Why You Need a Wedding Planner For Your Indian Wedding

Why You Need a Wedding Planner For Your Indian Wedding

Wedding planners can be saving graces for couples when it comes to Indian weddings. They offer tireless all-inclusive assistance for all aspects related to organizing a wedding, starting from deciding on the wedding themes and color palettes to coordinating with the vendors and taking care of contingencies. While hiring a wedding planner was considered a luxury only a few couples could afford up until a few years ago, today, it has become an all-pervasive trend adopted by couples the world over, especially for Indian weddings.


However, many couples who are not entirely aware of the extent of services that a planner can provide, are still on the fence about hiring one.


As a veteran all-encompassing Indian wedding planner in Chicago, we have witnessed many of our clients experience a smooth and stress-free wedding with our services. We truly believe it is important for you to relax and remain focused on spending time with your family and friends and celebrating with your significant other on your wedding day. This is why we always encourage our couples to have a planner in place to take care of the heavy lifting while you immerse wholeheartedly in your special day.


To help you make an informed decision, here is a detailed look into why you need a wedding planner for your Indian wedding.


Professionally trained and experienced in Indian weddings


Wedding planners bring solid professional qualifications and years of successful planning experience to the table. An authentic Indian wedding planner in Chicago is hence likely well-trained and prepared to handle your wedding in the city. From selecting and booking the wedding venue to getting the invitations printed and ready, there are a multitude of tasks involved in planning an Indian wedding, which may well turn out to be overwhelming and difficult for you. A wedding planner can do all of these tasks, letting you do the important duty of being a happy couple. With their experience and expertise in the matter, they can easily create a list of things to be done and check it off as the planning progresses. With their wholesome involvement in the other aspects as well, they can systematically plan and execute the steps with an unwavering focus on your wedding vision.


Well-versed in the ritualistic ceremonies


Indian wedding planners having many years of experience organizing Indian weddings will likely have a good grip on the rituals and ceremonies included. For couples that do not have their senior family members to seek help, this might come as a greatly helpful advantage. Planners can guide you through the ceremonial events and help you decide on the events you need and the ones you do not wish to include. They can further arrange for resources to fulfill these ceremonies while letting you stay stress-free and relaxed on the days leading up to your wedding.


Access to the best resources and vendors


An Indian wedding planner in Chicago will have a solid and reliable network of the best wedding experts in the city including florists, decorators, caterers, and more. All-encompassing planning companies will have in-house dedicated teams covering every service you need such as bridal makeup artists, photographers, and videographers. Through these networks, they will ensure that you partner with the best service providers to achieve the wedding of your dreams. They can build a comprehensive understanding of your wedding vision and connect you with the right vendors who have the necessary skills, expertise, and resources to fulfill the same. As an Indian couple living in the windy city, gathering resources for a traditional wedding within a Western community may be a difficult feat to handle alone. With a wedding planner, you can easily navigate challenges like these.


Foolproof plans and timelines


Indian weddings, being the complex affairs that they are, involve several events before and after the main ceremony. Some of these include haldi, mehendi, sangeet, and the reception party. Some couples choose to have engagement photoshoots or save-the-date shoots and post-wedding shoots as well. With the hundreds of other aspects to manage for the upcoming wedding, finding time and scheduling these events amidst your busy work life can be a challenging ordeal. A wedding planner can help you with it. They can create a systematic and detailed timeline of events taking into consideration your available time and schedule events efficiently without disrupting the rest of the planning process. They can also prepare a foolproof wedding itinerary incorporating all the events and ceremonies you need, ensuring a smooth celebration from end to end.


Strict adherence to the budget


In between planning your dream wedding and choosing from the best vendors in the city, it is easy to get overwhelmed and overshoot your wedding budget. Hiring an efficient Indian wedding planner will help you keep your finances in check. With a clear picture of your wedding vision and your requirements in general your planner will help you partner with the most suitable vendors that charge well within your fixed limits. By carefully helping you tailor their services to fit your needs, they will further ensure that you receive the most value out of your investments, and build your wedding vision while strictly adhering to what you can afford.


Effective coordination with the vendors


Vendor coordination is a crucial part of wedding planning, more so in the case of Indian weddings. Without efficient management of the vendors, your wedding can easily fall apart. A wedding planner can take full charge of coordinating with your multiple vendors including on your wedding day, and ensure that their services reach you at the right time and place. This relieves you of one of the most difficult and stressful ordeals that will likely interfere with your peace and happiness, especially on the day of the wedding.


Efficient contingency management


Large events like Indian weddings are more at risk of experiencing unexpected changes or unfavorable weather conditions, especially in a city like Chicago where the climate can sometimes play spoilsport. Handling such contingencies on the day of your wedding, while you are getting married to the love of your life, is not only impractical but also unfair. An efficient Indian wedding planner in Chicago on the other hand is trained and will be better prepared to manage the situation in the event of sudden changes. They can effectively activate backup plans and bring the situation under control without your interference or knowledge, thereby letting you enjoy your big day wholeheartedly.


Wrapping up


Wedding planners offer comprehensive assistance spanning 360 degrees of services for your wedding. Right from taking care of vendor bookings, helping you prepare your wedding itinerary, managing your finances, and handling contingencies efficiently, your planner can take care of everything you need, making the process stress-free and enjoyable for you. Partnering with an experienced Indian wedding planner in Chicago can help you experience a traditional celebration in the West with ease and elegance. If you are still on the fence, consider the above-mentioned pointers and make a quick call to the ForUrEvents planning team to see how we can help you.


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