7 Vows Of Indian Marriage You Should Know

7 Vows Of Indian Marriage You Should Know

Indian weddings are famous for several reasons all over the world, especially about the rituals and ceremonies that make up an Indian marriage ceremony are well-known. The excitement and energy in the Indian weddings are absolutely unparalleled, whether it is a week-long celebration prior to the actual wedding date or night-long partying days. Weddings are something for sure that we Indians definitely do not take lightly! This also calls for Indian wedding photography Chicago, as it is very important that these weddings are captured by a professional photographer.

Among the different types of Indian wedding rituals, the 7 pheras is considered to be one of the most sacred and meaningful of all. 7 pheras, also known as Saptapadi (in Sanskrit), refers to the ritual of walking seven times around the sacred fire during a wedding ceremony.

Basic thing to know about this ritual is that the bride leads the way in the first three pheras, while the groom leads the way in the remaining pheras. Let’s have a look at how the pheras are actually conducted before we get into the significance of each one.

How does the ceremony go?

The bride\’s family greets the groom’s family at the start of the wedding ceremony. Then a prayer is said to Lord Ganesh, asking him to bless the event and remove any obstacles from the ritual. The bride and groom then meet and exchange garlands, signaling their approval for the marriage ceremony to begin. Despite the fact that this ceremony was established on the concept that the bride and groom should not meet each other before the wedding, it is now just seen as a part of the welcoming ritual because the couple has already approved the proposal and knows each other.

The bride’s mother pours water into the groom’s father’s hands, which flows into the grooms and then into the brides, symbolizing enduring life and the passing on of the family history to future generations. These important and pure moments should definitely be captured by Indian wedding photography Chicago

How are the seven pheras carried out?

The 7 pheras ceremonies is performed in the presence of the pandit (also known as priest),. While the Hindu bride and groom sit around the holy fire, the priest (pandit) recites religious sayings (mantras). The bride and groom rise and walk around the fire seven times after receiving precise directions from the priest, and the ritual of seven pheras is said to be completed with the completion of the seventh phera.

Significance of each phera:

1st phera:

The first phera, or marriage vow, is a commitment given by a husband or woman to his or her partner to stay together and embark on pilgrimage together. They thank the Holy Spirit for the abundant food, drink, and other nutrients, and they pray for the strength to live together, respect one another, and care for one another.

2nd phera:

The sacred vow, or second phera, requires equal reverence for both parents. The pair also prays for bodily and mental strength, as well as spiritual abilities and a healthy and serene existence.

3rd Phera:

The daughter asks her fiance to pledge her that he will cheerfully accompany her through all three stages of life. The couple also prays to God Almighty to enhance their money by righteous means and proper application, as well as to fulfil spiritual commitments.

4th phera: 

In the fourth phera, the couple asks God to bless them with happiness and love. The value of family, parents, and elders is likewise symbolized by the fourth phera. The fourth phera establishes a commitment between the two souls to care for their elders, family members, and parents for the remainder of their lives.

5th Phera:

The couple prays to the Almighty to bless his generosity to all living beings in the universe in the Fifth Phera. They pray for the happiness and health of each other’s family and friends. The bride and groom\’s care for each other’s family members and relatives is symbolized by the fifth Phera. It also represents their moral responsibility to charity and the welfare of the cosmos. The fifth Phera is very significant in that they pray for a noble breed.

6th Phera:

Couples that conduct the Sixth Phera pray for long and happy life. They pray to the Almighty for his blessings on a long and happy marriage. They want to spend all of their time together, enjoying all of the seasons. The sixth phera is all about living a long, happy life with others.

7th Phera:

The seventh phera is the final phera of the seven-phera ceremony, bringing it to a close. In the seventh Phera, the bride and groom ask for a happy life. The couple prays to God for a long-lasting relationship filled with mutual respect, commitment, and friendship. They promise to treat each other with love and honesty throughout their relationship. The pair both calls and prays for universal peace and social justice.

Bride\’s Additional Promise:

There are also certain interpretations of the pledges in which the bride’s role is to be a homemaker and to care for her groom and children, while the husband is to be the provider. However, in this day and age, it can be difficult for some to take such vows because the custom of the husband being the provider is no longer the only case, and wives are looking forward to earning and sharing in the financial support as well. As a result, the vows are written for the modern age and are not biased towards any gender.

Before standing in front of the sacred fire, one must know what he or she is pledging to their better half.

It’s always a good idea to know what you’re confessing from your mouth before committing to them, as knowing the meaning lends a lot of weight to the tie. Because it is easier to follow and fulfill your promises in your married life in order to live a happy and joyful existence in the future when you know what you have promised.

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