Golden Gate To Golden Wedding: Luxury Wedding Tips 2023

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What do simple events require? A venue, guest list, some decoration in short, basic things. But when you are planning to have a luxury wedding, things are way more advanced beyond all these things. A luxury venue doesn’t just mean that everything will be sparkly and loud. This is one of the most understatements that people express about luxury weddings. Instead, luxury weddings are one of the most elegant, stylish, and subtle yet speak no less than a statement in itself a type of wedding. Talking about luxury weddings, Indian weddings are considered the most popular wedding of all. Right from selecting a glamorous venue to choosing the best Indian wedding planner to pull up the best wedding to multiple-day ceremonies. 

There is no doubt that these things take time, effort, a lot of thinking because things don’t just fall into their place. There are many things that need your attention in order to pull up an elegant and sophisticated wedding. Planning a luxury Indian wedding can be an extravagant and memorable experience. You need to work and plan effectively to get your vision turned into a reality. 

Being a professional we do follow a mantra. We believe what is in front of our eyes is exactly the roadmap that you need to follow. Now, when you’ll have a proper list of the things that are required to be considered to arrange a perfect luxury wedding, this would work as your ultimate roadmap to your destination i.e. your wedding. Here is your roadmap:

1. How exactly do you picture your wedding? 

It all starts with a vision. Women mostly imagine either a fairytale-type wedding or a Bollywood-style wedding. Start by envisioning your dream wedding and determining the level of luxury you desire. Set a budget and identify your priorities, whether it’s the venue, décor, or food.

2. Hire a wedding planner: 

Consider partnering with a professional wedding planner who specializes in luxury Indian weddings. It is highly suggested that you a professional company choose an  Indian wedding planner in Chicago like forurevents for your wedding.  They have extensive experience, industry connections, and creative ideas to bring your vision to life.

3. Select a venue that aligns with your vision: 

Choose a venue that reflects opulence and grandeur. Options could include palaces, luxurious resorts, or heritage properties with stunning architecture. Ensure it can accommodate your guest list and has all the necessary facilities.

Nowadays, everything is available on the internet, it is quite easy to know important information about the venue like location, distance, photos, and reviews. Make sure you prepare a few options as per your vision so that you can choose the best suitable one in the end. 

4. Theme and décor: 

A theme and decor carry the significance of your taste. Select a theme that aligns with your personal taste and complements the overall luxury ambiance. From floral arrangements to lighting, furniture, and drapery, pay attention to intricate details that enhance the aesthetic appeal.

5. Invitation design: 

Set the tone for your luxury wedding with elegant and bespoke invitation cards. Consider customizing them with gold foiling, intricate designs, or even incorporating precious stones for a unique touch. Some ideas like custom-designed cards, calligraphy, and even luxurious packaging options are great to impress your guests from the start. It’s better that you get in touch with an  Indian wedding planner that can do the overall work of wedding planning, venue, and invites as well. Finding a professional who can pull it all isn’t easy, which is why we have a suggestion here. forurevents are industry professionals with the ability to curate everything based on your choice but polished with professionalism and perfection. 

6. Lavish attire: 

This is one of the most important things especially, for the brides. For the couple and their families, choose designer outfits that epitomize luxury. Opt for renowned fashion houses specializing in bridal wear, and don’t forget to accessorize with exquisite jewelry and accessories. People go for Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi, if your budget goes with that then why not! 

7. Entertainment and performances: 

Arrange captivating entertainment to keep your guests mesmerized throughout the celebration. This can include live music bands, classical dance performances, celebrity appearances, or even fireworks displays.

8. Culinary experience: 

Curate a lavish menu that showcases both traditional Indian delicacies and international cuisines. Collaborate with expert caterers to present a wide array of mouthwatering dishes, ensuring each guest’s taste buds are tantalized. Wedding planner professionals like https://www.forurevents.com provide overall services including wedding planning, catering, DJ, Wedding invites, and other services. 

