Impressive & Creative Wedding Planning Idea During COVID-19

Well, the pandemic COVID without a doubt makes your wedding look different. Every couple has lots of dreams for the special day that is going to be incomplete due to the COVID.

If you are getting married soon, and living in Chicago, looking for the Indian wedding planner Chicago, but worried about the pandemic???? Now, you will be glad to know that Forurevents, the best Indian wedding décor Chicago with all safety measures provides you the best wedding planning for your big day. As we know the day is how much important for you, that’s why we do work professionally and make your day more special. However, in this blog we will provide you the ideas that you can use for the wedding planning in the current scenario:

Impressive & creative wedding planning ideas

Décor the wedding event with all safe material

Forurevents wedding decorator team use the material that is all COVID safe such as sanitized properly and then use in decoration. As we know the value of your day, all our team members are Corona negative and wear a mask and are sanitized.

Provide all the safety measures for entering

For your wedding safety, you should provide sanitizer at the entrance of the venue. This means all your guests should be sanitized before entering the wedding venue. Plus, they should all be checked by a person regarding their temperature.

Wear a mask as per your customs

Being a couple during COVID-19 it is necessary to wear a mask, so to make your wedding more special you can wear mask matching as per your customs. This will help you to look more beautiful in the wedding poses.

Tell your wedding planner to make the distance in sitting arrangement

Talk with your wedding planner. They should arrange the sitting planner in the best way but keep in mind there should be a social distance between them.

Plan with the backups

Well, there have been a variety of COVID-friendly wedding iterations; also you may go the route of a popular one: such as you can have a small ceremony on the original date with a larger party in 2022, likely the weekend of our first anniversary.

Fixed guests gathering ratio

On the wedding day, you should be very clear about inviting your friends. A fixed number of guests should be allowed to gather in venues, so be aware while inviting. You can schedule other dear-one relatives whenever you are celebrating after the COVID.

In the end, a number of you are faced with complicated decisions impacting your wedding amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Don’t worry; here at Forurevents, our wedding planner team focused on how to best help our couples, employees, as well as partners as the pandemic continues to evolve. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what phase of wedding planning you’re in, we’re here to help. For any information, call us any time, we will deliver you the best services within your budget along with all COVID safety.

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