on film. Our editing team then uses their technical skills to enhance the documentation style without altering the natural elements, to deliver an authentic wedding video.

We believe in offering fully customized services. Once we agree on our partnership, we will arrange for a meeting; with you and your partner. This will give us a chance to get to know each other better. It will let us understand your nature and level of comfort with the camera. The core intention of the meeting is for you to communicate your wedding vision with us. You can show us reference pictures and videos if you have any. In the days preceding the wedding, we will be in constant communication, discussing your needs, tastes, and preferences in videography. As a team we will prepare the necessary equipment and strategies, to cover the most important day of your life perfectly.

The number of members on our videography team will depend on the kind of coverage you need, the number of guests, and the photography requirements as well, as videography and photography work in conjunction. Typically, we will have two videographers; one to cover the events at the groom’s end and one to cover the events at the bride’s end. If there are more than 350 guests, we will also be assigning assistants for lighting, lenses, drone operation, etc.

Yes, we love destination weddings. We offer customized packages in Indian wedding videography as well as photography to cover destination weddings. And yes, we will be traveling with you to offer the most amount of support.

We are one of the most equipped teams of Indian wedding videographers in Chicago. With more than ten years of service experience to our credit, we are well-versed in the technical art of wedding videography. Moreover, as we are Indians at our roots, we know and understand the cultural nuances and ritualistic values in an Indian wedding more than anyone else. This gives us the upper hand in filming an Indian wedding with the utmost accuracy and authenticity in a city like Chicago.

In addition, we bring professional talent and expertise to the table, along with state-of-the-art tech, and advanced cinematographic strategies. By partnering with us, you will receive a visually immersive tale of your wedding in film, which you can cherish forever.

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