Things You Should Do Before Hiring Wedding Cater For Indian Wedding

In all Indian weddings, food is a necessary part of the event. So, while selecting your Indian wedding catering services you should be aware of the things that before hiring. The following are some important things that help you to find the perfect Indian wedding catering services in Chicago to have delicious Indian food with high quality:

  1. Research 

The very first thing you should do is research work. You can search online for the best wedding caterer and you can have a suggestion from your dear-one and who are just married couples. So, that you have numerous ideas about the selection.

  1. As per your choice & budget

The second thing you should keep in mind that you should be very clear about what sort of food you require on your special day. Also, you should have a fixed budget regarding the catering services so that you can easily manage them. Otherwise, in the future, you have faced financial issues.

  1. Questing

The next thing you should do is ask certain questions from your caterer before hiring so that everything should be clear first. The following are the questions.

a) Are you available on the date of our wedding event? Or do you have any other prior commitments?

b) Do you offer a customized menu or is your menu set?

c)  Can you show a sample menu?

d)  Do you provide food tasting, well if yes, whenever can we come for the same?

e)  What is your area of proficiency or your most popular delicacies?

f)  Do you pay on a per plate basis or bulk fee?

g) What will be the total amount of the catering services?

h) Do you provide both vegetarian & non-vegetarian?

i)  Can you display us some pictures of your food presentation?

j)  Have you delivered in related events before?

k) Can we have a look at your client’s feedback?

l)  What desserts do you deliver on the wedding day?

m)  Whenever do you require the final decision on the menu?

n)  Do you offer drinks & drink packages?

o)  Will you offer staff for the bar?

p)  How many service staff will be there?

q)  Do you offer table linen, cutlery, as well as plates?

r)  Do it possible to make the partial payment to book?

s) At what time do you require the full payment?

t)  Most important, what is your cancellation policy?

Don’t forget to check the online review

Moreover, you necessitate looking for a caterer who will keep up their promises. And, the ultimate idea to check this is by doing a bit of research online. Also, the easiest procedure to do this is on Google. You can look for the caterer’s name on Google as well as verify their Google reviews.

Additionally, Google reviews are confidential as well as delivered by authentic clients. Therefore, this will assist you to get an idea of how the caterer has handled previous clients.

To sum up, if you are getting married in Indian style, then the food comes first in the place of wedding listing. To have the best quality food and tasty you should follow some facts that are mentioned above. For more information, call us any time, we will provide you the best services ever…

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