Live Stream Wedding: Reasons To Consider

Live Stream Wedding: Reasons To Consider

One of the most common scenarios of today’s time is that everyone is so much into doing their own things that many people in their lives are left behind. But when it comes to marriage it is important that no one is left out. Now the question is how is that even possible especially, amid Covid times or even in other scenarios as well? People have work commitments but do want to be a part of your wedding, or grandparents facing problems traveling or attending the wedding; it is tough to leave people out of this main occasion, which is why you should consider live steam of your wedding.

Our Indian Wedding Photographer in Chicago after covering multiple weddings did share the review received so far of including this concept, which is appreciated by everyone.

What is a live stream? 

As the name goes, it is a live stream that can be seen in real-time on the basis of the internet. Live streams work on mediums like TV broadcasts, Facebook Live Streams, and Social Media live stream platforms.

The way we experience events has changed in our technology age, and frequently for the better! Live streaming, is a beautiful way to keep everyone in touch. A loved one will probably be unable to attend your wedding, whether due to travel complications or last-minute emergencies. But even if they can’t physically attend, they may still participate in your special day thanks to live stream!

As a couple, we understand you must be seeking ways to keep distant relatives feeling connected during the ceremony or the wedding budget might entail reducing the number of guests. The best choice is to live stream your event if you still want everyone to be able to attend, even if it’s just online.

Reasons you should consider choosing live stream wedding:

  • Expansion of viewers (reach):

You can invite many people to the viewing of the ceremony if you use live streaming! You don’t have to invite everyone to the Livestream even though you might not invite everyone to the real wedding, such as distant relatives or long-lost high school classmates. There is no limit to the audience that can actually watch your wedding.

  • Countless rewatch options:

We all love to see throwback pictures of happy moments like we see our childhood pictures, but in modern times we look back at throwback memories. The best benefit of live streaming is that it allows you and your loved ones to view the event repeatedly. It\’s difficult to put into words how unique it is to witness this momentous, crucial period of time in your life. Even if it may be foggy at the time, it is an amazing experience to be able to hear the vows again and relive the feelings that were present throughout the important event.

Also, your own kids after marriage are definitely going to watch the movie behind the behind-the-scenes before their existence!

  • Budget-friendly:

No wedding is complete without the invitation debates that both bride and groom have within their families. Problem solved! With the help of live stream, the discussions about who can come for the wedding discussions are already over since everyone can join to witness the beautiful reunion.

This also saves a lot on your budget as the cost bearing for the food and people capacity actually has a major difference in your budget.

  • Affordable video option:

Live streaming is a good option for people who have a limited budget yet want to remember this momentous day. Undoubtedly, video is widely used today because it’s the most effective way we have to record everything. After a wedding, the most frequent regret we hear from couples is that they did not hire a videographer. We completely recognize that not everyone can afford to hire a professional filmmaker.

Live streaming is a great option in so many ways. When you limit the number of guests you invite, you could already have the extra money in your budget, and this economical choice is a terrific way for those who didn’t make the cut to still participate in your special day!

  • No additional duties:

When you have professionals like Indian Wedding Photographer in Chicago working with you, you don’t have to be worried about how the whole live stream management is going to happen.

Our team manages the live stream, your friends and family can simply enjoy the wedding, whether they\’re present or watching from a distance. Making the decision to run a live stream is made easy because there are no additional tasks for you or your visitors!

  • Keeping everyone connected:

The obvious reason to select live streaming is to enable as many close friends and family members to remain connected and involved on your wedding day. Even though you can watch the ceremony later, it\’s still amazing to be there when it happens because it\’s so thrilling and uplifting! By providing a live feed of your wedding, you make everyone feel like they are a part of this momentous occasion.

Why choose Forurevents for a Live Stream Wedding?

The answer is simple if you want to get the job done professionally and perfectly. In order to live-stream a wedding, we use a professional video camera that not only does it on an actual day, but also records the event on the camera. This entails that we may send the newlyweds a video of their wedding after the fact. Since the video was recorded directly on our camera, it is of high quality and was not impacted by any potential internet reception issues that any of your live-stream visitors may have encountered on the big day. This frequently results in issues including audio distortion, frozen frames, and pixelated images.

It would be practically impossible for a guest to live-stream your wedding on their phone or tablet while attempting to pay attention to the event, for example, therefore we are also using camera tripods to maintain the shot as smooth and stable as possible. So here’s to clarity and stability!

To be able to live-stream high-quality audio to all of your live-stream guests, we normally attach wireless microphones to the couple. In order to ensure that the live-stream footage you receive after your wedding also has an excellent audio, we are also directly recording this audio.

We will make the final live-stream video a polished one before delivering it to you once the ceremony is over and you\’re all married. We do this to give every couple that watches our live stream the best chance to remember their wedding day and relive the happy moments in the best way possible.

Some couple does prefer to greet the live audience in the live stream as a gesture of respect and love. We have no trouble letting couples come over and introduce themselves to all of their live-stream guests who were present for the ceremony. There are frequently many moments of downtime throughout the event where essentially any visitors there can decide to go over and introduce themselves to the live-stream guests.

We, Indian Wedding Photographer in Chicago provide multiple wedding-related services, which you can discuss beforehand to balance out things for yourself. It is advisable to use our regular wedding videography services if you want any form of the edited wedding highlight film. The reason behind this is that live-streaming necessitates that our videographer remains active throughout your ceremony and reception in order to be able to shoot one long uninterrupted shot.

In order to create a nicely edited wedding film for you, we normally use a 2-camera setup with our regular services. This allows us to roam around more and get different viewpoints. If you desire both services, you can reserve them both. The choice is entirely up to you!

We at forurevents provide professional wedding-related services, feel free to contact us for the best services for your wedding!

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