For the 2020 Wedding, Make a Selection for the Best Wedding Décor Color!

Nowadays, Indian weddings are all about the traditional glitz & glamour with the right touch of lavish decor. Also, with vibrantly colorful celebrations highlighting every function, well, it is an emboldened fact that anyone who witnesses Indian weddings is left mesmerized. So, if there is one thing that everyone recalls from an Indian wedding, then it’s the decor. We at Forurevents offers you the best Indian wedding decoration as we have a team of professional and expert wedding decorator in Chicago city. Following are our trending decor color which our team uses to make your wedding decoration fabulous:

Make a selection from the 2020 wedding décor colors

Forurevents offers you numerous types of wedding décor colors that are as follows from which you like most we will decorate in that manner as it looks awesome.

Classic Blue

Firstly, the list is the Pantone shade of the year 2020, Classic Blue! And, this color that draws attention with its calming and serene vibe, classic blue is a color that we are sure many weddings in 2020 will embrace without a hint of doubt. Also, the PANTONE 19-4052, aka, Classic Blue, is a timeless and enduring hue elegant in its simplicity. Thus, from decor elements like tassels, ribbons & flowers, to larger items like furniture, stages and backdrops, this classic shade of blue is going to be part of every Indian wedding in this New Year!

Dreamy Purple

Secondly, Blush pinks & pastel pinks are so 2019! 2020 will see a surge in the use of lilacs, plums as well as every other shade on the purple card. And, vibrant & voguish choice for wedding decor, this color adds a ‘fairytale’ like element to any occasion. So, whether you choose to style your table centerpieces in purple or turn your entire mandap decor into a purple flower paradise, this color matches well with almost every other color to create magical embellishments.

Earthy Green

Next, a color that symbolizes fresh beginnings, prosperity & harmony, green a color that has recently risen to prominence and a big shout out to all the brides who chose to wear green lehengas at their weddings! And, Green rarely requires any artificial elements to hold it together and lush ferns, as well as foliage in wedding decor, only amp up the natural beauty of any venue. Captivating green nature-themed wedding decorations ooze freshness also makes your wedding functions more rejuvenating & blissful. Hence, if you’re looking to add a touch of nature to your wedding, go ahead & choose green!

Vibrant Yellow

Moreover, bright, sunny & warm these are the words best used to describe the color yellow. And, this bold hue adds a much-needed pop of color to any wedding function, especially when it is your haldi or mehndi. Sincerely, if happiness was a color, it would be yellow! Therefore, whether it’s bright yellow sunflowers or marigolds on the floral ceiling or just elements like yellow table centerpieces & Mehendi seating arrangements, this color can be added to your wedding decor with much ease.

Ethereal White

Further, a color that truly makes your wedding look like a scene from the movies, white is a color loved by all wedding decorators. While we saw a lot of quirky colors at weddings, white was surprisingly quite prominent in 2019 as well as will continue to stay strong in 2020. Also, fitting perfectly with both subtly elegant decor and rustic decor, white has a captivating charm of its own. Hence brides, if you’re looking to add a fanciful vibe to your wedding, then white is the right color for your decor.

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