Essential Things To Know To About Catering Before Your Wedding

Most people nowadays choose to have a countryside wedding. That’s quite different from the weddings that happen at hotels or other indoor venues. Unless or until you’ve worked in an event planning field, this whole planning thing would be a whole new big thing for you. But that’s the thing with weddings, it is advised to avoid doing anything experimental. Especially if it’s an Indian wedding then for sure you need professional Indian wedding decorators Chicago to get the best outlook and get the job done right.

Besides other expenses like dresses, venue, and decor there is something else that needs your attention. “Catering” plays a very important role in this scenario. Imagine what if the food is not up to the mark, what impression is it going to throw on your guests.

Humans are bound to feel good when the food tastes delicious as well. And the vice versa of it. Treating your guests well is a crucial part that the bride and groom’s family should take care of. Especially, if it’s an Indian wedding, people know the importance of guests in our tradition on some other level. Let’s get a better understanding of this topic.

What does wedding catering involve?

The majority of catering packages are basic, however, they may differ from caterer to caterer. Some of the products included in catering packages are as follows:

  • Food: The cost of wedding food varies based on your catering type. The type of food that you select on the menu will vary the overall cost.
  • Beverages: Depending on the package, your caterer is likely to be in charge of the beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. You can either bring your own alcohol and pay a corkage fee, or hire a separate cocktail supply or a mobile bar. Cooks, waitresses, bartenders, and other employees are included in this category. Staffing will also be determined by the catering style you select; for example, a buffet may not necessitate servers. Self-service is definitely going to save you the cost of the extra waiters, however, if you want your guests to be served in all aspects then you can definitely choose the other option.
  • Rentals: Your caterer may give items such as chairs, tables, plates, or glassware, but make sure to double-check. If these products don\’t fit your theme, you can always hire them from a different vendor, and some venues can also provide them.
  • Extras: Some vendors may impose extra fees and expenditures, such as corkage or cake cutting. It is strongly advised that you speak with the catering company of your choice and study your contract to ensure that you are entirely aware of and satisfied with what you are receiving.

What kind of catering should I get?

Indian Wedding Catering services in Chicago have a lot of options when it comes to a variety of things, especially Indian weddings. Couples have a lot of options, which may explain why the cost of wedding food has increased in recent years.

If you’re wondering about what styles you should select, here are a few catering styles to think about:

  • Sit and be served: This is still the most popular style of catering, with 54 percent of couples opting for it.
  • Buffet: 19 percent of couples prefer this relaxed style to cater, in which guests serve themselves. Regardless of the style you choose, ensure sure your guests are severed properly. Should I get a wedding bar? Drinking at weddings has become one of the common ways to enjoy the occasion. A wedding bar is a fantastic addition to your big day! You can choose from the following alternatives, depending on your style and budget.
  • Limited open bar: Only a tiny or limited range of beverages and drinks are provided for free, or the bar will only provide free drinks for a limited period of time. The remaining items are available for purchase by the guest. One of the main reasons is that alcohol is going to cut you a big fat check if given free entirely.

Is there any possibility of cost-cutting in this?

  • Make savvy alcohol choices: alcohol will almost certainly be one of the most expensive items on your catering bill, so choose wisely. Consult your caterer to determine if you can bring your own alcohol and wines for a corkage fee, or if you should stick to beer, wine, and soft drinks at the bar.
  • Make sure you have the correct number of guests: This will save money and food, so encourage your guests to RSVP ahead of time so you can keep track of your numbers.
  • There\’s no need to go overboard with menu items that will just add to the catering expense. Forget about truffles, steak, lobster, and other culinary delights.
  • Use local items that are in season: Ask your caterer about using local produce that is in season. Off-season goods will raise prices, so using locally sourced ingredients can save money. Supporting local stores could save you quite some money and also promote their business as well.
  • Choose cuisine that is appropriate for your budget and wedding style. Also, make sure to know about the family and guests’ choices, like sometimes the whole family is vegetarian that you would definitely not want non-veg food items to be served to them.
  • If the wedding is in the daytime. It can save you money in a variety of ways, including catering. Brunch meals may be less expensive than dinner meals. !

Here are some brief questions to ask your wedding caterer:

  • Is it possible to personalize our menus?
  • Are you able to accommodate a variety of dietary needs (avoiding some ingredients like allergic ones)?
  • What\’s included and what\’s not in the menu packages?
  • Is it possible to have a tasting?
  • What is the source of your food?
  • What types of beverages are available?
  • How many waiters and waitresses will be on duty that day?

If you decide to employ a professional catering business like Indian Wedding Catering services in Chicago, read some evaluations to ensure that the cuisine and service fulfill your expectations and that your wedding will be the once-in-a-lifetime experience you desire.

Make sure that you discuss the same with your partner before fixing everything. This will help you to know and discuss the same with the provider.

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