Points to Remember When Choosing Your Indian Wedding Décor in Chicago

Points to Remember When Choosing Your Indian Wedding Decor in Chicago

Indian weddings are famously synonymous with extravagant vibrance, grandeur, and florid detailing. Couples and their families tend to go all out when they organize a wedding, in all aspects including the food, the décor, the outfits, and not to mention the guests. It is typical for the proverbial “big fat Indian wedding” to have at least 300 to 500 people as guests.


To bring the cultural richness of India, and its associated nuances through, most Indian weddings are planned and organized at predominantly regal venues, filled with intricate artwork. The palace-like vibes will be made complete with regal-inspired décor and paraphernalia.


Indian couples in Chicago always love to have the same level of grandeur and colorfulness at their weddings here. They are also very particular about keeping it innately Indian, with just as big a celebration, as weddings typically are.


This is where your décor can help you. The right kind of wedding decoration can let you have the most royal Indian wedding of your dreams.


Here are some important points to keep in mind when choosing your Indian wedding decor in Chicago.


Start by determining the main elements of décor


Instead of browsing through Pinterest and leaving the decor to your decorator with a few references, try to be more systematic and specific with your interests. Make a list of all the main elements of décor so that you can be more mindful and creative with your choices.


Here is a list of the primary elements that you need to be decorated at an Indian wedding.

  •       The Mandap
  •       The entryway for the baraat
  •       The stage
  •       The dancefloor
  •       The frame for the milan
  •       The family photo frame
  •       The ceremony hall of the venue
  •       The dining/brunch area


Once you have the primary decoration elements set, it is time to review the main decorative elements, that is, the accessories of décor. Flowers, candles, centerpieces, floral arrangements, artistic panels, arches, pictures, and other creative elements can find space in your wedding venue.


An experienced and creative supplier of Indian wedding decor in Chicago can give you out-of-the-box ideas to entertain and engage your guests, while also having a great time yourself.


Set an optimal margin for the décor out of your whole wedding budget


While the décor at an Indian wedding plays a significant role in how the event turns out, remember that it is just an element in the process. In the grand scheme of things, the primary importance is for you and your partner’s togetherness, and family celebrations. Hence, it is always a good idea to set an optimal margin for the décor out of your entire wedding budget and stick to it.


For this, narrow down on a general theme (regal, contemporary, etc.), and a venue; this will help you visualize your wedding clearly. Then, go ahead and set a margin for all the décor expenses. Wedding planning experts suggest it is ideal to set aside 20% of the wedding budget for décor.


Choose a primary color palette for your décor


Now let’s talk about the colors. Indian weddings are highly colorful, to say the least. However, taking inspiration from much-looked-up celebrity weddings, we suggest picking out a primary color palette for your décor. This will help render symmetry and channelized beauty to your wedding. Choose five to six colors from a complementary color family and have your guests sync with the theme. Pick flowers, décor, and drapes from the same color palette and you will have a gorgeous setting.


Experts in Indian wedding decor in Chicago can help you choose your color palette and make your wedding look like your favorite celebrity couple’s wedding.


Flowers and lighting; a complementary affair


Indian weddings are incomplete without flowers. There is a wide variety of flowers that commonly find a place at an Indian wedding in some way, shape, or form, such as Jasmine, Tuberoses, Chrysanthemums, Freesias, Delphiniums, etc. However, in keeping with the symmetry mentioned earlier, it is a good idea to pick out flowers that complement each other.


Apart from flowers, contemporary Indian weddings have ambient lighting as an added attraction. The right kind of lighting can make your wedding pictures go from mediocre to magazine-worthy in a matter of seconds. A seemingly ordinary venue can be turned into a palace hall with decorative lighting as well.


Hence, the lighting at your venue is just as important as the flowers, which is why you need a thoughtful amalgamation of both elements. One should not overpower the other and must complement each other.


Add conversation pieces for the modern-day wedding


Drawing inspiration from new-generation weddings once again, add a few conversation pieces of décor to spark engagement and fun. Have a wedding guestbook, or a signboard for guests to leave remarks in. Include a cute photo booth or a lovely backdrop for guests to take pictures in. These would serve as beautiful keepsakes after the wedding as well.


Remember to keep safety first


Indian weddings are notorious for including fire elements, like candles, lamps, and diyas. Hence it is extremely important to pay attention to safety and remove all elements that create risk. Steer clear of Polystyrene cutouts, plastic décor, hanging drapes near the fire, other fireworks, etc. Also, be careful not to mix dangerous elements like power cords with the fire elements. As a general rule of thumb, place your ritualistic fire elements away, and isolate them in your Mandap, and the rest of the elements in another space.


Add personalization elements


Celebrity weddings are always known for sentimental personalization. For example, Parineeti Chopra, who got married a few weeks ago, had the name of her husband embroidered on her veil in Hindi. Similarly, many other celebrities have had personal elements as a part of their wedding décor.


Try to incorporate such meaningful elements of personalization into your wedding too. You can arrange for a childhood photo dump of your fiancé, incorporate a song that is significant to your relationship, embroider your name or your wedding hashtags on the drapes, etc.


Creative experts in Indian wedding decor in Chicago will be able to give you some exceptional ideas on this.


Keep it elegant, don’t go over the top


With the overwhelming love for color, vibrance, and the Indian culture, it is easy to go overboard with the décor. An overly done wedding will not only not appear or feel luxe, but will not reflect the elegant vibes you are looking for in your photos. It will also likely burn a hole in your pocket. Stick to a color palette and a general theme in décor and you are golden.


Rely on ForUrEvents; Experts in Indian Wedding Décor in Chicago


As is clear from the above pointers, the décor for your Indian wedding should not be an afterthought. It has to be systematically planned and executed, lest you get carried away and create an overly colorful ensemble that appears all too messy in your wedding pictures.


With the help of an expert in Indian wedding decor in Chicago, like ForUrEvents, your wedding can look straight out of your Bollywood dreams. Our team can help you plan and organize the décor in a systematic and practical way, without going out of your budget.


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