15 Unique Pre-wedding Photoshoot Ideas 2023

15 Unique Pre-wedding Photoshoot Ideas 2023

Gone are the days when pre-wedding photoshoots included only picturesque landscapes and cityscapes. The younger couples of today love switching things up and having unique photos taken together.


The ritual serves as more than just an announcement or documentation of romantic moments for a couple. It also acts as a fun way to show the world that they love each other and share common interests too. And Indian couples in particular love this trend.


Especially in a city like Chicago, where there are multiple fun things to do together, the possibilities to have a unique pre-wedding photoshoot are abundant. All you need is a great Indian wedding photographer in Chicago, who understands your needs.


This is where ForUrEvents can help you. We have an in-house team of Indian wedding photographers, who have years of experience capturing beautiful moments from grand Indian weddings.


What is unique about our team is that they make sure to let the couple have fun with each other and be comfortable in front of the camera. For this, we arrange for an initial meeting with the couple, to discuss requirements and expectations.


After the pre-wedding photoshoot, you will be left feeling positive and more confident about your wedding portraits as well.


Here are 15 unique ideas for your pre-wedding photoshoot.


Vintage vibes


Vintage pictures always stand out for their richness and timelessness. Find shoot locations with vintage-style architecture, and try to include most of the vintage elements in the pictures. Pose next to figurines, record players, baroque wallpapers, and the like. For an extra dramatic effect, make your pictures black and white as well.


Water babies


When we say water, we don’t mean fountains. We mean lakes and rivers, where you can actually get in and have some fun. Wear elegant casual clothing and spend some time together in or on the water. You can also pose on rocks next to waterfalls for thrilling experiences, or get creative next to a flowing river.


Furry friendships


If you have pets and you wish for them to be a part of everything you do, have a pre-wedding photoshoot with them. Go to the beach or a park or maybe a less busy street too. Hug your pets, talk to them, carry them, cuddle them, and do whatever you want with them. Make them pose next to you as well for a cute little family photo.


Road trip buddies


Make a trip out of your pre-wedding photoshoot. Hire an RV or a minivan and embark on a road trip. Take breaks in between your journey, and have some fun walking around while your photographer clicks some great pictures. Barren spaces would make for the perfect road trip vibes. A great Indian wedding photographer in Chicago will be able to help you with a good location.


Partner chefs


If you share a love for cooking, you can have a photoshoot right in your kitchen. Rent some chef’s hats, wear your aprons, and bake some cookies together. If you wish to keep things Indian, you can even wear a sari and cook a traditional dish. Feel free to spew some ingredients on each other (don’t let it turn into a food fight though).


Chasing sunsets on the beach


Beach photoshoots are quite common. How about one with the sunset in the background? Wear specially designed outfits, perhaps in sunset colors with long trains and flowy details. Go barefoot and dance to melodious music or just take walks and express your love, all against the background of the majestic setting sun.


On a boat


Mimic Venice in Chicago with a romantic boat photoshoot. Choose vintage clothing with striking red-colored elements and pose on a moving boat. Try to rent a romantic ride in a special boat and dress up Italian for a wonderful Venice vibe.


Adventure junkies


If you and your partner are up for some adventure, there are a host of activities you can do together and make a pre-wedding shoot of them. You can go rock climbing, boxing, shooting, skiing, kayaking, or skating. You can even shoot some romantic moments or perform “couple stunts” at the gym.


Retro film romance


Retro film is a vibe out of the world. You will need a talented Indian wedding photographer in Chicago for this one though. Wear retro outfits, and pose in colorful locations. Make sure to mimic some of the old-movie poses to make it more retro. Leave it to your photographer to edit in the retro filters and you have yourselves your very own retro album.


Soul cyclers


Cycling is a relaxing and fun activity to engage in. There are multiple cycling courses around Chicago too. Put on your cycling shots and have some fun sync-cycling to get some amazing pictures clicked. Make sure to go at a time when the course will be less crowded.


Pottery heads


If pottery is your thing, we suggest you recreate the famous pottery date scene from the movie Ghost with Tom Cruise and Demi Moore. Choose a pottery class, indulge in the craft, and get lost in each other’s arms while your photographer clicks some dreamy pictures. An experienced Indian wedding photographer in Chicago can help you find a great pottery place.


Among the shadows


We always have well-lit pre-wedding photographs. Why don’t you click your pictures in a dark and moody ambiance? Place strategic lighting to create flattering shadows and play with your creativity to get the perfect moody couple portraits.


Matching PJs


If you are planning your wedding around Thanksgiving or Christmas, get yourself matching flannel PJs or Christmas PJs and have your shoot in the bedroom. Take a book, play with a plush toy, light a candle, or have a pillow fight and make it a warm and cozy little shoot.


Bollywood style


Die-hard Bollywood fans can very well plan a dramatic ultra-Bollywood photoshoot. Pick your favorite chiffon sari, and dance in the snow or in the rain. Don’t forget to wear your jhumkas and boys, channel your inner SRK. An authentic Indian wedding photographer in Chicago will know exactly what you need with this one.


100% Traditional


Last but not least, get ready for a full-blown costume party with this idea. Rent the attire and accessories needed and dress up in the most authentic style native to your Indian state. For example, if you are a Bengali, Punjabi, Tamilian, Maharashtrian, etc. get yourselves the most authentic traditional attire native to the place and do some classic poses.


Plan your pre-wedding photoshoot with the perfect Indian wedding photographer in Chicago


At ForUrEvents, we are true Indians at heart, and we love planning Indian weddings. Our experienced team of photographers will be psyched to shoot your creative ideas anywhere in Chicago.


Use this little creative list for some ideas and contact our team to plan your dream wedding. We provide all types of services from top to bottom, including wedding photography.


You will be surprised at how amazing you and your partner look together, with our team! For more updates visit our Facebook page.

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