Your Roadmap To Select A Suitable Wedding Venue

Your Roadmap To Select A Suitable Wedding Venue

What is the next most important thing that you should do when your marriage date is fixed? The common answer would be posting it on social media, and yes that’s a thing to do but there is something else that is more important that you should be doing! Whether it is about different ceremonies, guests, or photography it all begins and completes with a wedding venue. Selecting a wedding venue at first will help you to do the rest of the arrangements properly. There are many ways you can search for options for wedding venues, you can search online or go for the best way which is to hire an Indian wedding planner Chicago


The location will serve as your wedding’s backdrop, the setting for your first dinner together as husband and wife, the place where you dance the night away, and ultimately one of the most crucial aspects of the entire planning process. 

Choosing the right venue is a crucial decision because it will influence the rest of all the other things in the wedding, therefore many different factors and parameters should be taken into consideration before a final decision. 


  • Estimation Of The Number Of Guests:


Having a considerable estimate of the number of guests invited to the wedding is very important. The number of guests you choose to invite would determine the kind of venue you should be choosing and vice versa, the venue that will be chosen shall reflect the potential number of guests it can accommodate. You also have to see if their wedding and reception will be held at the same venue or if you want to choose different ones for both ceremonies. Moreover, the budget for the venue shall be considered as well before shortlisting some places. 

We are not being very precise here about the exact number of people that would be on the guest list but you must have a close figure in your mind while looking for venues. 


  • Start Looking For Venue Before Time:


It is essential that the booking for a venue should be done quite early. Mostly, wedding venues get booked up a year in advance which is why we recommend couples to shortlist the venues and finalize one at least 12 months before. Moreover,  you can also get in touch with a professional Indian Wedding Planner Chicago especially if it’s an Indian wedding because there would be other ceremonies as well for which venue could be needed. 


  • Availability Of Indoor And Outdoor Options:


When it’s about planning a wedding, we should be ready for anything and everything. Asking if there is cover or inside choices in case of inclement weather, like rain, is worthwhile if you wish to have an outside venue because the weather can be unexpected. You can always have Plan B, which is simple to implement if the platform offers both indoor and outdoor possibilities. You’ll need to use the indoor backup option, so make sure you like it as well.


 Remember that even straightforward outdoor alternatives can include a sizable tent that can be drawn down to block off rain. Considering indoor versus outdoor wedding venues is important whether you’re organizing a winter or spring wedding. Just keep in mind that you may plan your wedding around the weather, whether it’s in the winter, spring, summer, or fall. Always have a backup plan in place when planning an outdoor party; you should have access to an indoor location or a tent just in case.


  • Employees and Amenities


Every successful venue has a top-notch manager and crew. The personnel at the venue are aware of the numerous tiny things that go into organizing a wedding. When it comes to working out the specifics of your big day, your venue contact will be the person you turn to for inquiries, deadlines, and recommendations for preferred vendors. Make sure you check the availability of basic amenities and other facilities that you want for your marriage. 


When you take a first look at the space, you should feel as though you are fully informed about its dimensions, costs, and options. You should also feel confident in your ability to find an answer to practically any question you may have.


  • Decor and Specifics


Even before the date is finalized we have our own imagination in our mind about the decor, the poses, and many other things. You most likely have a vision in mind for your special day’s details and décor before you even begin the planning process, and you want your venue to be able to easily fit, accommodate, and enhance that vision. Having a flexible venue is crucial, regardless of whether your goal is to deck up the space with tons of decorations or you only want to add a few highlights that match your color scheme.


  • Photo Possibilities:


Your wedding photos will be with you forever, therefore having a photographer that can flawlessly capture everything should be vital. Now that most businesses are on social media these days, make sure to take a look at the venue’s website and social media accounts before scheduling a visit. They frequently provide pictures from previous weddings, which may be quite helpful if you want to visualize having your first look in a particular location or have other ideas you want your photographer to record. Moreover, if you are planning to have a photo booth at your wedding, make sure to run it through them in advance. 


  • Interior:


As you visit a location, pay attention to little to major details like exposed brick, natural lighting, a stunning staircase, or a light show are things you’ll want to remember to photograph on your wedding day. 


Having both indoor and outdoor sites for wedding photos may have an impact on your choice, depending on what season you want to get married. Being close to outside areas is a significant plus if you’re getting married during a time of year when the weather will be agreeable. For portraits and wedding party shots, parks and open areas offer a colorful and neutral backdrop. 


  • Exterior:


The city where your wedding will take place may also contain more fantastic backdrops for your photos! Mural-covered buildings and interesting outdoor décor can make for some jaw-dropping images and will seem completely true to your wedding day and the city you’re getting married in. Streets, lanes, and walkways all have their own unique charm, and a skilled photographer will know how to exhibit it all to its fullest on your wedding day. Don’t be afraid of a little weather; occasionally a light snowfall or a few drops of rain when an umbrella protects you can truly elevate a photograph.


One of the most exciting aspects of wedding planning is choosing the location. The majority of the other planning considerations will come into play once you’ve decided on a venue and a date. It will be less stressful to tour with a clear head, a list of questions, a budget, and key numbers in mind, and the most important thing is a professional Indian Wedding Planner in Chicago. The ideal location will fulfill all of your requirements and should fill you with joy, just like it does when you first see your future bride. Make sure to hire a professional wedding planner like forurevents. To know more, feel free to contact us on this website. For more updates visit our Instagram account.

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