Premium Ideas For Impressive Wedding Invitations

Premium Ideas For Impressive Wedding Invitations

Let us tell you about a fact that people don’t talk about much. Did you know that a piece of paper carries a lot of weight in wedding preparations? That piece of paper becomes a major reason on the basis of which people come to your wedding. Still not being able to guess? This piece of paper widely known as the “invitation card” is a beautiful form of wedding invitation that officially announces the big day.

As you and your soon-to-be spouse move forward towards this big day, you must be having wedding invitations on your list for sure. Wedding invitation is considered one of the topmost important things, especially in Indian culture. This is an important thing that does require time from you because of multiple options. A great choice would be to leave this in the hands of professionals like an Indian wedding planner in Chicago. Hiring a wedding planner that too an Indian would definitely be an icing on the cake. 


The Save the Date cards or wedding invitations you send out are frequently your guests’ initial introduction to your wedding festivities. When you choose the best wedding invitation designs, you can really make an impression on your guests and set the tone for your ceremony and celebration. If you are not aware of this concept, it can still be found through sources like social media, friends, family members, and news stories. Also, searching wedding planners online and getting in touch with them would help you to understand things in a better way.


The mood and tone of a wedding are set by the invitation. As a result, you need to make sure that your wedding invitations are fashionable enough. The good news is that numerous inventive methods are there to make a wonderful wedding invitation card. Don’t be scared to make your invitation card in a variety of shapes and with unique details. There are many ways to be creative without straying from your customs, even if you are a traditional bride.


Designing your wedding invitations should ideally involve taking your personal taste and transforming it into a message you want to convey to your guests. It all begins with looking at a ton of sample wedding invites, after which it’s just a matter of adding your own flair. 


In light of this, being a professional Indian wedding planner, we have curated some useful suggestions that may inspire you as you create the ideal wedding invitation.


  • Floral Patterns:

If you want to keep things classic and elegant then this option is going to be your choice in one go. You may use elegant flower patterns to help you make your wedding invites appear lovely and memorable, which will leave a lasting impact on the people you plan to invite.


  • Textures: 

If you are planning to have personalized wedding invitations, modern architectural solutions frequently use stone or wood textures. Different types of patterns can be selected even for different pages of the invitation as well.  With leaves, vines, and other lovely plants, botanical themes can incorporate the splendor of nature into the design of your wedding invitations.

When creating tropical-inspired designs, keep in mind that you want your wedding invitations to leave a lasting impact on the recipients. Ideas for tropical wedding invitations frequently have a color scheme that is predominantly green with vibrant accents. Also, you can also select a theme based on the season around the wedding date. 


  • Plain Backgrounds:

The new generation seems to be moving towards basic and simpler things. Beige, pastel, and nude colors were never really popular before as much as the popularity they have gained in recent times. Even some examples of wedding invitations fit moodier aesthetics with an accent on black backgrounds, while others fit modern-minimalist designs.


  • Animals Prints:

Animal prints have been loved by people for decades. This is one of those evergreen themes that never really go out of fashion. You may incorporate animal themes from our selection of wedding invitation prints into your invitation design and use them as a source of inspiration for your invitations. 


  • Boho:

Just like animal prints, hippie and boho prints Another popular trend that a great many couples choose for their wedding invitation design is boho. These wedding invitation designs are frequently paired with warm hues and natural details. Other sources of ideas for your wedding invitations include pampas grass, elaborate rugs, and more. People often confuse it with hippie style but boho style is very subtle and classic in its own. 


  • Basic:

As we mentioned earlier, people have developed a basic taste in choosing colors past couple of years. Another traditional preference of couples is the minimalist approach to wedding invitation design, which emphasizes white space and serif typefaces. Many have black-and-white color schemes, while others feature many different colors. Ideas for minimalist wedding invitations can go well with celebrations held in galleries, banquets, and other more traditional wedding locations, have a word about this with your Indian wedding planner


Though diverse, classic designs frequently adhere to a single, overarching idea. Anything that prioritizes white flowers, silver embellishments, and other hallmarks of a traditional wedding has a certain elegance to it. Black and white, navy blue or another “classic” color are some other suggestions for wedding invitations in this area.


  • Be imaginative when drawing the pictures.

Creativity is appreciated by everyone. An invitation with illustrations looks impressive and gives the reader a beautiful message to understand. For instance, you may design one with the bride and groom relaxing in the wedding venue’s picturesque setting.


  • Add watercolor to your design:

Subtle watercolor designs look amazing. If you are looking to get a decent wedding invitation then you can choose to go for digital painted designs as well. They are ideal for minimalist weddings and weddings on a low budget because they are also reasonably priced. Different techniques can be used with watercolor, and they all appear exquisite. You can pick a painting with a forest of green trees in the background. It would make such a fantastic invitation.


  • Include wood in the design details:

Being a wedding planners ourselves, we have witnessed multiple weddings that couples hosted in gardens. Being surrounded by nature and keeping things eco-friendly is one of the trends that people have been following for a while now. If you are one of those couples who are celebrating their big day while also taking a bigger step towards saving our environment then you should definitely let it reflect in your wedding invites as well. You could consider including a fashioned wood to go with your invitation. Particularly if you intend to conduct your wedding outside, it would result in a distinctive style of invitation.


  • Bring it Back to the ’80s

Particularly if the majority of your guests are older people, a vintage wedding invitation can be really reviving. You may attempt to transport it to the 1950s or 1960s. To make it look better, you need nevertheless also incorporate some contemporary designs. This will make it more enticing.


  • Keep in mind that less is more

Simplicity is frequently undervalued. You don’t need many patterns on your wedding invitation for it to seem lovely. If you use a lot of designs, some of them might not even be meaningful. It would be wise to limit the information in your invitation to what is necessary.

We understand it is a whole task to get this done. Make sure to consider the pointers we have provided to streamline the procedure and create a wedding invitation design you adore. Nevertheless, if you want to get a perfect wedding invitation for your big day exclusively curated by a team of professionals, you can consider forurevents in Chicago. An Indian wedding planner providing professional wedding services in the States, yes that’s who we are. Feel free to get in touch with us to know more! For more updates check our Instagram.

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