Indian Wedding Videography Chicago

Indian Wedding Videography Chicago

“The best intimate moments of your wedding, the festive celebration at your Sangeet, the determined and exuberant party at your reception – while nothing wraps up the entire story of your wedding quite like your Indian wedding videographer”.


Begin with all of the colors, emotions, and action; Indian weddings are any videographer’s dream and the perfect events to showcase our artistry and storytelling.


At Forurevents team has shot hundreds of Indian weddings Chicago of various religions, and regions, from Hindu to Muslim to Punjabi to Gujarati, and more! And, we fully understand the culture and the sentimental moments that occur during a traditional Indian wedding and ultimate Indian wedding Videographer in Chicago. Also, for some of our recent Indian Weddings, be sure to check them out on our blog!


Moreover, we move away from a chronological compilation of your wedding day events and embrace the idea that videography should be telling a story and in this case, a love story. And, we know South Asian Weddings have incredible stories to tell with its vibrant colors, loving family moments, and traditional elements.

All these images are showing our prefered vendor/decorator work.

Every Moment Captured By Forurevents Team Of Personalized Wedding Video

At Forurevents, we offer a specialized videography and cinematography service designed specifically for Indian weddings. And, from the most important ceremony to any traditional rituals you choose to include, we will be right there and be ready not just to record the sights and sounds of the day, but also to shot the very emotions of you and your partner in an Indian wedding video that is as moving as it is unique.

Thus, if you have specific ideas about the video, our proficient team will work closely with you to ensure you vision turns into reality. And, if you want to leave it all to us, then we will gladly dedicate our passion and expertise to create nothing short of a masterpiece for you. Some of our most captured video on wedding events is as follows:

Mehendi Party Videography

Forurevents Indian Wedding packages are designed to incorporate the multiple pre-wedding and wedding festivities, including the Mehendi party. And, we enjoy getting to know the family in a more intimate setting and the event offers great candid footage that can be incorporated into your final wedding video. Also, we understand the time and detail that goes into the creation of Mehendi and we feel through videography you can really capture the Mehendi process.

Sangeet Videography

Next, The Sangeet is a pre-wedding celebration for the bride and grooms family to formally meet and when the partying begins. And, the sole purpose of a Sangeet is to celebrate the anticipated wedding festivities with performances from the couple’s relatives. It is just like the Mehendi, the Sangeet is also included in our Indian Wedding Videography packages. Additionally, our primary goal during Sangeet videography is to capture all the fun moments between family and friends. And, we schedule our arrival 10-20 minutes prior to invitation time in order to capture all the elaborate details of a Sangeet.

Baarat Videography

Further, the Baarat is an exciting start to a fun filled wedding day, the groom’s time to shine! And, we’re never too sure what new and unique ride our grooms will come up with, but we’ll be sure to capture it all. Also, our grooms have arrived riding beautiful horses and friendly elephants. Moreover, we’ve even seen rickshaws flown in all the way from India, a New York Taxi cab, and many luxury vehicles. And, the music, dancing, and unique ride really set the tone for the evening.


In addition to our affordability, we offer convenience. And, Our Indian wedding video service is available in Chicago are in your budget. To book, call us today.


Wedding video and film captures your story in gorgeous detail and turns the most important moments of your wedding day into memories. We’re thrilled to bring you our trusted hotlist of the best videographers and filmmakers in the chicago.

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