9. Photography and videography: 

Capture the splendor of your luxury wedding by hiring professional photographers and videographers. They will not only document the event but also create stunning visuals that you can cherish for a lifetime.

10. Wedding favors: 

Don’t forget to thank your guests with luxurious wedding favors that reflect the essence of your wedding. Consider personalized gifts, high-end chocolates, or even bespoke keepsakes. Undoubtedly, return gifts or welcome gifts are considered one of the warmest gestures for the guests. 

11. Décor and Lighting: 

Invest in exquisite décor elements such as floral arrangements, drapery, and lighting to create a mesmerizing ambiance. Consider using rich and vibrant colors that reflect traditional Indian aesthetics. It is also suggested to discuss your preferences or ideas with the wedding planner beforehand so that they can modify the whole plan as per the preferences of the couple. 

12. Entertainment: 

Hire professional entertainers like live bands, classical musicians, or even Bollywood performers to keep your guests entertained throughout the event. You can also arrange for unique experiences like fireworks or cultural performances to add a touch of grandeur.

13. Bridal Fashion: 

Pay close attention to the bride’s attire, jewelry, and accessories. Opt for intricate designs, luxurious fabrics, and statement pieces that exude opulence. Don’t forget to engage a professional stylist and makeup artist to ensure the bride looks her best. In addition to the same, make sure that you hire a professional Indian Wedding Photographer Chicago to get the best pictures, trust me this is something the bride waits for the most. No kidding! 

14. Photography and Videography: 

Pictures and videos have become a huge part of our lives. People are into capturing moments more than ever before. Having such a lavish wedding will be incomplete if it’s not captured perfectly. It is highly suggested to invest in professional photographers and videographers who specialize in capturing luxury weddings. Their expertise will ensure that every precious moment and detail is beautifully documented. https://shanphotography.com is one of the best Indian wedding photographers in the industry. They specialize in Indian weddings. Especially, if you are living in the States, then Shan Photography is definitely your go-to option. 

15. Guest Experience: 

Your guests are the ones who make the wedding more fulfilling with their presence and wishes. Take care of your guests by arranging comfortable accommodations, transportation, and a hospitality desk to cater to their needs. You could also plan exclusive pre-wedding events or post-wedding activities to make their stay even more memorable. There are a lot of options for short stays on the internet, make sure to do your research. 

16. Logistics: 

This point is very crucial, make sure to keep it in mind when planning the venue. Another critical element is logistics. I.e. Does your venue have space for a 12-piece orchestra? In many areas, there is a particular time for the Dj, and if the same is not followed there are consequences that are not so good. It is important to be aware of such regulations and notices. 

17. Pick an Auspicious Date:

One of the facts about Indian weddings to keep in mind is that Indian weddings are well-planned. There are dates, months, and other things involved and considered before the finalized date. A wise decision would be to select a date quite early so that everyone including the family and couple can get more time to do the arrangements. Moreover, it is important that you inform your Indian wedding planner accordingly. 

Remember, communication and collaboration with your wedding planner and vendors are paramount. They will help bring your vision to life and ensure seamless execution of all the elements involved in your luxury Indian wedding. Enjoy the process and make it an unforgettable celebration! 

Where so much money is spent to have a lavish wedding, one of the wisest decisions that you can take is to hire a professional Indian wedding planner in Chicago. There are many advantages of hiring a wedding planner, getting to know more about venues, realistic estimates, contacts, and many other things that a professional in the same business line can pull off. One of the things about professional wedding planners like forurevents is that they understand the concept of quality over quantity and have a balance between both. It is very important to choose your wedding planner wisely because they are the ones who will actually play a major role in having your dream come true. 

We at forurevents are an experienced and expertise-driven company. Our services are not just limited to being wedding planners but also decorations, catering, venue, photography, videography, DJ, bridal makeup, and invitation cards. Rather than hiring different people and getting hassled between different companies and people, it is better to get services from one professional company. Our work is very transparent and result driven. 

We hope this article provided you with a clear window towards beautiful eyes for the big day! Feel free to reach out to us, we would love to hear from you. 

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