Top Indian Wedding Decor Ideas for Your Big Day

The idea of a fantasy wedding is more often connected with women than with males. Men may not consider their ideal wedding or how they want to execute it, but females undoubtedly do. Men do, in fact, fantasize about their ideal woman, whom they wish to marry.

The whole event is about wedding decoration ideas, such as how your wedding site is decked up in starry, crystalloid, dazzling, blossoming, eye-popping décor that makes your guests feel as if they’ve arrived in heaven.

So, for all those planning their dream wedding, we’ve put together a list of simple Indian wedding decoration ideas that they can use to decorate their wedding venues themselves or tell others to do so.

Getting ideas for an Indian Wedding Decor Chicago is difficult, therefore we decided to make wedding preparation easier.  Naturally, planning differs by area in India, but we believe this is a good starting point for all Hindu weddings.

There are several planning guides available, but none are specifically focused on décor and include all of the religious objects you will require. The importance of arranging for decorations at an Indian wedding cannot be overstated. Everything about the wedding is based on the decorator’s style and concept.

So, here we are providing the best Indian wedding decor ideas that work for almost every wedding! If you want to do it yourself, go for it. Otherwise, you can hire Indian wedding decoration services in Chicago for a more professional organization.

Hanging Kites and Colorful Tassels

Flowers are beautiful in their own way, but they aren’t always the best option. Kite hangings can be used to create a layer. When kites of different colors are combined for wedding décor, they look great. It’s a low-cost Indian wedding decoration idea that takes your wedding decor game to the next level.

On the other hand, beautiful colorful tassels hanging from the ceiling, whether for your Haldi ceremony or for an evening wedding ceremony activities, appear picturesque and are so fantastic when paired with glittering lights. It surely brings out the center of the attraction-the wedding couple.

Decorating the Mandap

Decorating the mandap holds a lot of importance for every Indian wedding. It is used not just for the wedding day but for other functions such as Haldi, Mehandi, and Sangeet.


The term “mandap” refers to the porch that is created and decorated for the wedding on a temporary basis. Natural flowers, artificial flowers, and lighting are commonly used to enhance the beauty of the Mehndi Mandap. The Mehndi Mandap is usually decorated with marigold flowers, which is a popular choice among Indian brides.


The Haldi Mandap is typically decorated with a white and yellow pattern, as well as real flowers. Because the ceremony is exclusively between relatives, it is kept to a minimum. It is another one that you won’t see at many American weddings.


For sangeet in Indian wedding decor, Chicago, people usually prepare a stage instead of a mandap. The sangeet stage is decorated according to a certain event theme, which may include flower arrangements, Bollywood décor (images of Bollywood actors and actresses at the venue), drapes, bright lamp arrangements, contemporary style arrangements, and so on. The pieces of decoration are arranged by the decorator based on the décor concept.

Light the Venue Away

At home, everyone has lanterns. And when the power goes off, they are hardly used. You can use them to light up your entire wedding location at your wedding. Place them in a glass enclosure on the wedding site and light them up. They definitely affect the entire wedding ambiance, especially as nightfall approaches. Small glass containers can also be utilized to store them, which is one of the greatest simple Indian wedding décoration, Chicago.

Make it Instagram Worthy

You\’ve probably seen old family albums of your parents in which they’re pictured with your grandparents or other relatives, one after the other. However, the issue with those images is that the backdrop or background image is unappealing and boring.

Photo-booths are becoming increasingly popular for wedding photo-shoots. Photo-booths are specially designed areas at weddings where guests can pose for photos with anyone. For weddings, there are a plethora of photo booth options. Your images will seem amazing and refreshed anytime you look at them thanks to the lovely photo-booth.

Preparing a Checklist

Here\’s a quick Indian wedding checklist for your ceremony and wedding location if you\’re not employing an Indian wedding decoration rental, Chicago, or if your mother is the wedding coordinator.

If you\’re having a destination wedding, it’s much less expensive (and less stressful) to buy it all and transport it by UPS or a large trunk. Do not attempt to find all of these items at your location. Because few sellers carry everything, you’ll have to look for a variety of these items from several vendors.

Work up a plan with your bridal location for storing and retrieving all of these items during the day. Here are the following must-have items for your Indian wedding decoration, Chicago:

  1. Statue of the Lord
  2. Pots for Wedding Arch
  3. Wedding Chairs
  4. Wedding Garland
  5. Wedding Puja Thali
  6. Head table for groom and bride
  7. Silver coins

There are many other small items that are required to make the wedding complete.  To ensure you have everything at hand, you must prepare a checklist.

The main thing is to keep it simple. From massive invitations to wild buffets, Indian weddings have a lot to offer. There is no such thing as an ideal wedding planning plan. You’re probably dealing with ten to thirty suppliers, not to mention a honeymoon! Stick to the essentials. Your family and friends will be there to celebrate with you on this very memorable day. Don’t strive to organize a perfect fantasy wedding; instead, make something incredibly exceptional for your fairytale wedding.

As a result, these are among the most beautiful, drool-worthy, fascinating, luxury Indian wedding décor themes that you may use in your wedding or celebrations. And remember, your Indian wedding photos only come beautifully when your Indian wedding décoration, Chicago is as pretty as you are.!

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