Questions To Ask Your Wedding Caterer

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Caterer

It is said “good food is essential for your body, but it is also important for your happiness”, let the reality sink in here. We humans do have some connection between our stomachs with our hearts. It doesn’t only apply in the case of husband and wife always, that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The modification should be that the way to everyone’s happiness is by feeding them good food.

Now, when it comes to weddings, where there would be so many people invited, it is very important that the food serves is really good. The food that would make them remember your marriage every time a discussion on good food happens.

In this diverse world, Indian food is known for its importance and popularity across the world. Food is something that means a little more than a lot to us Indians. In Indian marriages, food is really considered one of the most important things that should be taken care of. This is an alarming concern for Indian people living in abroad. Let’s say someone in Chicago, plans to get married there only, now instead of experimenting it is important that you search for Indian Wedding Catering services in Chicago

You pick the foods you want to eat, inform the caterer of the number of guests, and order wine to go with it. But what about particular dietary needs, evening meals, specialty recipes, VAT fees, and equipment rentals? We don’t want to worry you, but there are a few things you must take care of before enjoying your ideal wedding feast.

You should feel knowledgeable and secure about your wedding breakfast preparations after your initial session, knowing everything from whether or not they’ll provide table linen to headcount deadlines and pricing structure.

We understand that when you hire a caterer, there must be many questions that you want to ask the company or the event planner. But you really don’t have to worry, when professionals like forurevents are working for you and with you. that’s arranging the queries must you ask a caterer? What responses do we need to you be on the lookout for when selecting a caterer for any occasion, gathering, conference, or party?

These inquiries can assist you to choose a corporate caterer to be your go-to partner if you haven’t already worked with or found the ideal caterer for your business needs. For individuals seeking a Chicago caterer or a Chicago suburb caterer, this can be extremely useful.

Here are some questions that you should definitely be clear about with your caterer:

  • Do you have menus with themes? 

Specialty menus are not always necessary for corporate events, but a themed meal is the best way to recognize a team or re energize a long conference. The Greek Feast and the Make-Your-Own-Tacos bar, for instance, are two of our customers’ faves. (At this stalls like these, you will surely see most of the mothers spreading their magical skills of cooking) Also, if you have some wedding theme and you want the food theme to match the same, you can discuss it with your wedding planner and caterer altogether.

  • Can I talk to some of your current clients and view or read some client reviews? 

Getting real reviews instead of just the ones you read or see on the internet gives you extra confidence. Excellent caterers draw great clientele and devoted patrons who are happy to chat with prospective clients looking for a new caterer. Additionally, satisfied customers frequently submit testimonials. In order to make your decision, check reviews on Yelp, Google, and the company website. You can also request references from your possible caterer.

  • Can you offer those with dietary restrictions a wide variety of menu options? 

This one is becoming more crucial by the day. Catering companies must be able to accommodate people with special dietary needs, such as those who are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, or organic. Also, it is important on your side as well that you ask people on your guest list about allergies or anything like that and informs the caterer beforehand.

  • If I need it, can you additionally provide wait personnel, tables, and seats?

While it’s likely that you\’ll host in your home or at a venue with lots of tables, and chairs, there will be situations when you need a special setup or extra tools to achieve your event-planned things. If so, your caterer should be able to assist you with these rentals; also, in some circumstances, you may be able to rent these things straight from the caterer to avoid the burden of dealing with various vendors and connections.

  • When they reach my building, what does your delivery staff do? 

To put it another way, will you have to wait for the delivery guy outside? Do they even show up on schedule? For your visitors and their constrained schedules, the delivery and setup times are essential. An excellent delivery person more closely resembles a brand ambassador who will effectively represent the company’s brand.

Great brand representatives will arrive discretely and set up the catering in a welcoming, competent manner so as not to disrupt the meeting or the nearby workplace area. Following the event, they will return to clean up the area with expertise and discretion. Working in silence and cleanly certainly applies to this situation!

  • Have you provided service at events similar to mine? 

It is very important to ask your caterer that has the business ever provided catering for a three-day conference, an all-day meeting, a coffee break, ice cream socials, etc.? In order to find a caterer who will work hard and take responsibility for their work, you should search for experience. Examine your caterer\’s prior work, and request references once more so you can find out from a stranger how successfully (or poorly) they handled your specialized catering.

  • Do you have experience serving in my office building or at the location I’ve chosen? 

Working with new venues can be incredibly difficult for caterers in terms of logistics. There are unexpected steps and no elevator occasionally. Other times, the delivery team must obtain passes or keys from locked doors in order to deliver the food. However, if a caterer has already worked at your site, it may already be familiar with the most effective routes around the structure.

  • How do you respond to hurried requests? 

How well does your caterer manage some last-minute requests? Every event planner, no matter how well-prepared they are in advance, eventually runs into problems with last-minute catering requirements. Your understanding of how your caterer manages last-minute requests, adjustments, and additions would be quite helpful in this situation. Because you currently work with a fantastic caterer who is aware of how crucial last-minute catering requirements for its clients truly are, your stress levels will be reduced.

They must be oscillating between what is planned and what has come up all of sudden but that’s exactly where the professionalism falls into place.

  • What is included in the per-person cost of your menu? 

We have heard many people complaining about additional costs. Truth be told, no one likes to endure additional costs spontaneously. You may not be aware that there are a lot of hidden costs for plates, napkins, condiments, sides, etc. until you receive your proposed menu. It has become very important that you should ask for a proposed menu because that’s the actual proof of the cost endured.

By inquiring up advance about what is specifically included in the pricing, how much the delivery will cost, and whether there are any rental or set-up fees associated with your order, you may avoid that part (or in a potential future order).

  • Can I take a kitchen tour? 

Seeing where the wholesome food will be cooked is really important.  Ask to observe the caterer’s operations if they do not extend an invitation to visit their premises. You will feel more at ease knowing how and where the cuisine is made, and you will get the opportunity to meet your complete catering crew in person.

  • What is your team’s dress code? How are your team members recognized? 

For most businesses, it matters a lot how your delivery personnel appears as they enter your space. When the delivery person enters your home, it\’s crucial that the caterer you hired is properly represented and dressed professionally, down to the shoes and hat or hairnet. It is very important to make sure that the staff members are wearing a hairnet, hygiene and discipline shouldn’t be excluded at all.

  • Do you have any environmentally friendly choices? 

For many people, this is a crucial quality in any partner or vendor, not just a catering partner. As well as inquiring about on-site eco-friendly solutions like recyclable silverware, plates, and utensils, question your caterer about deliveries, garbage disposal, in-house operations, and what they’re doing to support environmentally friendly projects.

It is important that we think about our surroundings as well even though we are busy arranging the whole wedding. Our planet comes first to us. This is why choosing an Indian Wedding Catering service in Chicago is a great option for all people out there planning Indian weddings.

Food is not just food, it is also about the way it is presented and prepared. We at forurevents make sure that everything is done 100/100.

We are in this field for years and are known for our professionalism and the way we present results. Trust it, nothing less than a “silver platter!”

If you are looking for Indian Wedding Catering services in Chicago then feel free to contact us. We are not restricted to one location, we travel because we love food and our work more than anything!


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