A Snow Forest Themed Indian Winter Wedding; Dos And Don’ts

A Snow Forest Themed Indian Winter Wedding; Dos And Don’ts

We know winter is off-season for weddings. But imagine this; you walk down the aisle clad in a gorgeous off-white bridal lehenga, adorned with white kundan jewelry, through a venue decorated with white flowers, as your groom waits for you at the mandap with an affectionate smile. The venue is warm and cozy with a fireplace indoors, and your floor-to-ceiling windows reveal the grandeur of the sparkling snowfall outside.

It’s the perfect winter wonderland wedding and you can have it this winter if you plan it right!

That’s right. With the help of experts in Indian wedding decoration in Chicago, you can have an off-beat dreamy Indian winter wedding, much like a rom-com finale moment.

Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind when planning an Indian snow forest-themed wedding.

Do: Have ample white flowers with green leaves for a great combo

The perfect winter wonderland wedding inevitably has a snow forest theme. To achieve that, go for lots of white flowers as opposed to the traditional orange and red flowers. Think white roses, lilies, and the like; combine them with beautiful green plants. Your décor expert can give you striking combinations of white flowers with green leaves that can beautifully elevate the venue, giving it an amazing winter forest feel. Choose different types of leaves to include variety as well. Don’t forget to carry the theme throughout the venue, including centerpieces, photobooth corners, wedding guest books, etc.

Don’t: Follow the same decoration style with white flowers as with colors

White flowers combined with leaves create an angelic and out-of-the-world ambiance. Many decorators make the mistake of using conventional designs of decoration with white flowers too, which deceives the purpose. For example, do not use white flowers in a row in the same way you would use orange or red. Always try to break the monochrome ever-so-slightly with gorgeous green. This will help set the perfect snow forest theme, without going overboard with white.

In the same way, design flower arrangements, centerpieces, garlands, islands, boutonnieres, corsages, and everything in your venue that uses white flowers, in unconventional and elegant styles; do not follow a traditional style decoration for a non-traditional wedding look.

Do: Use crystals and clear beads to create a sparkling effect

Using crystals and clear beads in your décor is one of the best ways to create a sparkling and mystical effect. Use a combination of different shapes of crystals and place them along with the flower decor, and use moderately priced artistic sculptures to decorate corners and photo booths. You can also have them hang from the ceiling, for a snowfall effect. When used in conjunction with appropriate lighting, crystals can make your wedding look simply magical.

Don’t: Use too many white beads and pearls instead of crystals

Some people make the mistake of matching white beads with white flowers, which looks rather trashy and over-the-top. The combination is indeed very pretty, but when used on a large scale, such as an entire venue, it can end up looking too trashy and non-elegant. Crystals and clear beads are the best options to go with a snow forest theme. The clear nature of the beads helps keep the décor balanced and not too “in your face”. Experts in Indian wedding decoration in Chicago can help you design your sparkling snowfall theme in elegant ways.

Do: Use silver metallic accessories and hardware

For the metalware in the venue, such as the chairs, tables, or other accessories, match the theme with silver metal. It creates a striking monochromatic yet contrasting textured décor element for a winter forest wedding theme.

Don’t: Use rustic silver or gold metal elements for hardware

White rustic metallic elements are a common sight at Indian weddings. However, for a winter wonderland-themed wedding, they are a no-go. Antiques are beautiful and elegant in their own ways, but they have an innate traditional Indian touch that doesn’t quite go well with an unconventional theme like Winter Wonderland. Hence, it is a good idea to steer clear of antique elements. Instead, source silver metal accessories, including ritualistic silverware.

Do: Use a combination of white, off-white, and cream-colored drapes

When it comes to drapes, use a combination of monotone colors in the white family, such as white, off-white, and cream. The neutral shades are meant to bring a sense of balance to the décor, as white reflects too much light, making the venue overly bright. When you use neutrals like cream and off-white in between, it maintains equilibrium while still keeping with the snow forest theme. Experts in Indian wedding decoration in Chicago are always equipped with the right kind of drapes to accentuate the décor.

Don’t: Use silver or other colored drapes for balance

The primary intention of using neutral-colored drapes is to keep the sparkle and brightness to a bearable minimum. Anything over the top can make your venue look trashy. For the same reason, silver drapes are a no-go, as they reflect too much light, making a difficult experience for people. In the same way, other colored drapes do not go with the theme. To stick to the winter theme, while also maintaining balance, use only shades of white.

Do: Choose outfits that go with the snow forest theme

To complete your winter theme, choose your wedding outfits in the same color combinations, such as white, silver, grey, off-white, and cream. Be mindful of both your outfit choices as the bride and the groom and plan them with great attention to detail. Pastel-colored outfits will also work as long as the colors are not too bright.

Don’t: Choose conventional colored outfits in red, maroon, etc.

Indian brides are known to be clad in gorgeous red lehengas and saris. However, for an unconventional theme like snow forest, a conventional color like red will not be a good idea. As mentioned, try to coordinate both your outfits in wonderful winter colors and match them with silver or similar-colored jewelry.


Indian couples are increasingly going for unconventional themes like snow forests, pastels, and more, inspired by Bollywood celebrity weddings. And winter is indeed a special time to conduct elegant and unique wedding celebrations. Keep these pointers in mind when planning a snow forest themed Indian wedding this winter, and have a grand celebration.

For more winter-appropriate Indian wedding theme ideas, and on-point décor, contact ForUrEvents; your one-stop Indian wedding planner with a dedicated team of experts in Indian wedding decoration in Chicago. For more updates check our Facebook Page.

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