Top Trending Wedding Mandap Decoration Ideas

Well, nothing is more prominent & popping in your wedding pictures like your wedding decor. So, what is crucial, however, is your mandap decoration, as all your marriage ceremony pictures will have the mandap as its backdrop. Therefore, depending on what your style is as well as what outfits you will wear, you will want your mandap decoration design to be in sync with that. Thus, Forurevents offers you the best wedding decorator in Chicago, which provides you top trending wedding Mandap decoration Ideas.

Moreover, to give you inspiration for your mandap decor, we have shortlisted the latest mandap decoration ideas that you can show your decorator and have the wedding decor of your dreams!

Colorful Drapes canopy for an outdoor wedding

Our professional wedding decorator used colorful drapes in an amphitheater setting because happy colors do justice to the happy functions!

Mandap decoration design with a floral extravaganza

Secondly, if you want a mandap decoration with roses, then this one right here is all the inspiration you need. And, the beautiful dome of roses with overhead floral danglers is just too gorgeous as an indoor mandap setup.

Lilac theme mandap decoration for a beach wedding

Next, if you are looking for wedding mandap decoration ideas for a beach wedding, then a mandap design with lots of beautiful flowers is a good idea. Also, a simple gazebo erected on the beach with flowers all over as well as an overhead hanging floral ceiling looks just out of a fairytale, doesn’t it?

Outdoor mandap decor with drapes & multicolor roses

Moreover, if you have a huge outdoor space to organize your wedding then this marriage mandap decor with a canopy of drapes & multicolor roses is a great inspiration.

Marriage mandap with floral dome as well as drape ceiling

Forurevents team members decorate the marriage mandap with a floral dome & drape ceiling with chandelier is versatile enough for both outdoor as well as indoor weddings. And, the pink theme can be changed to suit your favorite color or the color of your outfits!

White & peach elegant mandap decor 

We decorate with peach curtains, white draped roof, pastel-colored flowers & a center chandelier! Also, this elegant wedding mandap decor is a personal fav!

Grand amphitheater-style mandap decoration

Well, if you have an amphitheater-like setting for your wedding, then a simple yet scenic mandap decor like this one would be perfect. And, the simple seating arrangement with bright throw pillows as well as lanterns gives the whole setup a traditional vibe.

Wedding mandap decoration with floral canopy with drapes 

Further, one of the grandest indoor mandap designs, this one is a powerhouse of floral beauty. And, the canopy of white flowers with overhead rose as well as danglers make this marriage mandap decor look stunning!

Therefore, to have the latest wedding Mandap decoration, call us today!

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